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U.S. 31 South
Escambia County 7 arcs east from U.S. 31 to Kirkland and south to Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive in Brewton. 07/11/10
Southbound shield for U.S. 31 posted after Escambia County 7. 07/11/10
Old Castleberry Road carries Escambia County 9 south from U.S. 31 in this scene. 07/11/10
U.S. 31 continues over slow rolling hills toward Brewton from the first of three intersections with County Road 9. 07/11/10
Escambia County 9 (Old Castleberry Road) winds westward and crosses U.S. 31 again at the Brewton city line. 07/11/10
U.S. 31 gains traffic and development as it progresses southward through Brewton. 07/11/10
County Road 9 arcs back to U.S. 31 and ends opposite a 2009-opened Wal-mart. The shopping complex added to U.S. 31 resulted in the relocation of Escambia County 9 to end at opposite the signalized entrance. 07/11/10
Tiger Drive east and Douglas Lane west come together at traffic light at the corner of an older strip shopping center. 07/11/10
U.S. 31 travels Douglas Avenue southbound to the signalized intersection with Gordon Lane. Gordon Lane connects with residential areas on either side of U.S. 31. 07/11/10
Halsey Street travels two blocks west from U.S. 31 (Douglas Avenue) to Bellevue Avenue. 07/11/10
The next traffic light along U.S. 31 (Douglas Avenue) south lies at Granberry Street. 07/11/10
McLellan Street travels two blocks east from Bellevue Avenue to U.S. 31 (Douglas Avenue) and beyond to St. Joseph Avenue / Sowell Road. 07/11/10
U.S. 31 prepares to make the turn from Douglas Avenue onto St. Joseph Avenue at Blacksher Street. 07/11/10
U.S. 29 U.S. 31 South
U.S. 29 & 31 travel 14.4 miles southwest from Downtown Brewton to Flomaton near the Florida state line. The overlap is four lanes. 12/05/09
Persimmon Street intersects U.S. 29 & 31 (South Boulevard) at the succeeding traffic light west of SR 41. The highway widens and spans Burnt Corn Creek beyond the reassurance shield pictured here. 12/05/09
Alco Drive winds west from U.S. 29 & 31 (South Boulevard) near Burnt Corn Creek as the original alignment of U.S. 29 & 31. 12/05/09
U.S. 29 & 31 shifted from Alco Drive onto its four-lane alignment (South Boulevard) by 1961. 12/05/09
U.S. 29 U.S. 31 Alabama State Route 113 South
U.S. 29-31 & SR 113 curve southwest from their merge and continue along a five-lane arterial toward central Flomaton. 07/31/11
Escambia County Road 25 crosses paths with the three routes ahead of Big Escambia Creek. 07/31/11
County Road 25 spurs southeast to Van Hoosen Road and Railroad Street west in Flomaton. Northward, CR 25 meanders along Upper Creek Road to Stanley Crossroads. 07/31/11
Spanning Big Escambia Creek along the F.P. "Skippy" White Bridge South on U.S. 29-31 & SR 113 south. This span opened in 2002 as part of a project to widen the three routes. 07/31/11
U.S. 29 & SR 113 turn southward onto Flomaton Boulevard from U.S. 31 toward the city center. 07/31/11
SR 113 remains cosigned with U.S. 29 south to Century, Florida. U.S. 31 continues west to Wawbeek, Canoe, Malta and Downtown Atmore. 06/25/12


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