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U.S. 29 south
Lowering from the CSX Railroad under crossing on U.S. 29 (Century Boulevard) southbound into South Flomaton and Century. Photo taken 07/31/11.
State Line Road (unsigned County Road 4A) ties into U.S. 29 just south of the state line. County Road 4A leads west 6.005 miles to Gandyville and Byrneville. Photo taken 09/27/08.
U.S. 29 arcs southwestward to meet the west end of SR 4 (Jay Road) in central Century. Photo taken 07/31/11.
SR 4 follows Jay Road east to Happy Valley and Santa Rosa County. The town of Jay lies eight miles eastward at SR 89.
SR 4 totals 43.75 miles between Century and U.S. 90 at Milligan. Photo taken 07/31/11.
Reassurance shield posted after the Century Boulevard intersection with Jay Road. Cantonment is 27 miles south and Pensacola 42 miles away at the southern terminus of U.S. 29. Photo taken 09/27/08.
A second segment of County Road 4A exists along the initial northbound 0.438-mile stretch of Hare Road at Century. Photo taken 09/27/08.
Hare Road angles northwest from U.S. 29 (Century Boulevard) to County Road 4A (State Line Road) at Gandyville. Photo taken 09/27/08.
Escambia County Road 4 immediately ties into U.S. 29 south at the next intersection. The county road links Century with Byrneville and Bratt to the west. Photo taken 09/27/08.
County Road 4 travels 13.35 miles between Century and SR 97 at Davisville. Century Industrial Park lies just west of U.S. 29 along the highway. Photo taken 09/27/08.
Leaving Century, U.S. 29 becomes rural and follows a divided four-lane highway to Bluff Springs. Speed limits increase to 65 mph. Photo taken 09/27/08.
The southbound scene of U.S. 29 at the crossing over Canoe Creek. U.S. 29 was widened to four lanes through here in 1988. Northbound travelers use the 1958-built bridge. Photo taken 09/27/08.
Continuing south from Cox Road toward the rural community of McDavid on U.S. 29 (Century Boulevard). Photo taken 09/27/08.
11.352-mile long Escambia County Road 164 meanders west from U.S. 29 at McDavid to Oak Grove and SR 97 (Atmore Highway) near Walnut Hill. Photo taken 02/08/06.
Slow rolling hills drop U.S. 29 toward the Gulf of Mexico between Bogia Road and Pine Barren Road. Photo taken 02/08/06.
Escambia County Road 95A branches eastward from U.S. 29 near the community of Barth. Photo taken 02/08/06.
Following the original alignment of U.S. 29, County Road 95A loops eastward to Molino, Quintette and Cottage Hill on a 8.962-mile course. Photo taken 02/08/06.
SR 97 continues Alabama 21 south from Atmore to Davisville to cross paths with U.S. 29 near Molino. The 22.65-mile state road ends nearby at County Road 95A by Molino Crossroads. Photo taken 09/27/08.
One mile further south, U.S. 29 approaches County Road 182 (Molino Road). Photo taken 07/24/11.
Escambia County Road 182 ventures 5.914 miles west to Barrineau Park (CR 99) and east 1.534 miles to Molino (CR 95A). Photo taken 07/24/11.
Entering Cantonment, U.S. 29 narrows to a four-lane arterial and approaches Escambia County Road 184 (Muscogee Road) west and Becks Lake Road east. Photo taken 02/08/06.
County Road 184 lines Muscogee Road west 5.505 miles to Farm Hill, Muscogee and the first Perdido River crossing north of Interstate 10 in Florida. Escambia County Road 184 becomes Baldwin County Road 112 en route to Gateswood and Bay Minette. Photo taken 02/08/06.
Southbound reassurance shield of U.S. 29 posted in Cantonment. Photo taken 02/08/06.
A traffic light operates along U.S. 29 at Tree Street west to the adjacent International Paper Company Mill. Photo taken 02/08/06.
Escambia County Road 95A again branches eastward from U.S. 29 along the former US Highway alignment to Gonzalez, Ensley and Brent. Photo taken 02/08/06.
