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U.S. 41 Business South
U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) and U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) split what is locally known as "The Apex". Photo taken 04/27/15.
Lake Magdalene Boulevard loops west from U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) around Platte Lake to Bearss Avenue at Lake Magdalene. This route was formerly County Road 582. Photo taken 04/29/15.
The next traffic light along Florida Avenue south lies just west of the Bearss Avenue diamond interchange (Exit 53) with Interstate 275. Photo taken 04/29/15.
SR 678 travels just a half mile between U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) and U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue). Bearss Avenue otherwise comprises a busy arterial route from the New Tampa area to the east and Carrollwood and Northdale to the west. Signs reference the boulevard as CR 678, yet neither section beyond SR 678 is signed as such. Photo taken 04/29/15.
South from Bearss Avenue, U.S. 41 Business passes between two shopping centers with four through lanes. Photo taken 04/29/15.
1.25 miles further south, Florida Avenue intersects Fletcher Avenue, an east-west arterial running between Carrollwood and the University of South Florida. Photo taken 04/29/15.
The second Tampa area interchange of I-275 south ties into Fletcher Avenue just east of U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue). Photo taken 04/29/15.
Like SR 678 (Bearss Avenue), SR 579 exists only between U.S. 41 Business and U.S. 41. Fletcher Avenue east from Nebraska Avenue doubles as County Road 582A, a mostly unsigned designation to I-75. Fletcher Avenue west is undesignated. Photo taken 04/29/15.
Approaching the west end of SR 582 (Fowler Avenue) along U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) south. SR 582 runs parallel to the Tampa city line east to the University of South Florida and Bruce B. Downs Boulevard (CR 581). Photo taken 10/07/15.
Fowler Avenue meets I-275 at an adjacent diamond interchange (Exit 51) just inside the Tampa city limits by North Tampa. Photo taken 10/07/15.
SR 582 runs 7.83 miles east along all of Fowler Avenue from U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) to U.S. 301 near Thonotosassa. The arterial swells to eight lanes by University Mall.
Country Club Drive ties into the intersection with Florida Avenue from the East Forest Hills neighborhood. Photo taken 10/07/15.
Bougainvillea Avenue ties U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) with the Forest Hills neighborhood to the west and North Tampa neighborhood to the east. Photo taken 09/30/15.
A reassurance marker stands along Florida Avenue south of Bougainvillea Avenue. Photo taken 09/30/15.
Linebaugh Avenue connects Florida Avenue with Armenia Avenue to its west. Continuing east, Linebaugh Avenue passes under Interstate 275 and meets U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) before entering into residential neighborhoods. Photo taken 09/30/15.
This traffic light precedes SR 580 (Busch Boulevard) and services a shopping center and the Floriland Office Center. A former enclosed mall, Floriland Office Center now houses local and state government agencies. Photo taken 09/30/15.
U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) south reduces to two through lanes as it nears Busch Boulevard. SR 580 east provides one of the main routes to Busch Gardens. The famous theme park opened in 1959 and was once owned and operated by the Anheuser-Busch corporation. Photo taken 09/30/15.
State Road 580 represents a 28.78-mile east-west thoroughfare joining Florida Avenue with Temple Terrace and Town 'N Country in Hillsborough County and Oldsmar, Safety Harbor, Clearwater and Dunedin in neighboring Pinellas County. An interchange with I-275 lies just to the east of the forthcoming intersection. Photo taken 09/30/15.
Temple Terrace sits four miles east of U.S. 41 Business at the east end of SR 580 (Busch Boulevard). State Road 580 and Busch Boulevard continues west to an interchange with State Road 597 where it turns south following Dale Mabry Highway to U.S. 92 (Hillsborough Avenue). There, SR 580 turns west again toward Town 'N Country and Pinellas County. Photo taken 09/30/15.
Confirming marker posted for U.S. 41 Business south as Florida Avenue leaves Busch Boulevard by Northgate Shopping Center. Photo taken 09/13/16.
Yukon Street links Florida Avenue with U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) at Sulphur Springs east of I-275 and North Boulevard to the west. Photo taken 09/13/16.
An older retail area surrounds the following intersection on Florida Avenue south at Waters Avenue. Waters Avenue (unsigned CR 587A west) forms a four to six lane commercial boulevard west from Nebraska Avenue through Lowry Park Central to older suburban areas between Egypt Lake-Leto area and Town and Country. Photo taken 02/15/20.
