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U.S. 30 East U.S. 218 South
Advancing east through rural Clinton township from the Iowa County line, U.S. 30/218 pass by the CedRel Motel, which features a vintage neon sign. Photo taken 04/12/13.
U.S. 30/218 crests over a ridge at Sisley Grove Road. The expressway lowers ahead of Morgan Creek. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Crossing Morgan Creek, U.S. 30 east and U.S. 218 south upgrade to the Lincoln Freeway. Seven interchanges serve the south side of Cedar Rapids over the course of ten miles. Photo taken 05/26/18.
16th Avenue SW branched east from U.S. 30/218 (Lincoln Freeway) at a wye interchange (Exit 246) in one half mile. Phase II construction for Iowa 100 redirects the ramps at Exit 246 to the new expressway leading north to CR W36 (former Iowa 94) at Covington. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Exit 246 previously connected the Lincoln Freeway east with 16th Avenue SW to 80th Street SW for the city of Fairfax. This connection (Exit 246A) links with Iowa 100 north to Covington. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Renumbered Exit 246B, the nearby half diamond interchange joining 80th Street SW with U.S. 30/218 east was expanded to include new ramps from eastbound and to westbound. Photo taken 05/26/18.
16th Avenue SW stems east from 80th Street SW along the former alignment of U.S. 30 (Lincoln Highway) across Cedar Rapids. Photo taken 05/26/18.
Exit 246B departs from within the two-wye interchange at the south end of Iowa 100 to 80th Street SW. Photo taken 05/26/18.
80th Street SW reaches the northern Fairfax city limits in 0.75 miles. The city center lies 2.9 miles away via U.S. 151. Photo taken 05/26/18.
The succeeding exit brings U.S. 151 northbound onto the Lincoln Freeway from Williams Boulevard and Fairfax. U.S. 151 Business extends Williams Boulevard northeast to the Westdale Mall retail park and Cleveland Area neighborhood. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Curving southeast toward the Stoney Point Road SW overpass, U.S. 30/218 (Lincoln Freeway) enters a portion of the Cedar Rapids city limits. Photo taken 04/12/13.
U.S. 151 travels southwest from Cedar Rapids and neighboring Fairfax to Walford and the Amana Colonies. U.S. 151 Business heads northeast to Downtown Cedar Rapids and Marion along a 12.7-mile course. Photo taken 04/12/13.
U.S. 30 East U.S. 151 North U.S. 218 South
U.S. 151 north combines with U.S. 30 east for 10.3 miles to Iowa 13 south of Bertram. Photo taken 04/12/13.
The Lincoln Freeway reenters the Cedar Rapids city limits ahead of Exit 250 with Edgewood Road. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Edgewood Road is a commercial arterial north from U.S. 30-151-218 to Westdale Mall and 16th Avenue SW (former U.S. 30/218). Southward by the General Mills plant, Edgewood Road continues to Wright Brothers Boulevard near The Eastern Iowa Airport (CID). Photo taken 04/12/13.
A parclo interchange joins Edgewood Road with U.S. 30-151-218 (Lincoln Freeway) at Exit 250. Photo taken 04/12/13.
A viaduct leads U.S. 30-151-218 across a Union Pacific Railroad line, Prairie Creek and a Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Railway Company line. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Advancing east through industrial areas south of Prairie Creek, U.S. 30-151-218 continue 1.5 miles to a directional cloverleaf interchange (Exits 252A/B) with Interstate 380 & Iowa 27. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Crossing another set of railroad tracks, U.S. 30-151-218 next meet 6th Street SW at Waconia Avenue SW at Exit 252A. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Exit 252A leaves the Lincoln Freeway east for parallel Waconia Avenue SW ahead of 6th Street SW. Hawkeye Downs speedway lies just north of Prairie Creek along 6th Street SW (old U.S. 218). Photo taken 04/12/13.
A third eastbound lane opens from the Waconia Avenue on-ramp to Exit 252B for the departing U.S. 218 south. I-380, U.S. 218 & Iowa 27 overlap 16.4 miles south to I-80 at Coralville. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Exit 252B departs from U.S. 30 east & 151 north. Interstate 380 constitutes a 73-mile freeway linking Iowa City with Cedar Rapids and Waterloo. Photo taken 04/12/13.
U.S. 30 East U.S. 151 North
I-380/Iowa 27 (Avenue of the Saints) lead north four miles from Exit 252C to Downtown Cedar Rapids. Photo taken 05/23/08.
Exit 253 quickly follows from U.S. 30/151 east of I-380 for Kirkwood Boulevard south to the Lincolnway Village community and Bowling Street north to an array of industrial parks. Photo taken 03/25/16.
C Street SW meets the Lincoln Freeway next between Talt Cummins City Park and the Transamerican Financial Park. Photo taken 03/25/16.
Exit 254A leaves U.S. 30 east & 151 north for C Street SW south and County Road W6E (Ely Road) southeast to the city of Ely. Photo taken 03/25/16.
Exit 254B loops onto C Street SW north toward The Taylor neighborhood south of Downtown Cedar Rapids. Photo taken 03/25/16.
Spanning Cedar River Trail, U.S. 30/151 downgrade to an at-grade expressway ahead of East Road SW to the Worthington Acres subdivision. Photo taken 03/25/16.