U.S. 29 south at the split with County Road 95A (Old Palafox Highway) in Cantonment. County Road 95A returns to U.S. 29 in 10.65 miles. Photo taken 02/08/06.
A southbound side weigh station follows the U.S. 29 intersection with Archer Street in south Cantonment. Photo taken 07/24/11.
U.S. 29 becomes increasingly busy through the heavily developed Gonzalez community. Meeting the US route next is Escambia County Road 749 (Old Chemstrand Road) east. Photo taken 07/24/11.
County Road 749 doubles as a truck route through residential areas in north Gonzalez to an industrial plant at Chemstrand Road south. The county road used to follow Chemstrand Road south to U.S. 90 Alternate (Nine Mile Road). Photo taken 07/24/11.
Escambia County Road 186 meets U.S. 29 at the following southbound traffic light. The east-west road is only signed at the junction with U.S. 29. Heading east, Kingsfield Road carries the road to Chemstrand Road. Westward the highway travels by several cookie cutter subdivisions to Beulah Road (County Road 99). Photo taken 02/08/06.
One half mile south of Kingsfield Road is the north end of County Road 297 (Roberts Road) on U.S. 29. Photo taken 02/02/06.
Roberts Road carries CR 297 west to Pine Forest Road on a 3.37-mile loop to U.S. 90 Alternate (Nine Mile Road) and SR 297 south at Pine Forest. A second segment of CR 297 exists in southwestern Escambia County. Photo taken 02/02/06.
Through, truck, and commuter traffic mixes along U.S. 29 southbound, resulting in regular congestion to Interstate 10. Photo taken 02/02/06.
Ten Mile Road links U.S. 29 with Stefani Road (former County Road 489) to the west and east to Pate Street / Greenbrier Boulevard. Photo taken 02/02/06.
A directional cloverleaf interchange connects U.S. 29 (Pensacola Boulevard) and Interstate 10 at southwest Ensley. Photo taken 02/10/06.
Motorists joining Interstate 10 west continue three miles to Pine Forest and 50 miles to Mobile, Alabama. Photo taken 02/10/06.
A left side on-ramp joins I-10 east just ahead of the exchange with Interstate 110 south toward Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Beach. Photo taken 08/01/08.
Diamond Dairy Road ties into U.S. 29 just south of the ramps with Interstate 10. Photo taken 09/30/12.
SR 742 (Burgess Road) intersects U.S. 29 (Pensacola Boulevard) just beyond the Interstate 10 eastbound on-ramp. SR 742 travels east along Burgess Road to Creighton Road across Interstate 110. Photo taken 02/01/06.
Tallying 8.28 miles, SR 742 generally serves the northern residential areas outside the Pensacola city limits to Scenic Heights and U.S. 90 (Scenic Highway). The state road expands to five lanes from SR 291 (Davis Highway) to SR 289 (Ninth Avenue). Photo taken 09/30/12.
U.S. 29 (Pensacola Boulevard) southbound after the western terminus of SR 742 (Burgess Road). The signalized intersection with Pinestead Road approaches. Heavy development continues along the six to eight lane arterial in the form of auto dealerships, hotels, restaurants, and gas stations. Photo taken 02/01/06.
Pinestead Road spurs west from U.S. 29 to the Wedgewood subdivision and east to County Road 95A (Palafox Street). Photo taken 07/24/11.
U.S. 29 continues through intersections with Kenmore and Oakfield Roads before meeting the north end of Escambia County Road 453 (W Street). Escambia 453 carries travelers south and west to Brownsville and West Pensacola. Photo taken 02/01/06.
County Road 453 generally constitutes a residential arterial versus the commercialized route of U.S. 29 to the east. The 5.30-mile route ends at U.S. 98 (Navy Boulevard) near Bayou Chico. Photo taken 02/01/06.
Airport Boulevard begins at W Street (CR 453), to the west of U.S. 29. The four-lane arterial continues eastward to U.S. 29, Interstate 110 (Exit 5), Davis Highway (SR 291) and Cordova Mall. The highway doubles as State Road 750 from Pensacola Boulevard 3.273 miles east to 12th Avenue and the entrance to Pensacola International Airport (PNS). Photo taken 07/19/04.