U.S. 41 Business descends toward the Hillsborough River as Sulphur Springs Tower and the Downtown Tampa skyline come into view. Photo taken 02/15/20.
Bird Street acts as a collector roadway between U.S. 41 and U.S. 41 Business and the half diamond interchange with I-275 by Sulphur Springs Park and Pool. Photo taken 02/15/20.
The Hillsborough River flows west between Sulphur Springs and Old Seminole Heights toward Downtown and Hillsborough Bay. The 161.4 foot bridge across the Hillsborough River was built in 1926. 24,000 vehicles per day (vpd) were recorded across it in 2018.2 Photo taken 02/15/20.
The succeeding signal along U.S. 41 Business south in Old Seminole Heights operates at Broad Street. Broad Street passes under I-275 to serve traffic to Cleveland Elementary School. Photo taken 02/15/20.
Reassurance marker posted southbound between Broad and Clinton Streets. Photo taken 02/15/20.
Sligh Avenue is an urban arterial spanning the Hillsborough River west to the Riverbend community and the Egypt Lake-Leto community. Together with Lambright Street, Sligh Avenue was formerly Florida Secondary 598. Photo taken 02/15/20.
A reassurance marker stands along side Florida Avenue south of Sligh Avenue as U.S. 41 Business remains a four-lane commercial boulevard. Photo taken 09/13/16.
Hanna Avenue joins residential areas west to Otis Avenue with U.S. 41 Business at this signal. The avenue east serves an Seminole Heights Elementary School by I-275 and the Hampton Terrace neighborhood at Nebraska Avenue. Photo taken 02/15/20.
Drivers on U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) south converge with U.S. 92 (Hillsborough Avenue). There is no advance signage for U.S. 92, which follows Hillsborough Avenue west to SR 580 (Dale Mabry Highway) at Drew Park and east to I-4 by the Florida State Fairgrounds. Photo taken 02/15/20.
A confirming marker for U.S. 41 Business south is missing beyond U.S. 92 (Hillsborough Avenue) as Florida Avenue reaches the South Seminole Heights community. Photo taken 02/15/20.
U.S. 41 Business separates into a one-way couplet from Violet Avenue south to Downtown Tampa. The southbound route shifts west two blocks to Highland Avenue as Florida Avenue flows northbound only. Photo taken 02/15/20.
Two lanes of U.S. 41 south turn westward from Florida Avenue onto Violet Avenue. Photo taken 02/15/20.
Violet Avenue formerly flowed west with three lanes to Highland Avenue. The left lane was eliminated during a road diet and traffic can no longer proceed west beyond Highland Avenue. The trailblazer for U.S. 92 directing motorists north seven blocks to Hillsborough Avenue was also removed. Photo taken 09/13/16.
Highland Avenue carries two-way traffic north of Violet Avenue and two lanes of U.S. 41 Business south. Violet Avenue extends west another two blocks to River Boulevard. Photo taken 02/15/20.
Osborne Avenue intersects U.S. 41 Business (Highland Avenue) at the next traffic light. Osborne Avenue west leads to Rivercrest Park and east to South Seminole Heights. Photo taken 02/15/20.
Highland Avenue takes U.S. 41 Business south to SR 574 (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard). Photo taken 02/15/20.
SR 574 travels 23 miles east from U.S. 92 (Dale Mabry Highway) near Drew Park in Tampa to Orient Park, Mango, Seffner, Dover and U.S. 92 again in Plant City. Locally the route comprises a busy four-lane boulevard between Riverside Heights and College Hill. Photo taken 02/15/20.
U.S. 41 Business shifts southeast from SR 574 to Tampa Street. Photo taken 02/15/20.
Tampa Street carries three southbound lanes to Columbus Drive and again from there to Tyler Street outside Downtown Tampa. Photo taken 02/15/20.
Tampa Street southbound at Floribraska Avenue east in Tampa Heights. Floribraska Avenue meets Interstate 275 at a half diamond interchange (Exit 46A) nearby. Photo taken 02/15/20.
U.S. 41 Business reassurance marker posted after the intersection with Floribraska Avenue. Photo taken 02/15/20.
U.S. 41 Business (Tampa Street) intersects Columbus Drive in the Tampa Heights community. Columbus Drive provides a through street west to West Tampa and U.S. 92 at SR 616 (Boy Scout Boulevard) and east to Ybor City. Photo taken 02/15/20.
