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U.S. 41 North
Reassurance marker posted just north of the Manatee County line at County Line Road west to Fort Lonely. Photo taken 07/08/14.
U.S. 41 remains rural through south Hillsborough County in this scene by Cockroach Creek. Photo taken 07/08/14.
U.S. 41 enters the community of Sun City east of Cockroach Bay. The four-lane highway bypasses an older two-lane alignment of U.S. 41 to the east along this stretch. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Leading northeast from Sun City, U.S. 41 reaches Gulf City and the bridge over the Little Manatee River. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Beyond the Little Manatee River, U.S. 41 swings north through the unincorporated town of Ruskin. Photo taken 07/08/14.
14th Avenue SW ties into U.S. 41 from 1st Street SW and 14th Avenue SE at this traffic light. 14th Avenue SE serves a number of subdivisions east toward Interstate 75. Photo taken 07/08/14.
U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) intersects the west end of SR 674 (College Avenue) a half mile north of 14th Avenue SW. Photo taken 07/08/14.
U.S. 41 elevates to cross over a CSX Railroad line ahead of the signalized intersection with College Avenue and SR 674. SR 674 meets Interstate 75 (Exit 240) three miles to the east. Photo taken 07/08/14.
State Road 674 runs 25.5 miles east from Ruskin to SR 37 in rural areas of southwest Polk County. SR 674 constitutes a busy surface arterial east to Sun City Center and U.S. 301 to the west of Wimauma. The remainder of the route is rural serving phosphate mines and agricultural interests. Photo taken 07/08/14.
A number of businesses line U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) northward through Ruskin. Photo taken 07/08/14.
U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) spans Ruskin Inlet ahead of the intersection with Shell Point Road. Shell Point Road leads west to Shell Point on Tampa Bay and east to Lennard High School at 24th Street NE and the Amazon fulfillment center off 30th Street SE. Photo taken 07/08/14.
19th Avenue stems west from U.S. 41 to E.G. Simmons Regional Park on Tampa Bay and east to the sprawling community of Cypress Creek beyond Interstate 75. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Curving northeast, U.S. 41 continues by the Ruskin Drive In Theatre toward Mirabay. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Northbound drivers along U.S. 41 next reach Apollo Beach, a mixed-used canal-lined community on Tampa Bay. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Apollo Beach Boulevard spurs northwest as the main arterial leading into Apollo Beach. Photo taken 07/08/14.
U.S. 41 parallels a CSX Railroad line northeast from Apollo Beach. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Hillsborough County Road 672 (Big Bend Road) crosses paths with U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) east of Big Bend and the Tampa Electric Company power plant. The vastly unsigned county road follows all of Big Bend Road east to U.S. 301. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Big Bend Road east sees a folded diamond interchange with Interstate 75 (Exit 246) east en route to Balm Riverview Road by the sprawling Summerfield Crossings community. A place worth a visit to the west is the Manatee Viewing Center, a facility that allows visitors to view Manatees gathering in the warm outflow waters caused by the adjacent Big Bend Power Plant (open November to April only). Photo taken 11/24/07.
U.S. 41 advances northward through industrial areas and the settlement of Adamsville. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Gibsonton lies four miles ahead along U.S. 41 at the Alafia River. Downtown Tampa is another ten miles, while Lutz lies at the north end of the county in 28 miles. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Pembroke Road leads west from U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) to Wyandotte Road and the Port Redwing Berths of Port Tampa Bay. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Symmes Road runs east from U.S. 41 near Adamsville to newer development between U.S. 301 and Balm-Riverview Road. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Spanning Bull Frog Creek, U.S. 41 utilizes a 1945 bridge for northbound and a 1960 bridge for southbound. Photo taken 07/08/14.
U.S. 41 travels through the unincorporated town of Gibsonton northward to the Alafia River. Tamiami Trail meets Palm Avenue west and Twin Oaks Shopping Center at this traffic light. Photo taken 07/08/14.
