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Following the former alignment of U.S. 41 along Tamiami Trail, U.S. 41 Business measures just 2.92 miles as it provides a direct connection to the Downtown district of Venice. The bannered U.S. highway was commissioned in 1965 when U.S. 41 was moved to the Venice Bypass.

U.S. 41 Business North
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2 photos
Tamiami Trail carries U.S. 41 Business from U.S. 41 (Venice Bypass) northward toward the Circus Bridge and Venice. Center Road stems east from U.S. 41 Business connecting the highway with Jacaranda Boulevard and River Road. 06/08/09
U.S. 41 Business crosses over the Intracoastal Waterway via the Circus Bridge into the southern portions of Venice. 06/08/09
U.S. 41 Business South
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3 photos
3 photos
Leaving U.S. 41 (Venice Bypass), three reassurance assemblies line U.S. 41 Business (Tamiami Trail) south on the approach to Venice Bay Drive. 11/27/14
Both Venice Bay Drive and Harbor Lights Drive stem a short distance to manufactured home communities that line either side of Tamiami Trail. Access to local businesses lying to the south are reached via the signalized intersection. 11/27/14
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2 photos
Motorists enter the island of Venice by way of the Hatchett Creek bascule bridge along U.S. 41 Business south. The Intracoastal Waterway follows the creek and canal through Venice, emerging south of Downtown. The Hatchett Creek drawbridge, and its counterpart Circus Bridge to the south, was updated and modernized in the early 2000s. 11/27/14
Descending the Hatchett Creek bridge, U.S. 41 Business (Tamiami Trail) nears Tampa Avenue. Tampa Avenue stretches west to Harbor Drive while only continuing a short distance east before ending at American Legion Way. 11/27/14
Tamiami Trail nears Venice and Miami Avenues next as it skirts the eastern edge of Downtown Venice. Venice Avenue provides the only access to Interstate 75 from the downtown area. 11/27/14
Venice Avenue connects U.S. 41 Business directly with the Downtown district to the west along a boulevard-type setting. Venice Avenue east leads to U.S. 41 (Venice Bypass) and Interstate 75 (via either Jacaranda Boulevard or River Road). 11/27/14
Miami Avenue parallels Venice Avenue to the south, connecting to both American Legion Boulevard and Harbor Drive. 11/27/14
Continuing south through Venice, U.S. 41 Business (Tamiami Trail) next meets Milan Avenue. 11/27/14
Tamiami Trail separates Indian Avenue and Turin Street at this signalized intersection. Indian Avenue stems east to one of the area high schools while Turin Street continues west into residential neighborhoods. 11/27/14
An overhead alerts traffic to keep right for The Rialto on the approach to Palermo Place along U.S. 41 Business south. The Rialto is a local road spoking from Tamiami Trail into the south neighborhoods of Venice. 11/27/14
U.S. 41 Business (Tamiami Trail) bends southeast beyond the intersection with Palermo Place. The local road heads west branching into Salerno and Sorrento Streets. 11/27/14
Beyond the split to The Rialto south, U.S. 41 Business encounters San Marco Drive. 11/27/14
Avenida Del Circo spokes south to Airport Avenue while Amora Avenue extends northward into Amora subdivision. 11/27/14
Palm trees line Tamiami Trail on its approach to Circus Bridge in south Venice. 11/27/14
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2 photos
Like its counterpart, the Circus Bridge consists of a bascule span across the Intracoastal Waterway. The drawbridge was rehabilitated by 2004. 11/27/14
U.S. 41 Business south descends from the Circus Bridge ahead of Center Road. Center Road provides the only return access to nearby U.S. 41 (Venice Bypass) north. 11/27/14
Center Road extends east from Tamiami Trail to adjacent U.S 41 and points east, connecting to several neighborhoods before ending at River Road. 11/27/14
One final reassurance marker stands along U.S. 41 Business south on the final approach to U.S. 41. 11/27/14
U.S. 41 rejoins Tamiami Trail ahead for points in south central Sarasota County, including North Port. 11/27/14
Traffic once defaulted onto U.S. 41 south directly from U.S. 41 Business south prior to a slight realignment at the upcoming intersection. 11/27/14
U.S. 41 Business south concludes as motorists turn south onto U.S. 41. Tamiami Trail continues along commercialized U.S. 41 south and east toward South Venice and North Port. 11/27/14

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