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U.S. 61 North
Traffic from Interstate 110 north merges onto U.S. 61 (Scenic Highway) ahead of the traffic light with Blount Road. Blount Road links Scenic Highway with northern reaches of the Scotlandville street grid to the west and connects with Louisiana 19 (Scotland Baker Road) to the east. Photo taken 01/05/09.
U.S. 61 exits the city of Baton Rouge north of Blount Road and bisects an industrial area to the split with Louisiana 964. Thomas Road meets Scenic Highway at a set of flasher, west of the intersection with Louisiana 19 and 423 near Baker. Photo taken 01/05/09.
Unincorporated Alsen lies along U.S. 61 north between Thomas Road and LA-964 (Old Scenic Highway). Photo taken 01/05/09.
LA 964 (Old Scenic Highway ) branches north from U.S. 61 (Scenic Highway) at a two-wye interchange. LA 964 loops east from U.S. 61 along the former US 61 alignment through western reaches of Zachary and Plains to East Feliciana Parish. Photo taken 01/05/09.
Louisiana 64 leads west from Zachary to end at U.S. 61 east of Mt. Pleasant. Photo taken 01/05/09.
Louisiana 64 follows Mt. Pleasant-Zachary Road east to Louisiana 964 (Old Scenic Highway) in Zachary and Church Street from there to the city center. LA-64 is a 23.7-mile highway arcing southeast to Deerford, Greenwell Springs and northern reaches of Denham Springs. Photo taken 01/05/09.
U.S. 61 and the parallel Kansas City Southern Railroad line proceed northwest to Bonn from LA-64. Photo taken 01/05/09.
Louisiana 3113 east meets U.S. 61 next from Port Hudson Cemetery Road. Photo taken 01/05/09.
LA-3113 spurs west 1.91 miles to Port Hudson National Cemetery. Photo taken 01/05/09.
Reassurance marker for U.S. 61 posted north of Louisiana 3113 at Bonn. Photo taken 01/05/09.
A shield for U.S. 61 follows the intersection of Port Hudson-Plains Road near Port Hudson. The east-west road was originally a part of Louisiana 3004. Photo taken 01/05/09.
Northbound travelers enter East Feliciana Parish just ahead of Foster Creek on U.S. 61. Photo taken 01/05/09.
The south end of Louisiana 68 ties into U.S. 61 just north of the East Baton Rouge Parish line. LA-68 angles northeast 19.4 miles to Louisiana 19 at Wilson. Photo taken 01/05/09.
Louisiana 68 leads north 11.3 miles to Louisiana 10 near Jackson. Photo taken 01/05/09.
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2 photos
Delombre resides north along U.S. 61 between LA-68 and LA-954. A handful of residences and areas of oil tanks appear along the four lane highway on this stretch. Photos taken 01/05/09.
Approaching the south end of Louisiana 954 on U.S. 61 north. Photo taken 01/05/09.
Louisiana 954 provides a cut off to Louisiana 964 east to Lindsay from U.S. 61 north. The state highway totals just 0.99 miles. Photo taken 01/05/09.
An older style shield for U.S. 61 posted ahead of the western curve to Thompson Creek. Photo taken 01/05/09.
Louisiana 964, the former alignment of U.S. 61, returns to U.S. 61 just ahead of Thompson Creek. Photo taken 01/05/09.
An implied overlap with Louisiana 964 carries the state highway west 0.7 miles alongside U.S. 61 north. Photo taken 01/05/09.
U.S. 61 proceeds across Thompson Creek along a pair of bridges built in 1987. Photo taken 01/05/09.
Thompson Creek separates West and East Feliciana Parish from the Mississippi River north to the Magnolia State line. Photo taken 01/05/09.
Louisiana 964 prepares to split with U.S. 61 just west of Thompson Creek. Photo taken 01/05/09.
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2 photos
LA-964 spurs south 3.2 miles to the gate of an industrial plant near Alligator Bayou. The former grade of U.S. 61 from across Thompson Creek merges in from the right. Photo taken 01/05/09. Second photo taken 10/03/03.
