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U.S. 31 South
U.S. 31 crosses the Baldwin County line just east of Perdido and west of Nokomis. 06/05/06
U.S. 31 meets Baldwin County 47 north a short distance west of the Escambia County line. County Road 47 arcs northwest through Perdido to Exit 45 of Interstate 65 and Rabun. Connections with Baldwin County 61 lead drivers north to Lottie and Redtown. 06/05/06
One mile to the east of Bay Minette at the western terminus of Baldwin 112 (Old Pensacola Road). Scattered houses, gas stations, and mobile homes are present through this stretch of U.S. 31, as the highway heads southwest through vastly undeveloped forest toward the Baldwin County seat. 02/08/06
U.S. 31 southbound at the eastbound beginning of Baldwin 112 (Old Pensacola Road). Baldwin County swapped mileage with the state for an extended SR 181 over Baldwin 27 (Belforest Road) between Malbis and U.S. 98 near Weeks Bay. 02/08/06
Baldwin 112 was signed as SR 112 in 2006. The former state highway follows a 30-mile roadway that sinks to the southeast to the Pensacola metropolitan area. The highway is two lanes and travels through forest and paper company land before crossing the Perdido River at the Florida state line. 02/08/06
U.S. 31 enters downtown Bay Minette and encircles Baldwin County Courthouse via Courthouse Square. SR 287 begins from the north side of the square and follows Hand Avenue to SR 59 (McMeans Avenue / Rabun Road). SR 287 replaced SR 59 along Hand Avenue when the Bay Minette Bypass opened to the north and west. 07/01/01
The partition of SR 59 and U.S. 31 southbound at Stapleton. U.S. 31 southbound turns westward toward Spanish Fort and its southern terminus from Gulf Shores Parkway. SR 59 remains on a southerly heading and intersects Interstate 10 (Exit 44) in six miles. 05/16/04
U.S. 31 southbound exits Courthouse Square for D'Olive Street to SR 59. U.S. 31 north enters from the street and travels along the south side of the square to East 2nd Street. 06/06/06
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Three quarters of a mile west, U.S. 31 turns southward from D'Olive Street at McMeans Avenue and joins SR 59. D'Olive Street continues west to SR 225 near Carpenter. SR 59 enters from Stockton and Exit 34 of Interstate 65 to the north. 01/01/10, 06/06/06
U.S. 31 Alabama Route 59 South
U.S. 31 & SR 59 share 10.7 miles of pavement between Bay Minette and Stapleton in central Baldwin County. The four-lane divided highway, known as the Gulf Shores Parkway, provides part of the route between Interstate 65 and points north to the resort towns of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach along the Gulf of Mexico. 06/06/06
U.S. 31 & SR 59 pass over a CSX Railroad line and next approach Baldwin County 138 (West Hurricane Road). 06/06/06
Baldwin County 138 travels west through Douglasville in southwest Bay Minette and Crossroads at SR 225 (Blakeley Road) and Baldwin County 86. The county road was a state route until sometime after 1982. 04/09/09
Dickman Road west and Freeview Avenue east come together at U.S. 31 & SR 59. Dickman Road links Gulf Shores Parkway with Bay Minette Industrial Park and Nicholsville Road (Baldwin County 40). 06/07/06
Now outside Bay Minette, U.S. 31 & SR 59 near the south end of Baldwin County 57 (Pine Grove Road Extension). 06/07/06
Baldwin County 57 constitutes a loop to Pine Grove and downtown Bay Minette east of U.S. 31. 06/07/06
Reassurance shield for only U.S. 31 posted south of Baldwin County 57. Speed limits increase to 65 mph as Gulf Shores Parkway becomes rural. 06/07/06
U.S. 31 & SR 59 south at the Vangordon rest area. This facility was closed during the mid-2000s. By 2009, the barriers were removed, but so were the rest area signs. 04/09/09
Baldwin County 39 winds southward from Baldwin County 40 near Whitehouse Forks to meet U.S. 31 & SR 59 (Gulf Shores Parkway) at Stapleton. 01/01/10
Southbound at the northern branch of Baldwin County 39. County Road 39 ends at Baldwin County 138 (Hurricane Road) near Crossroads. 01/01/10
A set of flashers hang above the intersection of U.S. 31 & SR 59 and Ryland Street in Stapleton. 06/06/06
The eastern branch of Baldwin County 39 follows Styx River Road from Stapleton. 04/09/09
