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U.S. 41 Business North
U.S. 41 Business (22nd Street Causeway) enters the city limits of Tampa a short distance after it begins. Photo taken 10/16/07.
A pair of fixed high level bridges (Licata Bridge) span East Bay Channel between McKay Bay and the Turning Basin. Photo taken 10/16/07.
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3 photos
3 photos
Unobstructed views of the downtown Tampa skyline are afforded to northbound drivers of U.S. 41 Business over the Licata Bridge. Photos taken 10/16/07.
Approaching the intersection with Maritime Boulevard, the main entrance into Port Tampa Bay. Photo taken 10/16/07.
22nd Street continues north from the U.S. 41 Business (20th Street) intersection with Maritime Boulevard. 22nd Street represents the former alignment of U.S. 41 Business north to Durham Street. Photo taken 10/16/07.
SR 60 and Tampa Crosstown Expressway trailblazers directed drivers northward along 20th Street and U.S. 41 Business. 22nd Street exists in name at the respective junctions, but is discontinuous between Durham and Marconi Streets due to the four-lane realignment of U.S. 41B. Photo taken 10/16/07.
A parclo interchange joins U.S. 41 Business (22nd Street) with the Selmon Expressway just ahead of its turn onto SR 60 (Adamo Drive) west. 22nd Street (former SR 585) progresses northward through Historic Ybor City. Photo taken 03/15/14.
U.S. 41 Business North Florida State Road 60 West
19th Street passes under the adjacent Selmon Expressway from Port Tampa Bay north across U.S. 41 Business & SR 60 (Adamo Drive) into Historic Ybor City. Photo taken 05/11/07.
Six blocks further west, U.S. 41 Business & SR 60 (Adamo Drive) intersect Channelside Drive. Channelside Drive connects Adamo Drive with East 3rd and 4th Avenues at a roundabout on the west side of Historic Ybor City. Hillsborough Community College lies a few blocks further north along Palm Avenue. Photo taken 09/05/15.
U.S. 41 Business north & SR 60 west turn southward on Channelside Drive so the routes can make the connection between Adamo Drive and Kennedy Boulevard. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Channelside Drive lines Port Tampa Bay along Ybor Channel to the Channelside entertainment district. Twiggs Street east and McKay Street from the port intersect U.S. 41 Business & SR 60 at this traffic light. Photo taken 09/05/15.
U.S. 41 Business south & SR 60 west resume a westward heading along Kennedy Boulevard into Downtown Tampa. Channelside Drive continues south to the Florida Aquarium and west to Amalie Arena (home of the NHL Tampa Bay Lightning) and the Tampa Convention Center. Photo taken 08/20/17.
Kennedy Boulevard initially carries two way traffic for three blocks from Channelside Drive to Meridian Avenue. Several condominium complexes line the boulevard along this stretch. Photo taken 10/19/13.
Meridian Avenue travels north from Beneficial Drive and Harbour Island to intersect U.S. 41 Business & SR 60 (Kennedy Drive) adjacent to set of railroad tracks. The avenue ends one block to the north at Twiggs Street and the on-ramp to the eastbound Selmon Expressway Express lanes (SR 618A). Photo taken 10/19/13.
Kennedy Boulevard switches to westbound only beyond Meridian Avenue. Crossing the adjacent railroad tracks, U.S. 41 Business north & SR 60 west next intersect Nebraska Avenue. Nebraska Avenue doubles as a signed portion of SR 45 north to U.S. 41 at Hillsborough Avenue. The state road provides an adjacent on-ramp to the eastbound Selmon Expressway back to Brandon. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Nebraska Avenue flows one way northbound between Jackson Street (SR 60 east) and Kennedy Boulevard (SR 60 west). SR 45 utilizes a one block overlap with SR 60 west to Brush Street south to make the connection with SR 60 east. SR 45 is the hidden counterpart of U.S. 41 Business east to Palm River otherwise. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Kennedy Boulevard passes under the Selmon Expressway (SR 618) at Brush Street. A half diamond interchange provides access from SR 618 westbound to U.S. 41 Business & SR 60 west. Photo taken 10/19/13.