A diamond interchange (Exit 250) lies east of Gibsonton with Interstate 75 along Gibsonton Drive. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Gibsonton Drive constitutes an arterial route east from U.S. 41 to U.S. 301 at Boyette Road. Boyette Road extends the road east to the Bloomingdale area and more recent development at Fishhawk. Photo taken 07/08/14.
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2 photos
The Alafia River flows wholly within Hillsborough County along a 25 mile course into Tampa Bay at Gibsonton. U.S. 41 crosses the waterway on bridges built in 1952 (northbound) and 1959 (southbound). Photos taken 03/02/14.
Riverview Drive parallels the Alafia River east to I-75 and a stair stepped route north to U.S. 301 in Riverview. Photo taken 03/02/14.
Madison Avenue west and Pendola Point Road east come together at this traffic light along U.S. 41. Madison Avenue east doubles as the westernmost extent of unsigned County Road 676A, a 9.82 mile route extending east to Lithia-Pinecrest Road (CR 640) in Brandon. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Land O'Lakes and Brooksville debut on northbound mileage signage for U.S. 41 at 26 and 51 miles out respectively. Downtown is now a seven mile drive to the north via U.S. 41 Business. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Port Sutton Road follows from U.S. 41 (South 50th Street) west to the Port Sutton Berths of Port Tampa Bay. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Becoming more industrial, U.S. 41 (South 50th Street) enters the Palm River area and split with U.S. 41 Business north to Port Tampa Bay and Downtown. Also beginning at the upcoming traffic light is SR 676, a 3.19 mile route east through Clair-Mel to U.S. 301 and unsigned CR 676. Photo taken 07/08/14.
U.S. 41 Business loops west across McKay Bay along Causeway Boulevard and 22nd Street Causeway. The route dog legs west to Channelside and Downtown Tampa before resuming a northward heading along Florida Avenue / Tampa Street to Tampa Heights. SR 676 extends Causeway Boulevard east as a truck route to U.S. 301 for those headed to either I-75 or the Selmon Expressway (SR 618). Photo taken 07/08/14.
Continuing north, Lake City replaces Lutz, Land O'Lakes and Brooksville on this mileage sign as the long distance destination of U.S. 41 beyond Tampa Bay and the Nature Coast. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Palm River Road spurs west from U.S. 41 to a town home community along the Palm River and east to South 78th Street (CR 573) while en route to Brandon. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Northbound reassurance shield posted between Palm River Road and the Palm River. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Spanning the Palm River on a 1958-built bridge on U.S. 41 north. The Palm River is part of the Tampa Bypass Canal operated by the Southwest Florida Water Management District. The canal was built in the 1960s and 70s to redirect flood waters from Hillsborough to Tampa Bay. Photo taken 07/08/14.
A diamond interchange lies just north of the Palm River with the Lee Roy Selmon (Crosstown) Expressway. Signs posted at SR 618 on-ramps reference the toll by plate system, as the expressway switched to all electronic tolling (AET) in September 2010. Photo taken 07/08/14.
The Selmon Expressway (SR 618) winds east and south to end at Interstate 75 opposite Brandon Parkway. Brandon Parkway extends east from the toll road end to Lumsden Road in unincorporated Brandon. Photo taken 07/08/14.
SR 618 (Selmon Expressway) provides a direct and fast route to Downtown Tampa from Brandon, I-75, U.S. 301 and U.S. 41 from points south. The toll road runs 14.1 miles overall to U.S. 92 (Gandy Boulevard), east of St. Petersburg, in South Tampa. Photo taken 07/08/14.
U.S. 41 (50th Street) quickly intersects SR 60 (Adamo Drive) to the immediate north of the Selmon Expressway. SR 60 totals 161.3 miles overall between Clearwater Beach and Vero Beach. The route serves local interests in Tampa to Memorial Highway by Tampa International Airport (TPA) and Brandon. Photo taken 07/08/14.
SR 60 constitutes an arterial route west toward Ybor City and east through industrial areas of east Tampa to I-75 (Exit 256). Photo taken 07/08/14.
