U.S. 64 travels between Teec Nos Pos, in the Navajo Nation, and the New Mexico State Line. While U.S. 64 is a 2,326 mile route, only four miles exist inside the state.

U.S. 64 was signed as Arizona 64 from 1963 to 1966, and Arizona 504 from 1966 to 1989, when the route was renumbered to U.S. 64. The route number was unusual for Arizona standards - it was numbered to match New Mexico route 504, which was far longer.

U.S. 64 East
U.S. Highway 64 begins at U.S. Highway 160 in Teec Nos Pos. This is the first eastbound shield. 08/08/07
Distance sign to the Arizona State Line and Shiprock, NM. 08/08/07
A short four miles after Teec Nos Pos, U.S. Highway 64 enters New Mexico here. 06/10/07
U.S. 64 West
Approaching U.S. 160, travelers can continue west to reach Kayenta, or turn right to take U.S. 160 toward Cortez or Four Corners Monument. 08/08/07
U.S. 64 ends its trek here in the Navajo Nation. Travelers can turn either direction on U.S. Highway 160 to continue their travels. 08/08/07

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06/10/07, 08/08/07 by Kevin Trinkle

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