U.S. 41 in Tennessee heads north from Chattanooga to Murphreesboro, Nashville and the Kentucky state line northwest of Sadlersville.

U.S. 41 Tennessee Guides

Entering the Volunteer State alongside U.S. 76 at the city of East Ridge, U.S. 41 follows Ringgold Road west to the Bachman Tunnels across Missionary Ridge in Chattanooga. U.S. 41/76 combine with U.S. 11/41 north for 0.51 miles along Dodds Avenue to E Main Street through the Ridgedale neighborhood. Main Street takes U.S. 41/76 west 2.36 miles to SR 27 at Market Street. U.S. 76 turns north to U.S. 127 while U.S. 41 remains west on Main Street four blocks to U.S. 72 (Broad Street).

U.S. 41 turns south onto Broad Street, overlapping with U.S. 72 to 20th Street, where it rejoins U.S. 11/64. U.S. 11-41-64-72 continue south along Broad Street to Cummings Highway, and west around Lookout Mountain. West of Lookout Valley, U.S. 11 branches south from U.S. 41-64-72 to Morganville, Georgia.

U.S. 41-64-72 advance west from Chattanooga to Haletown between Raccoon Mountain and Nickajack Lake along the Tennessee River. U.S. 41 splits with U.S. 64/72 at Jasper for a northerly course to Tracy City. U.S. 41A separates from U.S. 41 at Monteagle. The alternate route arcs southward to Cowan and Winchester. Paralleling Interstate 24, U.S. 41 travels northwest to Manchester, Murphreesboro and Nashville. U.S. 41A stays west of I-24 through Estill Springs, Shelbyville and Eagleville.

U.S. 41 joins U.S. 70S north from Murphreesboro to Downtown Nashville. U.S. 31 combines with U.S. 41/70S on 8th Avenue S to U.S. 70/431 at Broadway. U.S. 31-41-431 overlap 0.66 miles north from 8th Avenue N onto Rosa Parks Boulevard to U.S. 41A at James Robertson Parkway.

U.S. 31 splits into U.S. 31E/W at Ellington Parkway and Spring Street. U.S. 41/431 continue alongside U.S. 31W (Dickerson Pike) north to E Trinity Lane. U.S. 431 branches west to Avondale and Brooklyn Heights while U.S. 31W/41 head to the city of Goodlettsville.

U.S. 31W continues along the Interstate 65 corridor northward to White House while U.S. 41 turns northwest to Greenbrier and the Robertson County seat of Springfield. Beyond Springfield, U.S. 41 is a rural two lane highway, connecting Cedar Hill, Adams and Sadlersville with Guthrie, Kentucky.

    Connect with:
    Interstate 24
    Interstate 40
    Interstate 65
    Interstate 75
    U.S. 11
    U.S. 64

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