Crossing East Street, westbound motorists approach Jefferson Street, which leads south to Brorein Street and its eastbound on-ramp to Brandon. Interests to the Selmon Expressway west to South Tampa and St. Petersburg are directed onto Brorein Street west one block to its on-ramp for SR 618. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Jefferson Street north from U.S. 41 Business & SR 60 provides a direct route to a northbound on-ramp within the Downtown East Interchange of Interstate 275. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Pierce Street flows south into Downtown Tampa as part of a feeder from the Downtown East Interchange of Interstate 275 to Orange Avenue south. Photo taken 10/19/13.
Trailblazers direct drivers onto Morgan Street south to Brorein Street also for SR 618 (Selmon Expressway). Photo taken 01/19/14.
Kennedy Boulevard continues west with four overall lanes across Morgan Street. Photo taken 10/19/13.
Marion Street follows as a transit-only street reserved for HART vehicles. Photo taken 10/19/13.
U.S. 41 Business turns northward onto Florida Avenue from SR 60 (Kennedy Boulevard) west. Photo taken 08/20/17.
U.S. 41 Business North
One block north from SR 60 (Kennedy Boulevard), U.S. 41 Business intersects Madison Street, a six block street between Ashley Drive and Pierce Street at the Hillsborough County Courthouse.
Southbound U.S. 41 Business follows Tampa Street, two blocks to the west. Photo taken 01/19/14.
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2 photos
A pair of reassurance markers stood along Florida Avenue north between Madison and Twiggs Streets. The shield on the left side was removed by 2017. Photo taken 03/19/06. Second photo taken 08/20/17.
Trailblazers for Interstates 4 and 275 advise northbound motorists along U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) to move to the right for the upcoming intersection with Cass Street east. Photo taken 01/19/14.
Polk Street runs in tandem with a CSX Railroad line across Florida Avenue between Ashley Drive at the Glazer Children's Museum four blocks east from U.S. 41 Business to Jefferson Street. Photo taken 01/19/14.
Cass Street flows east three blocks to Orange Avenue, which leads directly north to the eastbound on-ramp for Interstate 275 ahead of the Downtown Interchange with Interstate 4. Photo taken 01/19/14.
Tyler Street carries westbound traffic as the companion of Cass Street between Jefferson Street and the Hillsborough River. Photo taken 04/15/15.
Interstate 275 trailblazers at Fortune Street outline forthcoming turns motorists should take from U.S. 41 Business north to reach the elevated freeway. Photo taken 04/15/15.
Scott Street flows east three blocks from U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) to a pair of on-ramps joining Interstate 275 east ahead of the Downtown Interchange. Photo taken 04/15/15.
Scott Street forms an eastbound side frontage street from the Ashley Drive trumpet interchange (Exit 44) to Orange Avenue. Photo taken 04/15/15.
Kay street lines the north side of I-275 from Morgan Street west to the southbound on-ramp at Tampa Street (U.S. 41 Business). Photo taken 04/15/15.
Leaving the Interstate 275 viaduct, Florida Avenue drivers see another set of U.S. 41 Business shields posted at Estelle Street. Photo taken 04/15/15.
Henderson Avenue travels west three blocks from U.S. 41 Business to Highland Avenue at Phil Bourquardez Park and east to a gate at the Mobley Park development. Photo taken 04/15/15.
Palm Avenue follows at the ensuing signal as a four lane boulevard west to North Boulevard and east to Ybor City. Photo taken 04/15/15.
Columbus Drive bisects Tampa Heights from U.S. 41 Business east to Ybor City and west to West Tampa. The through street becomes Boy Scout Boulevard (SR 616) at U.S. 92 (Dale Mabry Highway) to the west. Photo taken 04/15/15.
Floribraska Avenue comprises a short street between Tampa Street (U.S. 41 Business south) and Nebraska Avenue (U.S. 41) at East 21st Street. The avenue derives its name from Florida and Nebraska Avenues. Photo taken 09/13/16.
Advancing northward through Tampa Heights along U.S. 41 Business between Floribraska Avenue and Oleander Street. Photo taken 09/13/16.
