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U.S. 64 Bypass East
U.S. 64 splits into a business and bypass separation through the Clay County seat of Hayesville. The bypass travels one mile to the south along a commercialized arterial while the business loop serves downtown. This shield assembly follows the north end of NC 69. Photo taken 07/09/10.
U.S. 64 East
U.S. 178 shield assembly posted on U.S. 64 eastbound near the town of Rosman in Transylvania County. The forthcoming intersection represents the northern terminus of U.S. 178, a two-state US highway between Rosman and Ridgeville, South Carolina. Photo taken 07/23/04.
U.S. 64 eastbound at the southbound beginning of U.S. 178 near Rosman. U.S. 178 snakes its way southward six miles to the state line near Rocky Bottom. The US highway reaches Pickens, South Carolina in 25 miles. Photo taken 07/23/04.
Ascending away from the north end of U.S. 178 on U.S. 64 eastbound. U.S. 64 continues a short distance to the community of Cherryfield along the eastern edge of the Pisgah National Forest. Photo taken 07/23/04.
More of the Appalachian Mountains unfold as U.S. 64 eastbound continues northeast toward the Transylvania County seat of Brevard. Photo taken 07/23/04.
Eastbound reassurance shield posted at Cherryfield after the intersection with SR-1388 (Old U.S. 64). U.S. 64 once traveled south into Rosman and than northeast to Cherryfield. U.S. 64 widens ahead into a four-lane divided highway on the six mile drive to Brevard. Photo taken 07/23/04.
A look at the four-lane highway for U.S. 64 northeast of Cherryfield. Photo taken 07/23/04.
Once in the town of Brevard, U.S. 64 eastbound splits into a mainline and truck route component. U.S. 64 Truck follows Caldwell Street one block to the west of the U.S. 64 mainline along Broad Street. Photo taken 07/23/04.
U.S. 64 turns north from Rosman Highway onto Broad Street at Country Club Drive toward Downtown Brevard. Photo taken 07/23/04.
U.S. 64 reassurance shield posted on Broad Street north after Miner Street. Photo taken 07/23/04.
Entering Downtown Brevard at the signalized intersection with Jordan Street on U.S. 64 (Broad Street) eastbound. U.S. 276 (Main Street) intersects Broad Street in one block. Photo taken 07/23/04.
U.S. 64 east / U.S. 276 west merge from Main Street northward out of Downtown Brevard. The two routes continue three miles to split at NC 280. U.S. 276 then turns northwest to Waynesville as U.S. 64 continues east to Hendersonville. Photo taken 07/23/04.
U.S. 276 travels 11 miles east from Broad and Main Streets in Brevard to Cedar Mountain and 16 miles to Caesars Head, South Carolina. Like U.S. 178, U.S. 276 is a Carolina only route linking Greenville, South Carolina with Cove Creek, North Carolina. Photo taken 07/23/04.

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    07/23/04 by AARoads. 07/09/10 by AARoads and Carter Buchanan.

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