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U.S. 29 South
U.S. 29 enters Caswell County, North Carolina from U.S. 58 and the Danville Expressway. The directional cloverleaf interchange between U.S. 29, U.S. 58, and U.S. 29 Business partially resides within the state of Virginia. 1.3 miles south of the state line, drivers encounter the statewide interchange with North Carolina 700 near Pelham. Photo taken 06/05/05.
The North Carolina Welcome Center lies along North Carolina 700 west just outside the diamond interchange with U.S. 29. The tourist information center doubles as a rest area. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Reidsville is the first major city along U.S. 29 south at 19 miles out. 43 miles separate this mileage sign with Greensboro. Photo taken 06/05/05.
The rest area at the welcome center is the only along U.S. 29 between the state line and Greensboro. Photo taken 06/05/05.
North Carolina 700 begins at U.S. 29 and travels 18.9 miles west to North Carolina 14 with North Carolina 770 in the city of Eden. Shady Grove Road stems southeast from the state highway end to Old U.S. 29 at the settlement of Pelham. Old U.S. 29 parallels a Norfolk Southern Railroad line east of the freeway from Virginia to Ruffin. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Law Road constitutes a connector between Old U.S. 29 at Blackwell to the U.S. 29 freeway at a diamond interchange. The rural highway continues east from the original U.S. 29 to Park Springs Road. Photo taken 06/05/05.
6.1 miles south of the Virginia state line, U.S. 29 enters Rockingham County, home of Reidsville and Eden. Photo taken 06/05/05.
One mile northeast of the diamond interchange with U.S. 29 Business south and Mayfield Road north outside the community of Ruffin. Photo taken 06/05/05.
U.S. 29 is designated at the Future Interstate 785 corridor from Danville south to the planned routing of Future Interstate 840 at Greensboro. This southbound side is the only posted within Rockingham County of that distinction. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Southbound at the split with U.S. 29 Business for Ruffin on U.S. 29. U.S. 29 Business loops east of the freeway, overtaking the Old U.S. 29 route on the 2.6-mile drive through Ruffin. Mayfield Road heads northward from the interchange 4.4 miles to North Carolina 700 at Mayfield. Photo taken 06/05/05.
U.S. 29 Business crosses paths with U.S. 29 at a folded diamond interchange opposite the Norfolk Southern Railroad. The business loop continues its 19.3-mile voyage around Reidsville, first traveling a rural route through Stacey to U.S. 158 and North Carolina 14. Portions of the route bypassing Reidsville represent the second version of U.S. 29, as U.S. 29 originally followed Scales Street through the city. Overall U.S. 29 Business was bypassed in the 1970s by the current U.S. 29 freeway.1 Photo taken 06/05/05.
The U.S. 29 freeway mainline becomes U.S. 29 Bypass as it skirts the eastern reaches of Reidsville. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Narrow Gauge Road travels 2.4 miles west from U.S. 158 at Lawsonville to meet U.S. 29 at a parclo interchange. Photo taken 06/05/05.
U.S. 29 Bypass south at the Narrow Gauge Road off-ramp. Narrow Gauge Road continues 3.2 miles west to U.S. 29 Business at an industrial park north of Reidsville. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Three interchanges directly serve the city of Reidsville over the next six miles of U.S. 29 Bypass south. The freeway otherwise retains a forested frontage well away from most of the developed areas. Photo taken 06/05/05.
U.S. 158 and North Carolina 14's westbound beginning meet U.S. 29 Bypass south at Exit 153 east of downtown Reidsville. The tandem travel a bypass alignment around the north side of town, with North Carolina 14 continuing on from the U.S. 29 Business & 158 merge eight miles into Eden. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Lawsonville Avenue (former U.S. 158) provides a direct route into downtown Reidsville from U.S. 158 & North Carolina 14 just west of their diamond interchange with U.S. 29 Bypass. East U.S. 158 travels 18 miles to the Caswell County seat of Yanceyville. Interests to Wentworth, the Rockingham County seat, should use U.S. 158 west to North Carolina 65 & 87 at Harrison Street. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Barnes Street represents the former alignment of North Carolina 87 between Harrison Street and Freeway Drive. North Carolina 87 used to travel into downtown Reidsville via Harrison Street with North Carolina 65 until a 2000 realignment occurred with the state highway joining U.S. 29 Business on Freeway Drive.2 Barnes Street otherwise serves industrial areas of south Reidsville near the U.S. 29 diamond interchange. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Motorists bound for Barnes Street depart U.S. 29 Bypass south at Exit 150. Barnes Street becomes North Carolina 87 1.3 miles south at Freeway Drive en route to Williamsburg. Photo taken 06/05/05.
North Carolina 87 follows the four-lane Freeway Drive on a bypass routing south and west of Reidsville. The state highway joins Reidsville with Burlington 24 miles to the southeast. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Exit 149 departs U.S. 29 Bypass south for North Carolina 87 (Freeway Drive). North Carolina 87 totals 239 miles from its beginning as Virginia 87 north of Eden to Southport on the Intracoastal Waterway. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Approaching the trumpet interchange with U.S. 29 Business's southbound return from Reidsville on U.S. 29 Bypass. Photo taken 06/05/05.
U.S. 29 Bypass and Business merge back into U.S. 29 south. Frontage roads (McWalker and Cornelius Roads) join the freeway transition to expressway, serving residences on both sides of the four-lane highway. Photo taken 06/05/05.
McWalker Road (southbound side) and Cornelius Road (northbound side) come together at an at-grade intersection on U.S. 29 north of Benaja Road. Periodic at-grade intersections and private driveways tie into the highway from here southward into Greensboro. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Southbound U.S. 29 at Benaja Road west and the Guilford County line. Benaja Road meanders through rural south Rockingham County to Fairgrove Church Road and its connection with North Carolina 150. Photo taken 06/05/05.

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