Baldwin County 39 ends at a gate 1.25 miles west of the Styx River in a forested hunting area. The county road otherwise serves a handful of homes. 04/09/09
U.S. 31 turns southwest from Pine Haven and SR 59 (Gulf Shores Parkway) to Spanish Fort and its southern terminus. SR 59 continues Gulf Shores Parkway south to Loxley, Foley, and Gulf Shores. 06/06/06
U.S. 31 South
Southbound reassurance shield posted after the partition from SR 59 (Gulf Shores Parkway) on U.S. 31. 6.2 miles separate Stapleton from SR 181 & Baldwin County 27 (Malbis Plantation Parkway) near Spanish Fort. U.S. 31 maintains just two lanes along this rural stretch. 04/09/09
U.S. 31 enters the city of Spanish Fort and approaches the north end of SR 181 (Malbis Plantation Parkway) and south end of Baldwin County 27 (Jimmy Faulkner Drive). The two highways come together north of the Eastern Shore Center retail complex and Exit 38 of Interstate 10. 06/06/06
SR 181 (Malbis Plantation Parkway) ventures south to Malbis, Belforest, and U.S. 98 near Weeks Bay. The state highway was extended in 2004 (signed in 2006) over Baldwin County 27 and south of U.S. 90 in a mileage swap between Baldwin County and ALDOT involving former SR 112. Widening of the corridor is underway south of U.S. 90 to accommodate increasing traffic and development east of Daphne and Fairhope. Baldwin County 27 was constructed in 2004 as Jimmy Faulkner Drive to serve the new Spanish Fort High School and connect U.S. 31 with Bromley Road. 06/06/06
U.S. 31 continues west from Malbis Plantation Parkway alongside the Timber Creek community on Spanish Fort Boulevard. Increases in population have strained U.S. 31 in Spanish Fort and widening is planned between SR 181 and 225. 04/09/09
One half mile west of SR 181 is the eastern branch of Baldwin County 27 (Stagecoach Road / Buzbee Road). 04/09/09
Baldwin County 72 spurs northwest, following Buzbee Road from a short section of Stagecoach Road, to a boat ramp on Bay Minette Creek outside Spanish Fort. 04/09/09
A traffic light was added to the intersection of U.S. 31 (Spanish Fort Boulevard) and Timber Creek Boulevard by 2009. Timber Creek Boulevard provides the main access point between U.S. 31 and SR 181 into the Timber Creek golf course community. 04/09/09
U.S. 31 continues beyond the western branch of Baldwin County 72 (Blakeley Way) and widens to four lanes. Additional traffic lights govern the movemements between School Road and Spanish Fort Boulevard nearby. School Road, like Blakeley Way, arcs northwest to SR 225 from U.S. 31. 04/09/09
SR 225 travels south from Stockton and Crossroads to end at U.S. 31 (Spanish Fort Boulevard). 04/09/09
Following Blakely Drive, SR 225 heads north from U.S. 31 and Spanish Fort to Historic Fort Blakeley State Park and Crossroads. The state route totals 24.2 miles overall, ending at SR 59 north of Interstate 65 (Exit 31). 06/07/06
Approaching the final intersection of U.S. 31 south, that with U.S. 90 (Old Spanish Trail) in Spanish Fort. U.S. 90 partitions from U.S. 98 at Exit 35 of Interstate 10 nearby and travels north along Old Spanish Trail to U.S. 31. Where U.S. 31 ends, U.S. 90 turns west, overtaking Spanish Fort Boulevard on its descent to Mobile Bay. U.S. 98 rejoins U.S. 90 from a short expressway bypass of Spanish Fort ahead of the Blakely River. 04/09/09
U.S. 90 (Old Spanish Trail) and U.S. 98 come together at Interstate 10 before parting ways for good until Pensacola, Florida. U.S. 98 east travels south into Daphne and Fairhope while U.S. 90 east parallels Interstate 10 to Lake Forest and Malbis. Westward, U.S. 90/98 follow Battleship Parkway across northern reaches of Mobile Bay to Mobile County. This sign assembly is incorrect in that it references U.S. 90/98 traveling south along Old Spanish Trail from U.S. 31 when they actually use separate alignments. 09/26/08
2 photos
2 photos
A look at the first end shield installation posted at U.S. 31's southern terminus. U.S. 31 originally ended in Mobile at the intersection of Broad and Government Streets. That intersection, currently where U.S. 90/98 begin a brief overlap along Broad, was also the termini for U.S. 43 and 45. Sometime after 1993, U.S. 31 was truncated from its overlap with U.S. 90/98 across the bay to end at the U.S. 90 turn in Spanish Fort. 08/24/03, 10/26/99


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