County Road 95A (Palafox Street) merges with U.S. 29 (Pensacola Boulevard) ahead of SR 296 (Beverly Parkway west / Brent Lane east). Photo taken 07/19/04.
SR 296 constitutes a five-lane surface arterial westward to U.S. 90 (Mobile Highway) and east to Cordova Mall and 12th Avenue. The state road follows a circuitous route 9.66 miles from Bellview to U.S. 90 (Cervantes Street) near Bayou Texar in Pensacola. Photo taken 07/19/04.
U.S. 29 continues Palafox Street southward one half mile to a split with SR 292 (Pace Boulevard). The partition siphons a substantial amount of traffic from U.S. 29 for SR 292 south en route to Brownsville, West Pensacola, and Pensacola Naval Air Station. Photo taken 07/19/04.
Pace Boulevard comprises a four to five lane surface arterial between Palafox Street and Barrancas Avenue near Bayou Chico. SR 292 takes a 24.75-mile journey from Brent to Perdido Key and Orange Beach, Alabama. Photo taken 02/02/06.
U.S. 29 lines the city limits of Pensacola southeastward from Pace Boulevard to Leonard Street. Many industrial-type businesses line the arterial along this stretch. Photo taken 02/02/06.
Approaching SR 295 (Fairfield Drive) on U.S. 29 (Palafox Street) south at Pearl Avenue. SR 295 (Fairfield Drive) loops to the southwest and ends at the main gate of Pensacola Naval Air Station. Eastward, the state road meets Interstate 110 (Exit 4) in one half mile. Photo taken 11/17/12.
SR 295 follows Fairfield Drive east to end at SR 289 (Ninth Avenue); connections with 12th Avenue lead motorists north to Pensacola International Airport (PNS) and Pensacola State College. SR 295 splits with Fairfield Drive (SR 727) south at New Warrington Spur, a short expressway near West Pensacola. Photo taken 11/17/12.
SR 752 (Texar Drive) ties into U.S. 29 (Palafox Street) just south of SR 295 (Fairfield Drive). The state road spurs 1.19 miles east from Fairfield Drive to SR 289 (Ninth Avenue). Photo taken 11/17/12.
U.S. 29 southbound at SR 752 (Texar Drive). One block to the left is the north end of E Street (former County Road 443), a secondary thoroughfare southward into Pensacola. Photo taken 11/17/12.
Continuing southward on Palafox Street to the Pensacola city line on U.S. 29. Photo taken 11/17/12.
Leonard Street (former County Road 480) arcs northwest from U.S. 29 (Palafox Street) to the City Service Center and St. Mary Avenue. Cross Street begins east of Palafox Street and travels to Yates Avenue on the Bayou Texar. Photo taken 07/19/04.
U.S. 29 shield posted between Leonard Street and Hatton Street, a short connector between the two roads. Photo taken 11/17/12.
Maxwell Street flows west from SR 289 (Ninth Avenue) to a half diamond interchange with Interstate 110 before intersecting U.S. 29 (Palafox Street). Photo taken 11/17/12.
Jordan Street flows opposite Maxwell Street to the Interstate 110 ramps from A Street to 12th Avenue in Pensacola. Photo taken 11/17/12.
Southbound U.S. 29 at Blount Street, an east-west street between A Street and Bayview Park on Bayou Texar. Photo taken 11/17/12.
Seven blocks north of the U.S. 29 southern terminus is the final reassurance marker for the 1,036-mile route. Photo taken 11/17/12.
U.S. 29 & SR 95 southbound conclude at the forthcoming intersection with Cervantes Street (U.S. 90 & 98). Photo taken 11/17/12.
Palafox Street continues beyond the end of U.S. 29 through the Garden District to U.S. 98 Business (Garden Street) and Palafox Place into Downtown. U.S. 90 & 98 travel east across a viaduct to Interstate 110 and SR 291 (Alcaniz Street) to the left. Westward the pair continue to a split at Pace Boulevard (SR 292). Photo taken 11/17/12.


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