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U.S. 43 North
U.S. 43 begins at the Bay Bridge Road overpass on Telegraph Road where state maintenance commences. A multi-lane connector joins U.S. 43 with U.S. 90 & 98 Truck (Bay Bridge Road) nearby. Photo taken 11/21/08.
When U.S. 43 was truncated in 2003, no end sign was posted and the first northbound shield was situated north of the connector with Bay Bridge Road. The junction shield here was amended to reflect the first northbound shield by 2006. Photo taken 10/25/03.
U.S. 90 & 98 Truck follow Bay Bridge Road east from their split with Interstate 165 to the Cochrane-Africatown Bridge onto Blakeley Island. The four-lane highway connects Exit 27 of Interstate 10 with Interstate 165 south to Water Street and north to Interstate 65. Photo taken 11/21/08.
U.S. 43 leaves the Bay Bridge Road connector at Criterion Street toward the Summerville community of Prichard. The four lane highway continues north to Chickasaw, Saraland and Satsuma, generally carrying local or industrial traffic only. At the intersection with the Craft Highway & Wilson Avenue (Former Alternate U.S. 43), Telegraph Road ends. Photo taken 10/25/03.
Meaher Avenue heads west from U.S. 43 (Telegraph Road) at the next traffic light to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive (former U.S. 43). The residential through street represents the former SR 194 leading west to Wilson Avenue (former SR 193). Photo taken 12/05/08.
Continuing north between Meaher Avenue and Edwards Street between southeast Prichard and the Plateau community of Mobile. Photo taken 12/05/08.
Edwards Street enters Prichard from the east to become Birmingham Street west to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive. Photo taken 12/05/08.
Diaz Street east and Woodland Avenue west meet U.S. 43 (Telegraph Road) at the next traffic light. Woodland Avenue transitions into Paper Mill Road southeast to the industrial areas of Magazine along the Mobile River. Diaz Street comprises a residential road west to Turner Road and Wilson Avenue. Photo taken 12/05/08.
U.S. 43 merges with Craft Highway, its namesake for most of Alabama, just north of the Prichard city line in Chickasaw. Craft Highway represents the original alignment of U.S. 43 leading north from U.S. 45 (St. Stephens Road) in Mobile.
Pictured here is the approach to Viaduct Road, an spur traveling east to the Mobile/Chickasaw Port Facility. Photo taken 12/05/08.
Viaduct Road derives its name from its crossing over the adjacent Norfolk Southern Railroad line. The two-lane highway joins a small residential street grid with U.S. 43 (Craft Highway) before entering the port area. Photo taken 12/05/08.
Sutherland Drive provides part of the preferred route to Interstate 65 (Exit 10) from U.S. 43 (Craft Highway) in Chickasaw. Drivers turning left are directed from Sutherland Drive west onto Jackson Street south to West Lee Street. Photo taken 12/05/08.
U.S. 43 (Craft Highway) crosses the R.B. Smallwood, Jr. Memorial Bridge over the Chickasaw Creek. Motorists enter the city of Saraland a short distance north of the creek. Photo taken 12/05/08.
Nearing the westbound beginning of SR 158 (Industrial Parkway) on U.S. 43 (Saraland Boulevard) north. SR 158 follows Industrial Parkway west to Interstate 65, where it briefly overlaps with SR 213. West from there, SR 158 continues to U.S. 45 near Kushla and CR 31 (Schillinger Road). The extension between U.S. 45 and Schillinger Road opened to traffic in January 2008. Photo taken 11/04/03.
SR 158 begins with two lanes but expands to eight lanes near its merge with SR 213. West from Interstate 65, SR 158 doubles as Ken Malone Parkway and represents the future path of U.S. 98. U.S. 98 will relocate to the four-lane corridor when the Semmes and Wilmer Bypasses are completed. Photo taken 12/05/08.
Cleveland Road angles northwest from U.S. 43 (Saraland Boulevard) to SR 213 (Shelton Beach Road) through central Saraland. Photo taken 03/20/09.
Norton Avenue provides a cutoff to SR 213 (Shelton Beach Road) south from U.S. 43 (Saraland Boulevard) north. Photo taken 03/20/09.
SR 213 ends at the five-way intersection with U.S. 43 (Saraland Boulevard), Mobile County 41 (Celeste Road) west and Ferry Avenue east. Photo taken 03/20/09.
