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U.S. 60 East
U.S. 60 (Midland Trail) leaves Exit 188 of Interstate 81 and continues three miles to the independent city of Buena Vista. Photo taken 06/17/05.
U.S. 60 kinks southeast and parallels the Maury River to the Ben Salem Wayside o nthe approach to Buena Vista. Photo taken 06/17/05.
Whites Peak, Coates Mountain, Chimney Rock Mountain among others of the Blue Ridge Mountain chain rise along the eastern horizon as U.S. 60 (Midland Trail) lowers into Buena Vista. Photo taken 06/17/05.
Crossing the Maury River, U.S. 60 (Midland Trail) nears the intersection with SR 608 (Stuartsburg Road) north to South River. Photo taken 06/17/05.
SR 608 heads north through Stewartsburg to parallel the South River through Cypress Falls and Midvale before turning north at South Mountain to Stuarts Draft. Photo taken 06/17/05.
U.S. 60 enters the city of Buena Vista and follows 29th Street to the north end of U.S. 501 (Beech Avenue). Photo taken 06/17/05.
U.S. 501 joins Buena Vista with Lynchburg and South Boston. The highway travels 355 miles between U.S. 60 and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Photo taken 06/17/05.
Rockbridge Avenue stems north from the traffic light of U.S. 60 (29th Street) and U.S. 501 (Beech Avenue) to the north Buena Vista street grid bound by Lombardy and Juniper Avenue. Photo taken 06/17/05.
Leaving the intersection with U.S. 501 (Beech Avenue) south, U.S. 60 (29th Street) continues toward an exit of Buena Vista between Mineral Ridge, Silver Peak, and Garnet Peak. Photo taken 06/17/05.
U.S. 60 East Virginia Route 45 North
SR 45 joins U.S. 60 (Anderson Highway) east for a five-mile overlap near Hillcrest. The two routes continue east two miles to Cumberland Court House. Photo taken 12/21/08.
SR 628 (Forest View Road) stems north from U.S. 60 & SR 45 (Anderson Highway) near Hillcrest to SR 629 (Oak Hill Road) near Bear Creek Lake. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Fleming Road represents an older alignment of U.S. 60 through the Hillcrest vicinity. The frontage road travels a short distance alongside the five-lane highway before ending. Photo taken 12/21/08.
SR 669 exists in two segments from U.S. 60 & SR 45. The north section follows Criss Road to a handful of residences. SR 669 south follows Tarwallet Road west to SR 45 near McRae. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 60 east & SR 45 (Anderson Highway) north lose their center turn lane as they enter Cumberland. Photo taken 12/21/08.
SR 600 follows Foster Road north and Stoney Point Road south from Anderson Highway in Cumberland. SR 600 meanders from U.S. 60 to Stony Point Mills to Farmville overall. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Heading east from Cumberland, U.S. 60 & SR 45 (Anderson Highway) reduce to two overall lanes and next meet SR 622 (Trents Mill Road). SR 622 ventures north to Trents Mill, Hatcher, Nuckols and U.S. 15 near Gold Hill. Photo taken 12/21/08.
SR 13 begins from the following intersection of U.S. 60 & SR 45 (Anderson Highway) at Old Buckingham Road. SR 13 follows the original U.S. 60 alignment through Grays Siding, Sunny Side, Tobaccoville, Ballsville, and Belona before returning to U.S. 60 east of Powhatan. Photo taken 12/21/08.
SR 681 (Clement Town Road) ties into SR 13 (Old Buckingham Road) at Tobaccoville. SSr 681 leads southeast to Morven and U.S. 360 at Amelia Court House. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 60 & SR 45 continue east two miles to their split; SR 13 begins and travels 23 miles overall to the south of the US highway. Photo taken 12/21/08.
SR 45 (Cartersville Road) exits the multiplex with U.S. 60 (Anderson Highway) east opposite SR 682 north from SR 13 (Old Buckingham Road). The state route resumes its northeasterly course 13 miles to Cartersville and 17 miles to Georges Tavern, its terminus. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 60 East
Continuing away from SR 45, U.S. 60 drivers will reach Powhatan in 17 miles and the capital city of Richmond in 46 miles. Photo taken 12/21/08.
A staggered intersection brings SR 654 south on Pinegrove Road from SR 616 and north on Frenchs Store Road from SR 13 near Sunny Side at U.S. 60 in Clinton. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 60 crosses into Powhatan County within a wooden area east of Clinton. The highway exits the county in 16.55 miles. Photo taken 12/21/08.
