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U.S. 31 South
Reassurance marker for U.S. 31 south posted just beyond the Chilton County line, west of Marbury. 02/06/12
Autauga County 20 winds westward from SR 143 at Marbury to New Prospect across northern reaches of the county. 02/06/12
County Road 20 curves southward from U.S. 31 to CR-57 at New Prospect and west from there to White City (CR-21). A second segment of Autauga County 20 exists between SR 143 and CR-68, east from Marbury. 02/06/12
Autauga County 99 comprises a short loop south from U.S. 31 to County Road 68 west of Oates Crossroads. 02/06/12
County Road 68 intersects U.S. 31 at the community of Oates Crossroads. 02/06/12
Autauga County 68 leads west from Oates Crossroads to County Road 57 near New Prospect and east to SR 143 at Wadsworth. 02/06/12
County Road 64 meanders east from U.S. 31 along an unpaved road to SR 143 near SR 111. 02/06/12
U.S. 31 and Interstate 65 converge ahead of County Road 59. County Road 59 crosses the parallel freeway and splits into two prongs. 02/06/12
Southbound U.S. 31 south at Autauga County 59. CR-59 north travels an unpaved rouad to County Road 68 near New Prospect. CR-59 south ventures westward to County Road 40 and ultimately Prattville. 02/06/12
Next along U.S. 31 south is the split with County Road 61 south. 02/06/12
Autauga County 61 spans Interstate 65 and continues southwest to County Road 66 along a forested path. 02/06/12
South of Interstate 65 (Exit 186), U.S. 31 meets the split intersection with County Road 85. 02/06/12
Autauga County 85 stems south from SR 143 through Alpha Springs and Stoney Point to a brief concurrence with U.S. 31. 02/06/12
Turning west, County Road 85 arcs to CR-82 before turning south again to Pate in northwest Prattville. 02/06/12
County Road 23 splits from U.S. 31 south along Martin Luther King Drive, eventually following the road to downtown Prattville. 02/06/12
Continuing south, U.S. 31 nears the split intersection with County Road 12 (Old Ridge Road east / Powell Road west). 02/06/12
Old Ridge Road doubles as County Road 12 east along a circuitous path through northern reaches of the Prattville city limits. 02/06/12
Powell Road (Autauga County 12) connects U.S. 31 with Martin Luther King Drive (County Road 23) to the west. 02/06/12
U.S. 31 enters the city limits of Prattville and becomes Memorial Drive. 02/06/12
Following Memorial Drive, U.S. 31 merges with SR 14 west at Fairview Avenue. the two share just 0.4 miles to Main Street in Prattville. 02/06/12
Fairview Avenue carries SR 14 northeast from central Prattville to Exit 181 of Interstate 65. The 218.3-mile route continues to Wetumpka, Tallassee and Auburn. 02/06/12
Leaving the intersection with U.S. 82 on the south side of Prattville, U.S. 31 (Memorial Drive) continues to McQueen. 10/06/12
Autauga County 75 (McQueen Smith Road) ends at U.S. 31 just south of U.S. 82. 10/06/12
County Road 75 follows all of McQueen Smith Road north to SR 14 (Fairview Avenue) in Prattville. 10/06/12
Continuing south from Autauga County 75 toward the Alabama River flood plain. 10/06/12
Spanning Pine Creek, U.S. 31 (Memorial Drive) approaches the east end of Autauga County 4. CR-4 leads west to SR 14 near Autauga County Airport. 10/06/12
The roadways of U.S. 31 separate as the four-lane highway approaches the Alabama River. A 1954-span carries northbound drivers while southbound motorists use a 2001 bridge. 10/06/12
U.S. 31 leaves the southwest sliver of Elmore County and enters Montgomery County midway across the Alabama River. 10/06/12
A parallel Norfolk Southern Railroad line spans the Alabama River between McQueen and Hunter to the west of U.S. 31. 10/06/12


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