SR 213 ventures southwest to SR 158 (Industrial Parkway) at their interchange with Interstate 65 (Exit 13). Mobile County 41 begins and travels west to Exit 15 of Interstate 65 before turning northerly en route to Citronelle. Photo taken 03/20/09.
U.S. 43 (Saraland Boulevard) spans Bayou Sara ahead of its signalized intersection with Bayou Sara Avenue. Bayou Sara Avenue leads southeast along the bayou to waterside residences. Photo taken 03/20/09.
U.S. 43 shifts eastward into the city of Satsuma ahead of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad underpass. Photo taken 03/20/09.
Oak Avenue provides the second connection between U.S. 43 and parallel Railroad Street (old U.S. 43) east of the Norfolk Southern Railroad line. Traffic lights along the four-lane divided parkway are linked with railroad crossing signals. Photo taken 03/20/09.
Baker Road travels west from Railroad Street at Satsuma High School to the west end of the Satsuma city limits across Interstate 10. Photo taken 03/20/09.
Bayou Avenue crosses U.S. 43 from Orchard Street east to Magnolia Avenue near Steele Creek. Photo taken 03/20/09.
Northbound reassurance shield for U.S. 43 posted after the signal with Bayou Avenue in Satsuma. Photo taken 03/20/09.
U.S. 43 exits Satsuma for the community of Creola at Interstate 65 (Exit 19). Photo taken 03/20/09.
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2 photos
A directional ramp carries travelers onto U.S. 43 north from Interstate 65 ahead of the northbound on-ramp to Montgomery. Photos taken 03/20/09.
Interests to Interstate 65 south to Mobile and Prichard utilize the southbound on-ramp from U.S. 43 on the left. Photo taken 07/15/05.
Entering the town of Creola, U.S. 43 intersects Dead Lake Road. Dead Lake Road meanders east to Interstate 65 at Exit 22 and North Mobile County Airport. Photo taken 01/01/10.
U.S. 43 leaves Creola and passes through unincorporated Axis next. Photo taken 01/02/11.
Nearing the east end of Mobile County 84 (Salco Road) along U.S. 43 northbound at Salco. Photo taken 01/02/11.
A traffic light was added to the intersection of U.S. 43 and Mobile County 84 (Salco Road) in 2010. Photo taken 01/02/11.
Mobile County 84 (Salco Road) winds westward to Mobile County 41 south of Turnerville. Photo taken 01/02/11.
Continuing north from Salco along U.S. 43. BNSF and Norfolk Southern Railroad lines parallel the corridor nearby. Several industrial plants line the east side of the highway. Photo taken 01/01/10.
Northbound reassurance shield posted near the James M. Barry Electric Generating Plant on U.S. 43 at Bucks. Photo taken 01/02/11.
U.S. 43 enters the town of Mt. Vernon and spans Cedar Creek. The four-lane span over the waterway dates to 1952. Photo taken 01/02/11.
U.S. 43 splits with its original alignment north of Cedar Creek. Staying west of the town center, the US route meets the east end of Mobile County 96 (Coy Smith Highway). Photo taken 01/02/11.
Mobile County 96 arcs westward from Mt. Vernon to the Boykin Wildlife Management Area and Citronelle. Overall the route links Mississippi 594 with U.S. 43. Photo taken 01/02/11.
Continuing north from Mobile County 96, U.S. 43 remains somewhat rural with much of Mt. Vernon orientated from the old Highway 43. Photo taken 01/02/11.
Old Highway 43 returns to U.S. 43 and the route leaves the city of Mt. Vernon. Photo taken 01/01/10.
Heading north toward the Washington County line, U.S. 43 next meets a trumpet interchange with ThyssenKrupp Drive. Photo taken 01/02/11.
ThyssenKrupp Drive spurs eastward to the ThyssenKrupp carbon steel processing facility along the Tombigbee River. Construction on the new plant commenced in November 2007. Photo taken 01/02/11.
U.S. 43 northbound at the ThyssenKrupp Drive eastbound off-ramp. The interchange replaced a signalized intersection with Dow Badische Road to accommodate large volumes of truck and employee traffic expected to and from the new plant. Photo taken 01/02/11.
Exiting Mobile County for Calvert in Washington County along U.S. 43 north. Photo taken 01/02/11.