A pair of CSX Railroad crossings follow as U.S. 41 pushes north toward Grant Park in east Tampa. Temple Terrace is referenced on this mileage sign for SR 583, which follows North 50th Street beyond its partition with U.S. 41. Photo taken 07/08/14.
East 7th Avenue and East Broadway Avenue intersect U.S. 41 (North 50th Street) at the next signal along northbound. Collectively the two roadways are a part of unsigned Hillsborough County Road 574, a 9.25-mile route stretching west through Historic Ybor City and east to Mango. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Lutz and Lake City return as the destination cities on this mileage sign posted beyond CR 574 on U.S. 41 (North 50th Street) north. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Interstate 4 trailblazers precede the intersection with Columbus Drive and the split diamond interchange (Exit 3) with the freeway. Interests to I-4 west to Downtown are directed onto the on-ramp from Columbus Drive west. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Columbus Drive parallels Interstate 4 west as part of a couplet with 17th, 18th and 19th Streets to College Hill and Ybor City. Eastward the road ends at Broadway Avenue (CR 574) near Orient Park.
Columbus Drive was realigned southward during the mid-2000s reconstruction of Interstate 4. Expansion of the freeway severed the original alignment of the drive. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Approaching the Interstate 4 overpasses along U.S. 41 north. An eastbound service road joins the off-ramp (Exit 3) from I-4 east to North 50th Street ahead. Photo taken 07/08/14.
Interstate 4 veers northeast from U.S. 41 (North 50th Street) to exit the Tampa city limits between Grant Park and Orient Park. The freeway runs east to Mango, Plant City and Lakeland. Photo taken 07/08/14.
U.S. 41 North U.S. 92 West
Decommissioned in 2016, SR 585 followed 22nd Street south to Ybor City and the east split of U.S. 41 Business and SR 60 at Adamo Drive. 22nd Street extends north to the Seminole Heights neighborhood. Photo taken 03/19/06.
U.S. 41/92 (Hillsborough Avenue) combine for 2.3 miles west from N 40th Street to Nebraska Avenue. The pair split one mile west of N 22nd Street (old R 585). Photo taken 05/26/16.
Hillsborough Avenue west intersects 19th Street by big box retail. Photo taken 05/26/16.
15th Street runs north through Old Seminole Heights and south to Historic YBor. A second section of 15th Street forms a minor arterial route north of the Hillsborough River as well. Photo taken 05/26/16.
Trailblazers reference the forthcoming parclo interchange with Interstate 275 after U.S. 41/92 intersects 15th Street. Photo taken 05/26/16.
U.S. 41 turns northward onto Nebraska Avenue from U.S. 92 (Hillsborough Avenue) west at SR 45. SR 45 travels north from Downtown and Historic Ybor City to become the hidden counterpart of U.S. 41 northward to Sulphur Springs, North Tampa and Lutz. Photo taken 05/26/16.
U.S. 41 North
Resuming northward from U.S. 92 (Hillsborough Avenue), U.S. 41 lines Nebraska Avenue on a parallel alignment to I-275 through Hampton Terrace in Tampa. Photo taken 05/26/16.
The next traffic light along U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) north is located at Hanna Avenue. Hanna Avenue leads east through the Seminole Heights and Northeast neighborhoods. Westbound passes under Interstate 275. Photo taken 05/26/16.
Another reassurance shield for U.S. 41 north posted along Nebraska Avenue after Hanna Avenue. Photo taken 05/26/16.
Sligh Avenue provides one of the many connections to Interstate 275 between U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) and U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue). Photo taken 05/26/16.
Sligh Avenue comprises a through street west to Lowry Park and east to the Hillsborough River near North 30th Street in north Tampa. Photo taken 11/10/07.
U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) maintains commercialized frontage through North Seminole Heights beyond Sligh Avenue. Photo taken 09/30/15.
Nebraska Avenue north at Broad Street, a short street connecting areas of Old Seminole Heights along the Hillsborough River. Photo taken 09/30/15.
U.S. 41 spans the Hillsborough River on a rather nondescript bridge that was reconstructed in 1965. Photo taken 09/30/15.