Ivanhoe Road branches southeast from U.S. 30/151 (Lincoln Highway) beyond this mileage sign posted 11 miles from Mt. Vernon. Photo taken 03/25/16.
Heading east from Ivanhoe Road and the College Farms subdivision, the U.S. 30/151 expressway becomes more rural. Photo taken 03/25/16.
Honey Grove Road concludes a loop north from U.S. 30/151 opposite Jappa Road (CR W8E) south to Ely. CR W8E overtakes Ivanhoe Road east nearby en route to Dows Preserve and Observatory and iowa 6. Photo taken 03/25/16.
U.S. 151 parts ways with U.S. 30 east at Exit 259 in one mile. Photo taken 03/25/16.
2 photos
2 photos
U.S. 30 east & 151 north cross the Cedar River ahead of their split at Iowa 13 north. The narrow eastbound span dates to 1953, while the westbound bridge was built in 1975. Photos taken 03/25/16.
Entering the trumpet interchange (Exit 259) with Iowa 13 north on U.S. 30/151 east. U.S. 151 bypasses Cedar Rapid to the east, passing through Bertram en route to Springville, 13 miles to the northeast. U.S. 30 continues seven miles east to Mt. Vernon. Photo taken 03/25/16.
U.S. 151/Iowa 13 combine for 7.7 miles north to Marion. Iowa 13 extends north from there to Central City and Coggon. Photo taken 03/25/16.
U.S. 30 East
U.S. 30 travels solo for the first time since combining with U.S. 218 south in Benton County 26 miles to the west. Photo taken 03/25/16.
Chicago (132 miles) surprisingly appears on the ensuing mileage sign. U.S. 30 combines with U.S. 61 at DeWitt in 52 miles. Photo taken 03/25/16.
Palisades Kepler State Park lies along the Cedar River southwest of U.S. 30 from Kepler Road. Photo taken 03/25/16.
Reassurance shield for U.S. 30 posted after Kepler Drive and milepost 262. Photo taken 03/25/16.
Passing by the American Gothic Barn along U.S. 30 east of Palisades Kepler State Park. Photo taken 03/25/16.
2 photos
2 photos
The four lane section of U.S. 30 previously ended just east of Cedar River Road. Opened to traffic on November 22, 2019, work on the Mount Vernon-Lisbon Bypass expanded the ensuing stretch east to Willow Creek Road, where the freeway arcs southeast to Iowa 1. Photos taken 03/25/16.
A stub along the westbound lanes was added in anticipation of the four lane project underway in Spring 2017. Photo taken 03/25/16.
Continuing east from Wilcox Road south on U.S. 30 (Lincoln Highway). Photo taken 03/25/16.
Eastbound at Willow Creek Road and the Mt. Vernon city line on U.S. 30. Paralleling U.S. 30 to the north is Palisades Road, the historic alignment of the Lincoln Highway. Photo taken 03/25/16.
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
The first of two roundabouts along Lincoln Highway through Mt. Vernon connects U.S. 30 with 10th Avenue South. Approved by Mount Vernon City Council on February 24, 2011, the two roundabouts were slated for construction in 2012 at a cost of $1.6 million.1 They were finished in October 2013. Photos taken 03/25/16.
Iowa 1 angles northeast from the future interchange with the Mt. Vernon-Lisbon Bypass to cross paths with U.S. 30 at the second eastbound roundabout. Photo taken 03/25/16.
2 photos
2 photos
1st Avenue South leads Iowa 1 northeast to Downtown Mt. Vernon. The state highway ventures nine miles south to Solon en route to Iowa City in Johnson County. Photos taken 03/25/16.
2 photos
2 photos
The roundabout at U.S. 30 (Lincoln Highway) and Iowa 1 (1st Avenue South) replaced a four-way stop sign intersection. Photos taken 03/25/16.
Leaving the commercialized junction with Iowa 1, U.S. 30 passes by a farm field ahead of a subdivision. Photo taken 03/25/16.
U.S. 30 runs along the north side of Kernoustie Golf Club from Country Club Drive to the Lisbon city line. Photo taken 03/25/16.
Leaving Mt. Vernon and entering Lisbon on U.S. 30 east ahead of Novak Road. Photo taken 03/25/16.
The lone traffic light along U.S. 30 through Mount Vernon and Lisbon is for Lisbon Community School. Photo taken 03/25/16.
Washington Street (CR X20 outside Lisbon), intersects U.S. 30 before this reassurance marker. The Lisbon city center lies a short distance north of U.S. 30 at Washington Street and Main Street (historic Lincoln Highway). Photo taken 03/25/16.
Advancing east from Lisbon, U.S. 30 travels seven miles to Mechanicsville and 64 miles to Clinton. Construction of the U.S. 30 freeway bypass included realigning Lincoln Highway southeast to a diamond interchange. Photo taken 03/25/16.
Main Street (historic Lincoln Highway) intersects U.S. 30 by the Cedar County line. Beyond the merge with the Mount Vernon-Lisbon Bypass nearby, U.S. 30 reverts to a two lane highway to Mechanicsville. Photo taken 03/25/16.

  1. "Two new roundabouts coming on Highway 30 in Mount Vernon." The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, IA), February 25, 2011.

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