Northbound U.S. 43 at what was a rumored historic eastern terminus of U.S. 86. SR 56, which terminates here from the west, was also the former alignment of U.S. 84. U.S. 43 and 84 at that time overlapped northward to Grove Hill (pop. 1,438). When the current U.S. 84/SR 12 alignment between Grove Hill and Waynesboro, Mississippi was constructed, SR 56 was born. Photo taken 02/10/02.
U.S. 43 approaching the twinned Tombigbee River Bridges at the Washington and Clarke County line. After descending from the bridge, U.S. 43 changes in character with the advent of Jackson (pop. 5,419) and associated development. To the right is a dirt road that goes to the base of the bridge with access to the river for boating and fishing. Photo taken 02/10/02.
Northbound U.S. 43 at the Southern terminus of SR 177. Construction was underway at the time of this photograph to widen SR 177. Therefore signage at the intersection with U.S. 43 was temporarily removed. SR 177 is the original alignment of U.S. 43. The four mile route loops into downtown Jackson, while U.S. 43 stays to the northwest. Photo taken 02/10/02.
The junction with SR 69 is a partial interchange. This is the only interchange along U.S. 43 between Interstate 65 in Mobile County and Interstate 20/59 in Green County. As seen in this northbound photograph, U.S. 43 retains its parkway-like landscape. SR 69 terminates at SR 177 near downtown Jackson. Photo taken 02/10/02.
U.S. 43 north enters the city of Eutaw north of Stephens Creek. Photo taken 06/06/17.
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2 photos
CR 154, Choctaw Road south and Howard Irvin Drive north, meets U.S. 43 at a staggered intersection just inside Eutaw. Photos taken 06/06/17.
U.S. 43 (Demopolis Highway) expands to four lanes ahead of SR 14 (Greensboro Street). Photo taken 06/06/17.
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2 photos
Alabama State Route 14 travels east from Eutaw to Greensboro, seat of Hale County, and Marion, seat of Perry County. Photos taken 06/06/17.
U.S. 43 North Alabama Route 14 West
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2 photos
U.S. 43 north and SR 14 west overlap a half mile along Greensboro Street into Downtown Eutaw. Photos taken 06/06/17.
U.S. 43/SR 14 along Greensboro Street in Eutaw are a part of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Highway. Photo taken 06/06/17.
U.S. 43 north & SR 14 west combine with U.S. 11 one block north from Boligee Street to Tusaloosa Street at Greene County Courthouse Square. Photo taken 06/06/17.
U.S. 11 follows Boligee Street westward from Downtown Eutaw. Heading southwest, U.S. 11 travels to Boligee, Epes and the Sumter County seat of Livingston. Photo taken 06/06/17.
U.S. 11 U.S. 43 North Alabama Route 14 West
U.S. 11/43 north and SR 14 west combine along Morrow Avenue one block north to Tusaloosa Street. Photo taken 06/06/17.
SR 14 turns west toward Aliceville along Tusaloosa Street, one block alongside U.S. 11 south to Springfield Avenue. U.S. 11/43 continue 33.3 miles northeast to Tuscaloosa. Photo taken 06/06/17.
U.S. 11 U.S. 43 North
U.S. 11/43 follow Tuscaloosa Street east from SR 14 (Morrow Avenue) through the Eutaw street grid to Finches Ferry Road. Photo taken 06/06/17.
Paralleling I-59/20, U.S. 11/43 venture northeast 33 miles to Tuscaloosa. Photo taken 06/06/17.
U.S. 43 Alabama Route 69 North
The U.S. 11/43 overlap concludes at SR 69 along Telauree Street and the northern end of Interstate 359 at Tuscaloosa. U.S. 43/SR 69 intersect 12th Street just beyond I-359. Photo taken 08/10/02.
Confirming markers for U.S. 43 and SR 69 posted after 12th Street in the Tuscaloosa central business district. Photo taken 08/10/02.
U.S. 43/SR 69 (Telauree Street) north at 7th Street and Downtown Tuscaloosa. Photo taken 08/10/02.
U.S. 43 and SR 69 leave Downtown Tuscaloosa and cross the Black Warrior River across a high level bridge. University Boulevard heads east to the University of Alabama campus and west toward U.S. 11/43 near Stillman College. Photo taken 08/10/02.

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