Reconstruction of U.S. 61 was underway along much of the four-lane stretch through West Feliciana Parish. This scene looks at Grand Bayou, just past the new intersection with Louisiana 10 west to the 2011-opened John James Audubon Bridge to New Roads. Photo taken 01/05/09.
U.S. 61 reaches Star Hill and the southwest end of Louisiana 966. Photo taken 01/05/09.
Louisiana 966 constitutes a 6.7-mile loop east to Freeland and north to Louisiana 965. Photo taken 01/05/09.
Leaving Star Hill and Louisiana 966, U.S. 61 doubles as Louisiana Scenic Byway. Photo taken 01/05/09.
U.S. 61 sees a traffic light with the access road leading south to the River Bend Entergy plant. Photo taken 01/05/09.
Louisiana 965 travels 7.3 miles northeast from U.S. 61 to Louisiana 10 near Jackson. Photo taken 01/05/09.
LA-965 coincides with U.S. 61 north 0.2 miles before turning south to the Hemingbough cultural arts center, the River Bend Entergy Plant and Powell. Photo taken 01/05/09.
Approaching the city limits of St. Francisville and Louisiana 3057 (Commerce Street) on U.S. 61 north. Photo taken 01/05/09.
Spanning Alexander Creek, U.S. 61 enters the West Feliciana Parish seat. Widening of the US route replaced this bridge with a four-lane undivided span by 2011. Forthcoming LA-3057 doubles as U.S. 61 Business to downtown St. Francisville. Photo taken 01/05/09.
Louisiana 3057 & U.S. 61 Business begin and follow Commerce Street west to Louisiana 1258, the former alignment of Louisiana 10 to the discontinued New Roads-St. Francisville Ferry. Photo taken 01/05/09.
The first four-lane stretch of U.S. 61 at St. Francisville carried the route through the junction with Louisiana 10 and U.S. 61 Business south. Photo taken 01/05/09.
Louisiana 10 originally traveled through St. Francisville to the ferry across the Mississippi River to New Roads. The May 5, 2011 opening of the James Audubon Bridge realigned the state highway to the south, leaving the former route between Bayou Sara and St. Francisville as Louisiana 1263. Photo taken 01/05/09.
An implied overlap with Louisiana 10 from the new alignment near Star Hill concludes as the state highway rejoins its original alignment to Jackson, Clinton and Greensburg. Photo taken 01/05/09.
Continuing north from Louisiana 10 and St. Francisville, widening continued to Bains. Photo taken 01/05/09.
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Louisiana 3057 (Commerce Street) returns to and ends at U.S. 61 on the north side of St. Francisville. Photos taken 01/05/09.
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2 photos
Heading out from St. Francisville, U.S. 61 next meets Woodville, Mississippi in 24 miles. The control city of Natchez is an hour away. Photos taken 01/05/09.
U.S. 61 meets the south end of Louisiana 66 at Bains. Photo taken 01/05/09.
Louisiana 66 stems 20 miles northwest from U.S. 61 to Flower Hill, Weyanoke, Tunica and an end at the Louisiana State Penitentiary gate at Angola. Photo taken 01/05/09.
U.S. 61 expanded into a divided highway north from Louisiana 66 to Natchez, Mississippi. Now the entire drive between Baton Rouge and Mississippi carries four overall lanes. Photo taken 01/05/09.
Louisiana 421 meets U.S. 61 at Wakefield. Photo taken 01/05/09.
A 15.72-mile loop. LA-421 ventures northeast to Alice and Spillman, meeting LA-967 before turning south through Rogillioville to LA-10 outside Jackson. Photo taken 01/05/09.
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3 photos
3 photos
The final eight miles of U.S. 61 in Louisiana travel through mostly undeveloped forest land and meadows. Old alignments of U.S. 61 loop through Laurel Hill and west near Lake Rosemound along the stretch. Photos taken 01/05/09.
U.S. 61 enters Wilkinson County, Mississippi eight miles south of Woodville. Photo taken 01/05/09.

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    10/03/03 by AARoads and Carter Buchanan. 01/05/09 by AARoads.

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