SR 630 (Ballsville Road) crosses paths with U.S. 60 (Anderson Highway) north of Ballsville and south of Trenholm. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Eastbound reassurance shield posted along Anderson Highway east of SR 630 for U.S. 60. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Heading east from the intersection with SR 629 (Trenholm Road north / Old Tavern Road south), U.S. 60 continues through wooded environs. Photo taken 12/21/08.
SR 627 (Ridge Road) ends at U.S. 60 (Anderson Highway) at Smiths Crossroads. SR 627 links U.S. 60 with SR 13 (Old Buckingham Road) at Belona. Photo taken 12/21/08.
SR 601 (Locklin Road) parallels U.S. 60 (Anderson Highway) east from SR 684 (Bell Road) perhaps as an older alignment of U.S. 60. Photo taken 12/21/08.
SR 684 follows Bell Road northwest to Provost and Cartersville Road from U.S. 60. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 60 expands into a four-lane divided highway ahead of SR 601's return and U.S. 522. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 522 begins at the intersection with U.S. 60 (Anderson Highway) and SR 1002 (Emmanual Church Road). SR 1008 ties in to Anderson Highway as the east end of Locklin Road. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 522 begins and travels nine miles north to Maidens and Goochland. Overall the route totals 308 miles between Powhatan and Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. SR 1002 connects U.S. 60 & 522 with parallel SR 13 (Old Buckingham Road) nearby. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Reassurance shield and mileage sign combo posted after U.S. 522 (Maidens Road) on U.S. 60 east. Photo taken 12/21/08.
2 photos
2 photos
SR 626 spurs north from U.S. 60 (Anderson Highway) to a couple of farms. SR 13 comes into view on the south side of the four-lane divided highway. Photos taken 12/21/08.
SR 1007 (Mann Road) provides a connection between U.S. 60 and SR 13 (Old Buckingham Road). Photo taken 12/21/08.
SR 13 veers away from U.S. 60 again from SR 1007 into the county seat of Powhatan. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Skaggs Road also connects SR 13 (Old Buckingham Road) and U.S. 60 (Anderson Highway) as SR 1005. Photo taken 12/21/08.
SR 300 constitutes a 0.64-mile route between SR 13 at Powhatan and U.S. 60 opposite Branchway Creek Road. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 60 (Anderson Highway) east at the westbound beginning of SR 300 (Scottsville Road). Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 60 widens to accommodate a forested median east of SR 300 and Plain View. Photo taken 12/21/08.
SR 13 (Old Buckingham Road) concludes its routing at U.S. 60 (Anderson Highway) and Plain View. Photo taken 12/21/08.
SR 13 provides return access to Powhatan with connections to SR 603 (Rocky Ford Road) leading south from U.S. 60. Photo taken 12/21/08.
SR 603 branches northward from U.S. 60 at the traffic light with Academy Road. SR 603 ends at SR 615 (Three Bridge Road). Photo taken 12/21/08.
Buckingham Road, another former alignment of U.S. 60, arcs south of U.S. 60 next as SR 653. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Suburban Midlothian is the next community of interest as 14 miles out. Virginia Beach, the eastern terminus of U.S. 60, appears for the first time as well at a distance of 142 miles. Photo taken 12/21/08.
SR 628 (Lower Hill Road) first consists of a short loop south of U.S. 60, linking the divided highway with SR 611 (Capeway Road) south. Photo taken 12/21/08.
2 photos
2 photos
The third intersection with SR 628 sees the route head northward from U.S. 60 to Red Lane via Red Lane Road. Photos taken 12/21/08.
SR 678 follows as another former U.S. 60 alignment (Rocky Oak Road) from near SR 628 to Flat Rock. Photo taken 12/21/08.
2 photos
2 photos
U.S. 60 (Anderson Highway) enters Flat Rock and intersects SR 622 (Dorset Road) south to Dorset and Clayville. Photos taken 12/21/08.
Old U.S. 60 shifts to the north side of Anderson Highway along Batterson Road (SR 677). Photo taken 12/21/08.
New Dorset Road arcs westward from U.S. 60 as SR 1002 to SR 622, serving an industrial park along the way. Photo taken 12/21/08.
SR 613 (Judes Ferry Road) follows and departs from U.S. 60 northward to Powhatan High School and SR 614. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Urbine Road (SR 676 west) and Page Road (SR 675 east) represent the continuation of former U.S. 60 across Anderson Highway near Holly Hills. Photo taken 12/21/08.
