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U.S. 29 Alabama State Route 113 North
Northbound U.S. 29 at the Alabama state line and the beginning of SR 113. Photo taken 11/25/01.
A 1968-built bridge carries U.S. 29 & SR 113 over both a CSX Railroad line and Ringgold Street into the Flomaton street grid. Photo taken 06/21/05.
College Street travels two blocks west from McCurdy Street to intersect U.S. 29 & SR 113 (Flomaton Boulevard) at this traffic signal. Continuing west, the street becomes County Road 2 and Old Atmore Road en route to U.S. 31 near Wawbeek. Photo taken 04/13/12.
Poplar Street follows in one block to link U.S. 29 & SR 113 with parallel Palafox Street to the east and Ringgold Street to the west. The two routes meet U.S. 31 in two blocks. Photo taken 10/06/12.
U.S. 29 & SR 113 (Flomaton Boulevard) join U.S. 31 eastward from Flomaton Boulevard along a one-mile overlap. U.S. 31 enters Flomaton from Atmore, 14 miles to the west. Photo taken 04/13/12.
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2 photos
A bank of shields at the merge of U.S. 29 & SR 113 with U.S. 31 in Flomaton were relocated from a traffic island by 2005. This intersection represents the historic northern terminus of the original U.S. 331. Until 1934, U.S. 331 constituted a short route northward from Pensacola, Florida. It was replaced by a southward extension U.S. 29. Photo taken 04/13/12. Second photo taken 11/25/01.
U.S. 29 U.S. 31 Alabama State Route 113 North
2 photos
2 photos
Reassurance markers posted for U.S. 29-31 & SR 113 at Palafox Street in Flomaton. The three way overlap was expanded from two to five lanes in 2002. Photo taken 08/24/02. Second photo taken 04/13/12.
U.S. 29-31 & SR 113 next cross Big Escambia Creek over the F.P. "Skippy" White Bridge South. Photo taken 06/21/05.
Northbound mileage sign posted 14 miles southwest of the U.S. 29 and 31 split at Brewton. Evergreen is 41 miles away via U.S. 31. Photo taken 04/13/12.
Escambia County Road 25 stems north from Railroad Street / Van Hoosen Road in Flomaton to Stanley Crossroads. Photo taken 04/13/12.
Approaching the split of SR 113 north from U.S. 29 & 31. U.S. 29 & 31 continue east toward Pollard and McCall. Photo taken 04/13/12.
Alabama 113 represents one of two four-lane divided highways leading north to Interstate 65 in Escambia County. Widening of the state route north to I-65 at Exit 69 took place between September 11, 2007 and November 12, 2008. Photo taken 04/13/12.
Alabama 113 travels 13.5 miles from U.S. 29 & 31 at Flomaton to I-65 and CR 17 near Barnett Crossroads. The four-lane highway represents part of the main hurricane evacuation route for Pensacola, Florida. Photo taken 04/13/12.
U.S. 29 U.S. 31 North
Northbound U.S. 29 & 31 (South Boulevard) intersect Alco Drive, the original alignment of the two routes, ahead of Burnt Corn Creek. Photo taken 12/05/09.
U.S. 29 & 31 parallel a CSX Railroad line east of Burnt Corn Creek, necessitating trucks destined for U.S. 29 north or SR 41 south to utilize Persimmon Street to make a right turn. Photo taken 12/05/09.
Persimmon Street parallels U.S. 29 & 31 (South Boulevard) to SR 41 (St. Nicholas Avenue), one block north of St. Joseph Avenue. The access road also connects with SR 41 north. Photo taken 12/05/09.
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2 photos
U.S. 29 turns southward with SR 41 onto Mildred Street from U.S. 31 (St. Joseph Avenue) in Downtown Brewton. U.S. 31 continues en route to the Conecuh County seat of Evergreen and U.S. 84 while SR 41 and U.S. 29 lead southeast 1.2 miles to East Brewton. Photos taken 12/05/09.