Sikta Street intersects U.S. 41 just north of the Hillsborough River at Van Dyke Place and Sulphur Springs Pool and Park. Photo taken 09/30/15.
Bird Street meets U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) east of its half diamond interchange with Interstate 275 (Exit 49) in the Sulphur Springs neighborhood. Photo taken 09/30/15.
The shuttered Tampa Greyhound Track resides west of U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) between Bird Street and Waters Avenue. Dog racing ended at the venue in 2007, but off-track betting for horse and dog racing remains. Photo taken 09/30/15.
Waters Avenue crosses U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) north at the next signalized intersection. Waters Avenue comprises a busy arterial route west to Lowry Park Central and unincorporated Egypt Lake-Leto. The street east reduces to two lanes through residential areas of Sulphur Springs to Rowlett Park. Photo taken 09/30/15.
U.S. 41 progresses north through Sulphur Springs from Waters Avenue. Waters Avenue west of U.S. 41 Business is unsigned CR 587A. Photo taken 09/30/15.
Yukon Street west provides a cut through below Interstate 275 to Northgate Shopping Center and U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue). Photo taken 09/30/15.
Approaching Busch Boulevard (SR 580) on U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) north. Named for the famous brewery company, Busch Boulevard travels east to the Busch Gardens theme park and west to Carrollwood. Photo taken 09/30/15.
SR 580 (Busch Boulevard) meets Interstate 275 (Exit 50) at a folded diamond interchange nearby. Photo taken 09/30/15.
SR 580 overall travels west to Dunedin in Pinellas County and east to SR 583 (North 56th Street) in Temple Terrace. Photo taken 09/30/15.
U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) leaves the commercial corridor of Busch Boulevard through the North Tampa Community. Photo taken 09/30/15.
Linebaugh Avenue intersects U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) midway between North 30th Street (CR 581) at University Square and Armenia Avenue at Forest Hills. The east-west street has a more prominent role in the northwest suburbs. Photo taken 09/30/15.
Bougainvillea Avenue follows at the subsequent U.S. 41 traffic light. The street passes under I-275 west en route to North Avenue at Forest Hills. East of Adventure Island, Bougainvillea Avenue becomes Serena Drive into the city of Temple Terrace. Photo taken 09/30/15.
East 109th Avenue bisects the University Square neighborhood by Copeland Park from 15th Street east to 30th Street (CR 581). Photo taken 09/30/15.
Advancing another half mile on U.S. 41 north to SR 582 (Fowler Avenue). Fowler Avenue comprises a busy commercial arterial leading east from U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) to University Mall, the University of South Florida (USF) and the city of Temple Terrace. Photo taken 09/30/15.
SR 582 (Fowler Avenue) west ends at the intersection with Country Club Drive and U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) beyond the adjacent diamond interchange with I-275. Photo taken 09/30/15.
Traveling 7.83 miles overall, SR 582 runs from East Forest Hills in Tampa to Interstate 75 at Exit 265 and U.S. 301 near Thonotosassa. Photo taken 09/30/15.
U.S. 41 exits the city of Tampa just north of SR 582 (Fowler Avenue). Photo taken 09/09/16.
The Tampa street numbering convention continues beyond the city limits. Pictured here is the U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) intersection with 131st Avenue. Photo taken 09/09/16.
Meeting U.S. 41 at Fletcher Avenue is SR 579 east and Hillsborough County Road 582A west. SR 579 entails just a 0.499 mile stretch of Fletcher Avenue between U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) and U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue). Photo taken 09/09/16.
Fletcher Avenue carries at least four overall lanes west to SR 597 (Dale Mabry Highway) and east to Interstate 75 (Exit 266) at Morris Bridge Road. County Road 582A follows the arterial from U.S. 41 east to Interstate 75 at CR 579. Additionally a 0.505-mile stretch of Fletcher Avenue leading west to Armenia Avenue is considered a part of CR 582A. Neither of those routes are signed however. Photo taken 09/30/15.
U.S. 41 continues away from Fletcher Avenue and the adjacent diamond interchange (Exit 52) between SR 579 and I-275. Photo taken 09/30/15.
