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U.S. 46 is an intrastate route through New Jersey. The highway parallels Interstate 80 from Knowlton township, near Delaware Water Gap, to the George Washington Bridge along side I-95 & U.S. 1-9. The 75-mile route was established in 1936, running west to U.S. 611 in Portland, Pennsylvania. In 1953, the route was shortened slightly with the realignment of U.S. 611 into Columbia, NJ.1

U.S. 46 east
An intricate series of ramps joins U.S. 46, New Jersey 94, Interstate 80 (Exit 4), the Columbia Portland Bridge and Decatur Street in Columbia. U.S. 46 begins here and travels southeast along the Delaware River from Interstate 80 to Ramseyburg and Buttzville. A trumpet interchange ties U.S. 46 in with the tolled Columbia Portland Bridge just south of the New Jersey 94 & U.S. 46 transition at I-80. Photo taken 07/28/00.
A U.S. 611 shield remains in place for Pennsylvania 611 (former U.S. 611) at the U.S. 46 eastbound ramp to the Columbia Portland Bridge across the Delaware River. A local ramp merges with the U.S. 46 ramp from Decatur Street ahead of the bridge to Portland, Pennsylvania. Photo taken 07/28/00.
A closer look at the U.S. 611 relic on the U.S. 46 eastbound ramp to Portland, Pennsylvania. U.S. 46 once utilized the crossing to end at U.S. 611 across the Delaware River. The US highway now ends at Interstate 80 (Exit 4) and the bridge is now a part of unsigned New Jersey 94.
U.S. 611 was realigned away from Columbia, NJ in 1969 and downgraded to Pennsylvania 611 in 1972.1 Photo taken 06/11/96.
The ramp from the Columbia Portland Bridge onto U.S. 46 eastbound includes a provision for Washington Street west into Columbia. U.S. 46 quickly downgrades into a rural two lane highway otherwise. Photo taken 07/28/00.
U.S. 46 west
U.S. 46 west at the confluence with New Jersey 23 and Interstate 80 west of Totowa. A complex directional interchange joins all three highways. U.S. 46 partitions into ramps for the mainline west to Willowbrook Mall and Fairfield township, NJ 23 south to Cedar Grove township and NJ 23 north to Interstate 80 west and Wayne township.
This set of signs was replaced with a new sign bridge and diagrammatic overhead by 2007. Photo taken 08/11/04.
A second set of button copy overheads, since replaced, ushered in the split of U.S. 46 into ramps for New Jersey 23 and Interstate 80 west. New Jersey 23 merges with U.S. 202 two miles to the north at Wayne while I-80 heads west ten miles to meet I-287. NJ 23 south reaches Verona in five miles. Photo taken 08/11/04.
U.S. 46 approaches the community of Columbia and the trumpet interchange with the Columbia Portland Bridge across the Delaware River. A short expressway section commences ahead to Interstate 80 and New Jersey 94. Photo taken 07/28/00.


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