The Downtown skyline comes into view as U.S. 41 Business (Tampa Street) intersects Palm Avenue. Palm Avenue connects Tampa Street with North Boulevard to the west and Ybor City by the Downtown Interchange (I-4 & 275) to the east. Photo taken 04/15/15.
Approaching Estelle Street, an overhead once directed motorists bound for Interstate 275 south to the upcoming ramp from U.S. 41 Business (Tampa Street) south. This overhead was removed when a repaving project in 2007 restriped Tampa Street to incorporate a bike lane and bus stop in place of a fourth southbound lane. Photo taken 03/05/06.
A trailblazer for I-275 south stands along Tampa Street at Estelle Street as a turn lane begins for the freeway leading west to Westshore and the Howard Frankland Bridge. Photo taken 04/15/15.
This overhead was replaced during the aforementioned pavement project in 2007. Note also that a new development was built where the sign bridge stands and work to upgrade I-275 was still ongoing by Downtown at this time. Photo taken 03/05/06.
Interstate 275 travels west from the Downtown Interchange with I-4 toward Tampa International Airport (TPA) before turning south across Old Tampa Bay to St. Petersburg in Pinellas County. Photo taken 09/13/16.
Kay Street parallels the I-275 viaduct west from Morgan Street to form the westbound on-ramp. The ramp ties into the I-275 trumpet interchange with Ashley Drive. Photo taken 04/15/15.
Passing under Interstate 275, U.S. 41 Business next intersects Scott Street eastbound. Scott Street lines the south side of I-275 east five blocks to the Orange Avenue on-ramp. Photo taken 04/15/15.
Laurel Street branches southwest from U.S. 41 Business (Tampa Street) to span the Hillsborough River ahead of this shield assembly. Photo taken 04/15/15.
This Tampa Crosstown Expressway trailblazer previously appeared along Tampa Street ahead of Tyler Street. Photo taken 11/24/07.
The Tampa street grid shifts southeastward to parallel the Hillsborough River. U.S. 41 Business reaches the central business district at Tyler Street westbound. Photo taken 04/15/15.
Cass Street crosses the Hillsborough River from North Hyde Park to form a couplet with Tyler Street. Photo taken 04/15/15.
A CSX Railroad line runs down the middle of Polk Street as it intersects U.S. 41 Business (Tampa Street) through Uptown Tampa. Photo taken 11/24/07.
Remaining along Tampa Street south, drivers will reach an on-ramp for the Selmon Expressway (SR 618) west at Whiting Street. Photo taken 04/22/15.
The Wells Fargo tower appears in this scene ahead of Madison Street on Tampa Street south. Photo taken 11/24/07.
U.S. 41 Business (Tampa Street) south intersects SR 60 (Kennedy Boulevard) west. Besides trailblazers for SR 618 (Selmon Expressway), SR 60 and the US route turn at Jackson Street are both unmarked on Tampa Street south. Photo taken 03/19/06.
U.S. 41 Business South Florida State Road 60 East
Florida Avenue flows north from the Selmon Expressway near Amalie Arena to become U.S. 41 Business north of Kennedy Boulevard. Photo taken 03/19/06.
Jackson Street east at Marion Street. Marion Street is restricted to HART only busses during weekday hours north to Tyler Street and south to Whiting Street. Photo taken 10/28/06.
U.S. 41 Business south & SR 60 (Jackson Street) east advance one block further to Morgan Street by Hillsborough County Center. Photo taken 10/28/06.
Pierce Street flows south as a gateway street to the Tampa central business district from the Downtown East Interchange of I-275. Photo taken 10/28/06.
Forthcoming Jefferson Street leads drivers south to Brorein Street for the westbound on-ramp to the Selmon Expressway to South Tampa and the Gandy Bridge to St. Petersburg. Photo taken 10/09/15.
U.S. 41 Business south combines with SR 60 east along Jackson Street from Tampa Street to Meridian Avenue. The eleven-block overlap flows east one block to the south of Kennedy Boulevard. Pictured here are trailblazers directing drivers north onto Jefferson Street for the Downtown East interchange of I-275. Photo taken 11/07/14.
Jackson Street passes under the Selmon Expressway beyond the Hillsborough County School Board complex and this sign bridge by E Street. Photo taken 10/09/15.
Brush Street totals just three blocks from Kennedy Boulevard west to Whiting Street. The block between SR 60 west and east technically represents the southern extent of SR 45, as the state road on Nebraska Avenue flows northbound between the same streets. Photo taken 11/24/07.
