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U.S. 64 West
Descending from Black Gap, U.S. 64 travels alongside Black Branch and Hogan Ridge in this scene. Photo taken 07/09/10.
U.S. 64 begins to encircle Riley Knob of Chunky Gal Mountain at this curve. Photo taken 07/09/10.
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U.S. 64 makes a 180 degree curve through Glade Gap to traverse Chunky Gal Mountain. Photos taken 07/09/10.
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Facing southeast, U.S. 64 lowers from Glade Gap to the Shooting Creek valley. The Blue Ridge Mountains again appear. Photos taken 07/09/10.
A scenic overlook precedes the intersection with Old Highway 64 (SR 1349). Photo taken 07/09/10.
U.S. 64 follows a mid-1970s alignment from Chunky Gal Mountain southwest by Little Mountain. Old Highway 64 (SR 1349) ventures west from just ahead and follows a crooked route to the north by Springhouse Ridge. Photo taken 07/09/10.
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A final sweeping curve brings U.S. 64 westerly again from Jake Ridge west to the northern reach of Little Mountain. Photos taken 07/09/10.
U.S. 64 straightens out at Shooting Creek valley. A swath of farm land opens to the north between Little Mountain and Chunky Gal Mountain. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Westbound U.S. 64 on the drive by the community of Shooting Creek. Photo taken 07/09/10.
NC 175, a 4.2-mile route along the eastern periphery of Chatuge Lake, ends at Elf and U.S. 64. Photo taken 07/09/10.
NC 175 becomes Georgia 75 en route to Hiawassee and U.S. 76. Georgia 75 extends 33.5 miles south from the North Carolina state line to U.S. 129 at Cleveland, providing part of a route to Atlanta. Photo taken 07/09/10.
U.S. 64 straddles Chambers Cove on the northern fringes of Chatuge Lake. Photo taken 07/09/10.
U.S. 64 expands into a five-lane arterial and spans the Hiwassee River on the approach to Hayesville. Photo taken 07/09/10.
The first traffic light in 35 miles on U.S. 64 west exists at Myers Chapel Road on the south side of Hayesville. Myers Chapel Road becomes Anderson Street north into town and otherwise loops southwest to Clay County Park and NC 69. Photo taken 07/09/10.
U.S. 64 next partitions into U.S. 64 Bypass, the through route south of Hayesville, and U.S. 64 Business, the older loop into downtown. Following the split, U.S. 64 Bypass meets NC 69. Photo taken 07/09/10.
NC 69 stretches 3.9 miles between the Georgia state line and U.S. 64 Business in downtown Hayesville. The state highway becomes Georgia 17, a 293-mile route southeast to Bloomingdale outside Savannah. Photo taken 07/09/10.
U.S. 64 Business and U.S. 64 Bypass combine 0.6 miles west of NC 69. Shortly there after, U.S. 64 again parts ways with its 1950s alignment, which loops south to Warne and west to Brasstown. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Westbound motorists on U.S. 64 enter Cherokee County at the second crossing of the Hiwassee River. This scene looks west at Mission Road, just beyond the county line. Photo taken 07/09/10.
A December 2009-completed realignment shifts U.S. 64 onto a more direct route to Murphy starting from just east of NC 141. NC 141 was slightly extended south over Old Highway 64 to the new alignment. The state highway constitutes an 8.8-mile route northeast to U.S. 19-74-129 at Marble. Photo taken 07/09/10.
A mileage sign posted on the new stretch of U.S. 64 lists Murphy as 4 1/2 miles out. Normally fractions are not used on destination signs such as this... Photo taken 07/09/10.
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U.S. 64 crosses the Hiwassee River for a third time on the William J. Wells Bridge, just west of NC 141. Photos taken 07/09/10.
West of an at-grade intersection with Harshaw Place, U.S. 64 crosses Harshaw Road. Harshaw Road parallels the new U.S. 64 but never intersects it directly. Photo taken 07/09/10.
U.S. 64 spans Harshaw Road a second time as it enters the city limits of Murphy. An connector road joins the two-lane expressway with Martins Creek Road nearby which intersects Harshaw Road below. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Crossing the Hiwassee River for a fourth time, U.S. 64 rejoins its original path. The old alignment generally lines the north banks of the river east to NC 141. It is signed as US 64 Alt. Photo taken 07/09/10.
U.S. 64 next meets U.S. 19 Bypass-74-129 and Peachtree Street north. Peachtree Street leads directly into downtown Murphy while U.S. 19 Bypass-74-129 follow a four-lane bypass to the east. Photo taken 07/09/10.
U.S. 19 & 129 north & 74 east continue 17 miles to Andrews and 26 miles to Topton, where U.S. 129 turns northwest to Knoxville, Tennessee. U.S. 19 north & 74 east continue to Nantahala Gorge and Bryson City. Photo taken 07/09/10.
U.S. 64 combines with U.S. 74 west to Cleveland, Tennessee. U.S. 19 & 129 follow the pair seven miles southwest before turning southeast to Blairsville, Georgia. Photo taken 07/09/10.
U.S. 19 U.S. 129 South U.S. 64 U.S. 74 West
The Murphy business loop of U.S. 19 rejoins U.S. 19 from Hiawassee Street, just west of the U.S. 19-64-74-129 crossing of the Hiwassee River. SR-1556 ties in from Martins Creek to the south. Photo taken 07/09/10.
U.S. 19 & 129 branch southeast from U.S. 64/74 for a 3.8-mile exit of the state at Bellview. U.S. 19 & 129 remain paired for another 35.7 miles to Turners Corner, GA, where U.S. 129 heads east to Gainesville and U.S. 19 south to Dahlonega. Photo taken 07/09/10.
U.S. 64 U.S. 74 West
Four lanes of U.S. 64/74 continue along the south side of Stockcade Mountain toward the settlement of Ranger. Photo taken 07/09/10.
NC 60 begins and splits from U.S. 64/74 west for Culberson and Mineral Bluff, Georgia next. The state highway carries five lanes overall on a five-mile trek to the state line where it becomes Georgia 60 Spur. Photo taken 07/09/10.
U.S. 64/74 reassurance markers posted beyond NC 60. The tandem span the Notteley River ahead. Photo taken 07/09/10.

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