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U.S. 36 begins in Rocky Mountain National Park, extends southeast to Boulder and Denver, then heads east across the high plains of Eastern Colorado to Dyers, Last Chance and Idalia. The route within Colorado totals 224.72 miles.

The portion of U.S. 36 between Boulder and Denver is known as the Denver-Boulder Turnpike, which was a toll road until its bonds were paid off in 1967. It was built in 1952 and became part of an extended U.S. 36 in 1967.1 The freeway leads northwest from the junction of Interstates 25 and 270 to the University of Colorado Boulder in the city of Boulder. Tolled Express Lanes run nearly the length of the freeway.

Prior to 1967, U.S. 36 ended in Downtown Denver at the intersection of Colfax Avenue and Broadway, near the Civic Center and State Capitol Complex. The route ended in Estes Park to the northwest of Boulder. A second extension lengthened U.S. 36 over what was Colorado 66 from Estes Park to U.S. 34 at Deer Ridge Junction in Rocky Mountain National Park. This was approved by AASHTO on July 6, 1977.

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