Skipper Road provides a direct route east to Bearss Avenue toward Bruce B. Downs Boulevard (CR 581) and New Tampa. The alignment originally was the main road leading east but was supplanted by a curved four-lane alignment of Bearss Avenue. Photo taken 04/22/15.
Nebraska Avenue maintains a concrete divider as it leads north away from Tampa toward Bearss Avenue. Photo taken 09/09/16.
A half mile further north is the U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) junction with the short SR 678 west and Bearss Avenue. SR 678 lines Bearss Avenue west to U.S. 41 Business while Bearss Avenue east was formerly apart of CR 678. Photo taken 04/22/15.
Bearss Avenue stems west from the turn of County Road 581 (Bruce B. Downs Boulevard) northeast into New Tampa to cross paths with U.S. 41 just ahead of its diamond interchange (Exit 53) with Interstate 275. Photo taken 04/22/15.
Bearss Avenue continues west from SR 678 and Florida Avenue as a busy arterial to Lake Magdalene and Dale Mabry Highway (SR 597) opposite Ehrlich Road in Carrollwood. Photo taken 09/30/15.
Confirming marker posted north of SR 678 for U.S. 41. Photo taken 09/13/16.
Sinclair Hills Road links U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) east with Livingston Avenue, a north-south through route between Land O' Lakes and Bearss Avenue. Photo taken 09/13/16.
U.S. 41 curves westward beyond Sinclair Hills Road to pass under Interstate 275. There is no direct access to the freeway here. Photo taken 09/09/16.
U.S. 41 emerges from underneath I-275 to intersect Hayes Road west and Hanna Road east at this set of signals. Photo taken 09/09/16.
A CSX Railroad line accompanies U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) north from Chapman to the unincorporated town of Lutz. Photo taken 04/22/15.
Approaching the merge with U.S. 41 Business (SR 685) on U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) north. There is no direct access to Florida Avenue south; that movement is made via Chapman Road west preceding this reassurance marker. Photo taken 09/09/16.
A seamless merge joins U.S. 41 (SR 45) north with the end of U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue). U.S. 41 expands to six overall lanes northward through Lutz. Photo taken 09/09/16.
Crenshaw Lake Road east and Whitaker Road west come together at the succeeding traffic light. Crenshaw Lake Road meanders west to Simmons Road to form part of a through route between U.S. 41 and Dale Mabry Highway (SR 597) in Lutz. Photo taken 09/09/16.
Continuing north through Lutz, U.S. 41 and the parallel CSX Railroad line switch sides between Whitaker and Crystal Lake Roads. Photo taken 09/09/16.
Crystal Lake Road winds west between North and South Crystal Lakes to connect U.S. 41 with Simmons Road south to Van Dyke Road (CR 685A) west. Photo taken 09/09/16.
Sunset Lane leads east from U.S. 41 to Livingston Avenue as the former alignment of County Road 583A through Lutz. Crystal Grove Road west is the lone entrance to the Crystal Lake Manors subdivision off Cooper and North Crystal Lakes. Photo taken 09/13/16.
Northbound reassurance marker for U.S. 41 posted after Sunset Lane. Photo taken 04/25/15.
U.S. 41 reaches the heart of unincorporated Lutz at 4th Avenue SE. 4th Avenue SE serves Lutz Elementary School. Photo taken 08/13/18.
Lutz Lake Fern Road follows at the adjacent signal along U.S. 41 north. The road takes a stair stepped alignment west to Oscar Cooler Park, Brooker Lake and SR 597 (Dale Mabry Highway). Beyond SR 597, the road is former CR 582 stretching west to Gunn Highway (CR 597) at Lake Fern. Photo taken 08/13/18.
County Line Road east and Willow Bend Parkway west come together with U.S. 41 at the boundary with Pasco County. Collectively the two roads form a commuter route from Dale Mabry Highway (SR 597) and U.S. 41 to subdivisions along Willow Bend Parkway east. Photo taken 08/13/18.


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