SR 1101 (Holly Hills Road) represents the first of two residential roads leading south from U.S. 60 into Holly Hills. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Dogwood Road (SR 1102) is the second entrance into Holly Hills from U.S. 60 (Anderson Highway) east. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Eastbound travelers will reach Midlothian in five miles from Holly Hills via U.S. 60. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Old U.S. 60 (SR 675) returns to U.S. 60 and ends opposite County Line Road (SR 671) north from Hallsboro. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 60 (Midlothian Turnpike) enters Chesterfield County and increases in both development and traffic. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Next in line for drivers is the signalized intersection with SR 652 (Old Hundred Road) south. Photo taken 12/21/08.
SR 652 (Old Hundred Road) curves southeast from U.S. 60 (Midlothian Turnpike) to become the eastbound beginning of SR 76 (Powhite Parkway) at SR 754 (Charter Colony Parkway). Photo taken 12/21/08.
Hugenot Springs Road carries the designation of SR 607 northward from U.S. 60 to SR 711 (Hugenot Trail). Photo taken 12/21/08.
Amid a sea of commercial sprawl associated with Westchester Commons, U.S. 60 (Midlothian Turnpike) approaches the cloverleaf interchange with SR 288. SR 288 constitutes a 30.2-mile bypass of Richmond between Interstate 64 near Short Pump and Interstate 95 near Chester. The bypass route doubles as a commuter corridor for growing suburban areas of Chesterfield County. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Passing over SR 288, U.S. 60 meets the northbound loop rampto Interstate 64 west of Interstate 295. Photo taken 12/21/08.
East of the split with SR 33, U.S. 60 (Pocahontas Trail) continues along a four-lane divided highway to Brook Boulevard (SR 1201). Photo taken 06/25/10.
Longview Drive (SR 1208) follows as the second entrance road to The Brookwoods Golf Club and neighborhood from U.S. 60 east. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Forest Drive (SR 1213) is the next secondary route protruding northward from U.S. 60 (Pocahontas Trail) into leafy subdivisions. Photo taken 06/25/10.
A weigh restriction prohibits the heaviest of trucks from using U.S. 60 east through New Kent County. A reassurance marker posted after Forest Drive includes the limits imposed on commercial vehicles. Photo taken 06/25/10.
SR 1232 spurs north along Magnolia Woods Lane into the entrance of The Woods at Five Lakes subdivision from U.S. 60 east. Photo taken 06/25/10.
The roadways of U.S. 60 (Pocahontas Trail) separate ahead of Crumps Swamp. Dense forest lines both sides of U.S. 60 east, obscuring the westbound direction from view. Photo taken 06/25/10.
East of Crumps Swamp, U.S. 60 remains separated by Toe Ink Wayside to Toe Ink Swamp. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Eastbound U.S. 60 approaches SR 640 (Old Roxbury Road) north to SR 612 (Airport Road) east to New Kent County Airport. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Old Roxbury Road heads north from U.S. 60 as the divided highway crosses Toe Ink Swamp. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Just east of Toe Ink Swamp is the signalized intersection of U.S. 60 (Pocahontas Trail) and SR 106. SR 106 totals 29.5 miles in length from Petersburg northeast to SR 249 at Talleysville. Photo taken 06/25/10.
SR 106 (Emmaus Church Road) winds eastward three miles to a diamond interchange (Exit 211) with Interstate 64. Southwest, the state route follows Roxbury Road across Chickahominy River into Charles City County and Roxbury. Photo taken 06/25/10.
A wye interchange with U.S. 60 (Ocean View Avenue) lies at the northern end of SR 168 (Tidewater Drive). U.S. 60 on the Willoughby Spit, and SR 168 (Tidewater Drive) from Ocean View Avenue to SR 170 (Little Creek Road), were four-laned in support of the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel crossing. These improvements were completed temporally around 1957 / 1958.1 Photo taken 04/13/01.
Older style Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel guide sign on U.S. 60 (Shore Drive) eastbound at Windward Lane. A diamond interchange provides the junction between U.S. 60 and U.S. 13 (Northampton Boulevard). The 16 mile bridge over the mouth of the Chesapeake begins just north of Shore Drive. Photo taken 04/13/01.
U.S. 60 (Shore Drive) eastbound at the U.S. 13 southbound (Northhampton Boulevard) on-ramp. Northampton Boulevard provides a six-lane expressway from Shore Drive to Diamond Springs Road and then an eight-lane arterial from there to Interstate 64.3 To the left is the U.S. 13 northbound on-ramp for the Virginia Eastern Shore. All passenger vehicles utilizing the tolled facility are levied a $10.00 toll. Photo taken 04/13/01.
The final eastbound reassurance shield at present for U.S. 60 is posted on Pacific Avenue southbound at 45th Street.2 Photo taken 04/13/01.

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