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U.S. 41 South
The entire 19.81 mile alignment of U.S. 41 through Pasco County stays in unincorporated areas. Gowers Corner, where U.S. 41 meets SR 52, lies eight miles south of the county border. Photo taken 09/15/19.
Continuing south from the 2014-15 developed Talavera subdivision, U.S. 41 enters the rural crossroads with SR 52 at Gowers Corner. Photo taken 09/15/19.
State Road 52 travels across Pasco County along a 33.40 mile course between Bayonet Point and Dade City. Photo taken 09/15/19.
San Antonio lies east of Interstate 75 along SR 52. Bayonet Point is an unincorporated community along U.S. 19. Photo taken 09/15/19.
Construction underway from September 2019 to late 2023 widens SR 52 to a six lane, divided highway west from Gowers Corner 3.8 miles to SR 589 (Suncoast Parkway). Photo taken 09/15/19.
Future road work will expand SR 52 east from U.S. 41 to CR 581 (Bellamy Brothers Boulevard) to a four lane highway. This will be the final section of SR 52 widened throughout Pasco County. Photo taken 09/15/19.
U.S. 41 curves around Green Lake south from Gowers Corner to the Cypress Preserve development. Photo taken 09/15/19.
Signage used to indicate that U.S. 41 entered Land O' Lakes just south of SR 52. The unincorporated community center is roughly based upon the U.S. 41 and SR 54 intersection seven miles to the south. Photo taken 09/15/19.
Land O' Lakes is a census-designated place covering over 21 square miles across southern Pasco County. The community was established on September 1, 1950 when the Ehren post office was renamed. Photo taken 07/03/15.
U.S. 41 expands into a four-lane divided highway ahead of Connerton Boulevard. Suburban development envelops much of the drive southward through Land O' Lakes. Widening of U.S. 41 north to SR 52 is anticipated to start in 2020. Photo taken 08/23/17.
Connerton Boulevard stems east from U.S. 41 as one of two entrances to the Connerton community. The long planned Ridge Road extension is proposed to tie into U.S. 41 just prior to this reassurance marker at Connerton. Photo taken 09/15/19.
Pleasant Plains Parkway and Roaches Run tie into U.S. 41 at the next southbound signal. Pleasant Plains Parkway provides the second boulevard leading to Connerton. Photo taken 09/15/19.
Wilderness Lake Boulevard east comprises the sole entrance from U.S. 41 to the Wilderness Lake Preserve community centered around Bay Lake. Photo taken 07/03/15.
Continuing southeast, U.S. 41 (Land O' Lakes Boulevard) eventually expands to six lanes ahead of Dexter and County Road 583. Photo taken 07/03/15.
Pasco County Road 583 (Ehren Cutoff) meanders southwest 6.7 from SR 52 at Fort King Ranch to converge with U.S. 41 at Drexel. Photo taken 08/13/18.
CR 583 winds northeast by eastern reaches of the Wilderness Lake Preserve community en route to Cypress Creek Preserve along an otherwise rural drive. Additional segments of CR 583 are located in Hillsborough County, as well as a state road section through Temple Terrace. Photo taken 08/13/18.
Reassurance marker posted as U.S. 41 turns more southward by King Lake. Photo taken 07/03/15.
Progressing southward, U.S. 41 reaches the Hillsborough County community of Lutz in six miles and Downtown Tampa in 20 miles. Photo taken 07/03/15.
Hale Road provides the first of four east-west connections with parallel Collier Parkway leading south through Land O' Lakes. The parkway serves a myriad of subdivisions to the county line. Photo taken 07/03/15.
Bell Lake Road also leads east from U.S. 41 (Land O' Lakes Boulevard) to Collier Parkway. The road ended at Banjo Lake Road prior to 2010. Photo taken 07/03/15.
SR 54 and U.S. 41 come together at the heart of Land O' Lakes at a commercialized intersection. The east-west state road varies between four and six lanes with heavy traffic as the main route linking coastal Pasco County with Tampa via Suncoast Parkway (SR 589) and I-75. Photo taken 02/29/16.
An FDOT study looked at the possibility of elevating SR 54 onto an overpass or short viaduct above both U.S. 41 and the adjacent CSX Railroad. The grade separation would include exit ramps between the two busy arterials. Photo taken 02/29/16.
A CSX Railroad line accompanies U.S. 41 from the approach to SR 54 southward throughout Lutz. Photo taken 08/13/18.
U.S. 41 splits with SR 597 (Dale Mabry Highway) to the immediate south of SR 54. Dale Mabry Highway provides a direct, albeit generally slow moving, route into Tampa. Photo taken 10/23/19.
The north end of the Veterans Expressway (SR 568) ties into SR 597 (Dale Mabry Highway), 4.3 miles to the southwest in Lutz. The toll road runs south to Westshore in Tampa. Photo taken 08/13/18.
U.S. 41 and SR 597 both connect Lutz with the Carrollwood and Lake Magdelene areas of north Tampa. SR 597 lines Dale Mabry Highway south to SR 580 (Busch Boulevard). Photo taken 10/23/19.
The last reassurance marker for U.S. 41 in Pasco County stands between SR 597 and the traffic light with Walmart Way to the adjacent retail area. Photo taken 02/29/16.
U.S. 41 enters Lutz at the county line, with the historic community center located less than three miles further. Photo taken 02/29/16.
County Line Road east and Willow Bend Parkway west come together at U.S. 41 along the Hillsborough County. Willow Bend Parkway winds northeast to Collier Parkway while County Line Road provides a cutoff to Dale Mabry Highway (SR 597). Photo taken 02/29/16.


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