A sign bridge posted between Brush Street and Nebraska Avenue (SR 45) directs motorists toward ramps for the Selmon Expressway (SR 618) east to Brandon. The 2006-opened express lanes tie into the north end of forthcoming Meridian Avenue. These provide a high speed route east to I-75 and Brandon Parkway. Photo taken 04/15/15.
Nebraska Avenue doubles as SR 45 north to a nearby on-ramp for SR 618 east while en route to west Ybor City and VM Ybor. Photo taken 11/07/14.
U.S. 41 Business south & SR 60 east cross a set of railroad tracks ahead of a turn onto Meridian Avenue north. Meridian Avenue parallels the railroad line south to Beneficial Drive onto Harbour Island. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Meridian Avenue carries U.S. 41 Business south & SR 60 east one block north back to Kennedy Boulevard. Photo taken 10/09/15.
U.S. 41 Business is omitted from this overhead assembly as it and SR 60 turn east onto the easternmost three blocks of Kennedy Boulevard. Meridian Avenue north defaults onto the Express Lane on-ramp for the Selmon Expressway just to the north. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Kennedy Boulevard carries two-way traffic three blocks east from Meridian Avenue to Channelside Drive. Photo taken 09/05/15.
U.S. 41 Business south & SR 60 east turn onto Channelside Drive toward Historic Ybor City at Port Tampa Bay. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Channelside Drive runs south and west to Florida Aquarium and Amalie Arena (home of the NHL Tampa Bay Lightning). Photo taken 09/05/15.
One of Tampa's Streetcars travels along side U.S. 41 Business & SR 60 (Channelside Drive) northbound. Photo taken 01/28/07.
Twiggs Street extends west from Channelside Drive at McKay Street to the Hillsborough County Courthouse and Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park. Photo taken 09/05/15.
U.S. 41 Business & SR 60 curve east from Channelside Drive onto Adamo Drive underneath the elevated Crosstown Expressway. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Channelside Drive continues north from U.S. 41 Business south & SR 60 east two blocks to a roundabout with 4th Avenue and Nuccio Parkway at Historic Ybor City. Photo taken 09/05/15.
2 photos
2 photos
Looking at the Selmon Expressway mainlines and the 2006-completed reversible high-speed lanes of SR 618 from U.S. 41 Business & SR 60. Photos taken 01/28/07.
U.S. 41 Business south & SR 60 east parallel the LeRoy Selmon Expressway viaduct closely along Adamo Drive to North 19th Street. Photo taken 01/28/07.
19th Street heads north from Adamo Drive and this signal to the Ybor State Museum and south to become 20th Street through an industrial area outside Port Tampa Bay. Photo taken 09/05/15.
U.S. 41 Business departs SR 60 (Adamo Drive) east for 21st Street south to 22nd Street through a parclo interchange with SR 618 (Selmon Expressway). Interests to Port Tampa Bay and Cruise Terminal 7 are directed onto U.S. 41 Business (20th Street) south. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Now decommissioned, SR 585 previously emerged from its hidden overlap with U.S. 41 Business along the one-way street couplet of North 21st and 22nd Street. The state road joined SR 60 (Adamo Drive) with Ybor City, East Tampa and College Hill. Photo taken 09/05/15.
U.S. 41 Business South
U.S. 41 Business (North 21st Street) south merges with North 22nd Street at a parclo interchange with SR 618 (Leroy Selmon Crosstown Expressway). Exit 9 of the Crosstown provides the main truck access point to the Port of Tampa, with U.S. 41 Business carrying trucking interests south to the port facility itself. A new toll connector facility opened in spring 2014 bringing much needed relief to U.S. 41 Business by providing direct access for interests to the Port from both SR 618 and Interstate 4.1 Photo taken 12/27/00.
Ascending toward the Licata Bridge over the East Channel opposite the Port of Tampa on U.S. 41 Business (22nd Street Causeway) south. Photo taken 10/16/07.
2 photos
2 photos
The Licata Bridge spans the channel between the turning basin and McKay Bay east of Hooker Point. A large gypsum stack lies in the distance. Photos taken 10/16/07.
Nearing the south end of U.S. 41 Business at U.S. 41 (50th Street) and SR 676 (Causeway Boulevard) east. Photo taken 10/16/07.
U.S. 41 travels with six lanes in the vicinity of Palm River and East Tampa. The highway joins Tampa with Gibsonton and Ruskin on the east side of Tampa Bay. SR 676 continues Causeway Boulevard east to Brandon. Photo taken 10/16/07.

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