U.S. 29 North Alabama State Route 41 South
Shields posted for U.S. 29 north & Alabama 41 south on Mildred Street beyond U.S. 31 (St. Joseph Avenue). The city of over 5,000 lies seven miles north of the Florida state line. Photo taken 02/12/10.
Green Street meets Mildred Street at this signalized intersection in the Brewton central business district. Photo taken 05/09/09.
U.S. 29 north & Alabama 41 north span Murder Creek and leave Brewton for East Brewton. Photo taken 05/09/09.
U.S. 29 and SR 41 southbound prepare to split. The upcoming intersection marks the southern terminus of the hidden SR 15. SR 15 takes over for SR 41 as the counterpart of U.S. 29 northward to the George state line. Photo taken 05/09/09.
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2 photos
U.S. 29 turns easterly onto Forrest Avenue from SR 41 (Florida Street) in East Brewton. SR 41 continues south six miles to Santa Rosa County, Florida while U.S. 29 traverses areas of Conecuh National Forest east over the next 45 miles to Andalusia. Photos taken 07/11/10.
U.S. 29 North
Reassurance marker posted for U.S. 29 north of Bradley Road. Bradley Road was the original alignment for CR 4 leading southeast to Roberts. The county road was realigned to the east by 2004, bypassing a stretch of road paralleling the west banks of the Conecuh River. Photo taken 05/03/09.
County Road 4 follows Ridge Road north from Bradley Road to end opposite County Road 22 at U.S. 29. CR 22 travels west to Rock Hill, Spring Hill and U.S. 29 & SR 41 in East Brewton. CR 4 meanders east to Roberts and Bradley in Conecuh National Forest. Photo taken 05/03/09.
Besides the settlements of Dixie and Rome, the lone significant point along U.S. 29 between Brewton and Andalusia is the intersection with Alabama 137. Alabama 137 travels wholly within Conecuh National Forest as it leads 14 miles south from U.S. 29 to the Florida state line. Photo taken 11/25/01.
Entering the Andalusia vicinity, U.S. 29 combines with SR 55. Area routes were reconfigured following completion of the northern Andalusia bypass. With it, SR 55 was relocated along old U.S. 29 from Downtown to this intersection. Old SR 55 between the business district and U.S. 84 is locally maintained. Photo taken 11/25/01.
The northern split of U.S. 29 and SR 55 at U.S. 84. U.S. 84 overlaps with SR 55 to River Falls, three miles to the northwest. U.S. 29 & 84 combine to the east along the four lane north bypass. Photo taken 11/25/01.
Entering the city square in Tuskegee, U.S. 29 northbound merges with U.S. 80 east for a seven mile overlap through the nearby National Forest. Alabama 81 begins on the north side of the square. Photo taken 08/22/03.
U.S. 29 North U.S. 80 East
U.S. 29 north and U.S. 80 east combine in Downtown Tuskegee at a square joining the two routes with Alabama 81 (Main Street) north to Notasulga. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Confirming markers for U.S. 29 north & 80 east stand at the intersection of Martin Luther King Highway and Maple Street in Tuskegee. The two US highways overlap for 7.45 miles. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Chappie James Drive forms part of a truck route for SR 81 north from U.S. 29/80 to Moton Field Municipal Airport (06A) and SR 81 south of SR 199. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Erroneous SR 80 shields were posted at one time for U.S. 80 at the intersection with Chappei James Drive (SR 81 Truck) north. U.S. 29/80 advance east from the city of Tuskgee city into Tuskegee National Forest. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Progressing east from Pleasant Hill across Tuskegee National Forest, U.S. 80 branches southeast from U.S. 29 at a parclo interchange with Alabama 186 west. The grade separation was constructed here in 1973.
Northward, U.S. 29 travels eight miles to combine with I-85 north through the city of Auburn. Alabama 186 runs 3.82 miles back to the west, connecting with I-85 at Exit 42. Photo taken 08/22/03.

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