Indiana Avenue east and Lake Avenue west come together at a staggered intersection with U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) north. Photo taken 04/15/15.
The next major intersection along U.S. 41 Business north joins Florida Avenue with SR 574 (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard) east of Riverside Heights. Photo taken 04/15/15.
State Road 574 runs 23.04 miles from U.S. 92 (Dale Mabry Highway) at Drew Park in Tampa to U.S. 92 outside Downtown Plant City. Photo taken 04/15/15.
SR 574 follows all of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard from Tampa east to Mango, Seffner, Dover and Plant City. The four lane urban boulevard meets I-275 at a diamond interchange (Exit 46B), five blocks to the east. Photo taken 04/15/15.
Confirming markers stand along both sides of Florida Avenue north beyond SR 574 as U.S. 41 Business enters the South Seminole Heights neighborhood. Photo taken 09/13/16.
Osborne Avenue runs east from Rivercrest Park to intersect U.S. 41 Business by Hillsborough High School. The one-way couplet of U.S. 41 concludes two blocks to the north at Violet Street. Photo taken 09/13/16.
U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) north crosses paths with U.S. 92 (Hillsborough Avenue) at Old Seminole Heights. U.S. 92 constitutes a four to six lane arterial west to Wellswood and SR 580 (Dale Mabry Highway) at Drew Park. Photo taken 09/13/16.
U.S. 92 east combines with U.S. 41 beyond the adjacent parclo interchange with I-275 to the East Tampa Business & Civic area. Overall U.S. 92 east provides a local route to I-4 from Tampa to Mango, Plant City and Lakeland. Photo taken 09/13/16.
Advancing north from the intersection with U.S. 92 (Hillsborough Avenue), U.S. 41 Business wholly enters the Old Seminole Heights neighborhood of north Tampa. Noticeably absent here is a reassurance marker. Photo taken 08/12/14.
A traffic signal operates at Hanna Avenue due to nearby Seminole Elementary school by I-275. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Sligh Avenue crosses U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) just west of a diamond interchange with I-275 and east of the Hillsborough River bridge to Lowry Park Central and Riverbend. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Passing by Seminole Heights Community Center, drivers along U.S. 41 Business see this reassurance marker posted north of Sligh Avenue. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Broad Street stems east from Ola Avenue by the Hillsborough River to pass under Interstate 275 east of U.S. 41 Business en route to residential areas beyond U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue). Photo taken 08/12/14.
U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) lowers to around 5 feet above sea level at the Hillsborough River before climbing to a height of 54 feet at upcoming Waters Avenue. Photo taken 08/12/14.
The Hillsborough River winds 95 miles southwest from the Green Swamp to the city of Tampa and Tampa Bay. The river locally is bypassed by the 1970s-completed Tampa Bypass Canal to the east. The channelized waterway provides flood relief during periods of heavy rain.
The U.S. 41 Business bridge over the river was built in 1926. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Now within the Sulphur Springs neighborhood, U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) intersects Bird Street. Bird Street comprises a short connector between Florida Avenue and Nebraska Avenue with a half diamond interchange at I-275 in between. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Waters Avenue follows as a busy east-west commercial boulevard from Sulphur Springs west to Lowry Park Central and unincorporated areas to Town 'N Country. The road doubles as unsigned CR 587A from U.S. 41 Business west to Armenia Avenue and CR 584 beyond there to Westchase. Photo taken 08/12/14.
U.S. 41 Business widens to six overall lanes from Waters Avenue north to Linebaugh Avenue within the East Forest Hills neighborhood of Tampa. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Yukon Street lines the south side of the adjacent Northgate Shopping Center to an underpass below I-275. West of U.S. 41 Business, Yukon Street enters the Lowry Park Central residential street grid. Photo taken 08/12/14.
SR 580 follows Busch Boulevard across U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) at a busy commercial intersection. The state road joins Forest Hills, Sulphur Springs and Terrace Park in north Tampa with Dale Mabry Highway and the Carrollwood community to the west. Photo taken 08/12/14.
A CSX Railroad line parallels SR 580 (Busch Boulevard) east from SR 597 (Dale Mabry Highway) to 14th Street at North Tampa. The railroad line results in a congested folded diamond interchange with adjacent Interstate 275 where all movements are on the north side of Busch Boulevard. Photo taken 08/12/14.
