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U.S. 31 South U.S. 280 East
U.S. 31 southbound makes a turn over 26th Street (visible to the right below), at 5th Avenue. Amtrak and Norfolk-Southern rail-lines travel through the downtown area parallel to 1st Avenue. Those can also be seen to the right. 08/10/02
A fourth southbound lane opens between the ramps with U.S. 11 and U.S. 78. The button copy signage dated from the freeway completion in the 1960s. 08/10/02
Southbound U.S. 31/eastbound U.S. 280 at the U.S. 78/3rd and 4th Avenue South interchange. U.S. 78 parallels Interstate 20 eastward towards the state line of Georgia. Westward, U.S. 78 cuts through downtown before exiting the city at Adamsville to the northwest. 02/11/01
Adjacent to the northbound side ramps, are similar ramps connecting to 25th Street on southbound. Traffic can turn to access either 3rd or 4th Avenues. U.S. 78 follows 4th Avenue from 24th Street eastward to Crestwood Boulevard. 08/10/02
With Saint Vincent's Hospital in view to the southwest, U.S. 31 south/U.S. 280 east approaches the 8th Avenue/University Boulevard exit. There is no southbound access to Highland or Arlington Avenues. 08/10/02
Ascending upon Red Mountain on south U.S. 31/east U.S. 280 at the Highland Avenue overpass. The next exit, three-quarters of a mile away, is for 21st Street. The interchange is a half diamond folded to the north. 08/10/02
Interchange sequence sign on U.S. 31 south & U.S. 280 east as it leaves the Downtown area of Birmingham. This is the only advance reference for the Homewood exit. 08/10/02
Button copy signage for U.S. 280 on U.S. 31 southbound. The stacked interchange for the split, also features ramps to the west, serving the Rosedale neighborhood of Homewood. The control cities for U.S. 280 are that of Mountain Brook, a southeastern suburb, and Sylacauga, the next town of importance as the highway leaves the metro area of Birmingham. 08/10/02
Southbound U.S. 31, as it splits with U.S. 280 eastbound. The signage on this sign bridge is more modern, as it has reflectorized sheeting. The "Zoo-Gardens" sign panel refers to the nearby Lane Park and Birmingham Zoo, located along U.S. 280 within one half mile. 08/10/02
U.S. 31 South
U.S. 31 travels through the city of Homewood (pop. 25,043) south of the Elton B. Stephens Expressway. The cross street is that of 28th Avenue to the west and Ventura Boulevard to the east. U.S. 31 is now known as the Montgomery Highway. 08/10/02


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