State Road 580 comprises a 28.78-mile route between Dunedin in Pinellas County and Temple Terrace just east of Tampa. The route provides the first land based connection between Tampa and Pinellas, while serving the Busch Gardens theme park two miles to the east of U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue). Photo taken 08/12/14.
U.S. 41 Business enters the East Forest Hills community north of Busch Boulevard. Forest Hills to the west is home to the Babe Zaharias Golf & Country Club. Photo taken 08/12/14.
An adjacent traffic light to SR 580 handles movements along Florida Avenue with local Hamiller Avenue west to Chamberlain High School and Floriland Office Center to the east. Floriland Office Center was formerly an enclosed shopping mall that opened in 1972. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Linebaugh Avenue travels east from U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) to North Tampa and University Square and west to the Forest Hills Community and Neighborhood. This section runs separate from the portion between Carrollwood and Westchase. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Bougainvillea Avenue intersects Florida Avenue a quarter mile to the north. The signalized intersection serves traffic to Forest Hills Elementary School to the west at North Boulevard. East of the I-275 underpass, the avenue continues through North Tampa to Busch Gardens. Photo taken 08/12/14.
A number of car dealerships line U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) north to the Tampa city line at the west end of SR 582 (Fowler Avenue). Photo taken 08/12/14.
SR 582 (Fowler Avenue) meets I-275 at a diamond interchange midway between U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) and U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue). Photo taken 08/12/14.
Running 7.83 miles, SR 582 lines Fowler Avenue from U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) to University Mall, the University of South Florida, Temple Terrace and U.S. 301 near Thonotosassa. The bulk of the route consists of a busy commercial arterial.
Country Club Drive extends west from the state road end as a local route into the Forest Hills Neighborhood. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Leaving the Tampa city limits, U.S. 41 remains a four to five lane commercial boulevard to the east of the Lake Magdalene area. Photo taken 05/31/15.
The numbered street system of Tampa extends into unincorporated Hillsborough County. Pictured here is the signal at 124th Avenue, a local street serving Miles Elementary School. Photo taken 05/31/15.
One mile north of SR 582 (Fowler Avenue) is SR 579 and Fletcher Avenue. Fletcher Avenue runs along the north side of the USF campus, two miles east of U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue). Photo taken 05/31/15.
Fletcher Avenue doubles as SR 579 for the half mile connection between U.S. 41 Business and 41 (Nebraska Avenue). This includes the diamond interchange with Interstate 275. Photo taken 05/31/15.
Beyond U.S. 41 Business to the west and U.S. 41 to the east, Fletcher Avenue doubles as CR 582A, though the route is mostly unsigned. The busy arterial joins Temple Terrace and I-75 to the east with Carrollwood and Dale Mabry Highway (SR 597) to the west. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Reassurance marker posted for U.S. 41 Business north along Florida Avenue after Fletcher Avenue (SR 579). Photo taken 05/31/15.
1.1 miles north of Fletcher Avenue, U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) intersects Bearss Avenue. Bearss Avenue east doubles as SR 678 between U.S. 41 Business and U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) to service the adjacent interchange (Exit 53) with I-275. Photo taken 05/31/15.
Bearss Avenue winds west from U.S. 41 Business to Lake Magdalene and SR 597 (Dale Mabry Highway) near Northdale as a locally maintained arterial. The CR 678 shield posted here references a decommissioned route. Photo taken 05/31/15.
U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) kinks to the west between Lake Gass and Long Lake beyond SR 678 (Bearss Avenue). Photo taken 05/31/15.
Lake Magdalene Boulevard loops west from Florida Avenue to Byrd and Platt Lakes to end at Bearss Avenue opposite Lake Magdalene. The residential loop was a former branch of County Road 582. Photo taken 04/24/15.
U.S. 41 Business northbound ends at the wye intersection with U.S. 41 ahead of Lutz. U.S. 41 extends northward with six overall lanes to Land O' Lakes in Pasco County. Photo taken 04/29/15.

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