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U.S. 67 North
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3 photos
3 photos
Continuing north from the Illinois state line along the Centennial Bridge. Pedestrian walkways line both sides of the four-lane span as the steel arch bridge links Rock Island, IL and Downtown Davenport, IA. Photo taken 05/29/11. Second photo taken 03/25/16. Third photo taken 03/25/16.
U.S. 67 lowers from the Centennial Bridge onto Gaines Street, where the northbound route turns east onto 2nd Street to meet U.S. 61 Business on West River Drive. Photo taken 03/25/16.
Downtown Davenport occupies a low lying area adjacent to the west (north) banks of the Mississippi River. The residential street grid commences north of 5th Street on a forested hill. Photo taken 03/25/16.
Gaines Street leads north from the Centennial Bridge to Central Park Avenue as U.S. 67 turns east onto 2nd Street. Photo taken 03/25/16.
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2 photos
Gaines Street leads north from the Centennial Bridge to Central Park Avenue as U.S. 67 turns east onto 2nd Street.
The U.S. 67 marker at West 2nd Street was removed by 2015. Photo taken 05/29/11. Second photo taken 03/25/16.
2nd Street carries U.S. 67 one block east to Western Avenue. Photo taken 05/29/11.
Eastbound 2nd Street at Western Avenue, which leads U.S. 67 east one block south to West River Drive. Photo taken 05/29/11.
Facing south, U.S. 67 east joins U.S. 61 Business along West River Drive. U.S. 61 Business follows West River Drive to Iowa 22 in southwest Davenport. Photo taken 05/29/11.
U.S. 61 Business U.S. 67 North
Northbound U.S. 67 combines with U.S. 61 Business (River Drive) for a five block overlap east from Western Avenue. These confirming markers for both routes precede Scott Street. Photo taken 05/29/18.
U.S. 61 Business & 67 north intersect Ripley Street by Eastern Iowa Community College and LeClaire Park. U.S. 61 Business was designated in 2010 as the U.S. 61 mainline shifted to bypass Davenport via Interstates 280 and 80. Sign changes were made by September 2011. Photo taken 05/29/18.
Harrison Street carries U.S. 61 Business southbound from Welcome Way near Northpark Mall. U.S. 61 Business north follows Brady Street to the east, which includes the low clearance (11 feet 8 inches) Iowa Interstate Railroad bridge at 5th Street. Photo taken 05/29/18.
Main Street separates Harrison and Brady Streets (U.S. 61 Business) through Downtown. Photo taken 05/29/18.
An enclosed pedestrian bridge spans East River Drive to LeClaire Park, where the Rhythm City Casino was previously docked on the Mississippi River, as U.S. 61 Business prepares to turn northward onto Brady Street. Photo taken 05/29/18.
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2 photos
U.S. 61 Business leaves U.S. 67 northbound for Brady Street north to Interstate 80, where U.S. 61 takes over en route to Eldridge and De Witt. Photos taken 05/29/18.
U.S. 67 North
Perry Street connects U.S. 67 (East River Drive) with 2nd Street and the RiverCenter to the north. Photo taken 05/29/18.
U.S. 67 links Downtown Davenport with Interstate 74, three miles to the east at Bettendorf. Trailblazers line East River Drive to direct motorists to the freeway. Photo taken 05/29/18.
The Government Bridge comes into view and crosses over U.S. 67 between Iowa and 3rd Streets. The dual railroad / automobile crossing was built in 1896 with two decks. The lower deck carries vehicular traffic while the upper deck supports the rail line. The span links Davenport with the Rock Island Arsenal and the Mississippi River Visitors Center. Photo taken 05/29/18.
There is no direct access between U.S. 67 and the Government Bridge. The bridge ends at 2nd and Leclaire Streets adjacent to East River Drive, with a direct ramp from westbound. Iowa Street connects eastbound U.S. 67 with the bridge via 2nd Street. Photo taken 05/29/11.
Passing under the Government Bridge, the pedestrian walkway along the span comes into view. Photo taken 05/29/18.
U.S. 67 turns more northward with the course of the Mississippi River and intersects the end of East 3rd Street. Photo taken 05/29/18.
East River Drive intersects Tremont Avenue, which leads north from an industrial area on the river to East 10th Street. Photo taken 05/29/18.
Reassurance marker for U.S. 67 north posted after Carey Avenue. Photo taken 05/29/18.
Back to back signals lie at Oneida and Bridge Avenues next on U.S. 67 north. The two form a couplet north to East 12th Street, with Bridge Avenue carrying two-way traffic from there to Locust Street. Photo taken 05/29/18.
A DME Railroad line crosses over U.S. 67 on this pony truss bridge just ahead of Mound Street. Photo taken 05/29/18.
Mound Street leads north from a wharf on the Mississippi River and East River Drive to East 13th Street. Photo taken 05/29/18.
Reassurance marker posted after Mound Street and by Lindsay Park on East River Drive. Photo taken 05/29/18.
Milepost 3 for U.S. 67 precedes the intersection with McCellan Boulevard north and River Street west beyond Lindsay Park. Photo taken 05/29/18.
U.S. 67 enters the city of Bettendorf at Greenwood Avenue along East River Drive. Photo taken 05/29/18.
The Iowa-Illinois Memorial Bridge (Interstate 74 & U.S. 6) comes into view as U.S. 67 lines the west banks of the Mississippi River after the Davenport city line. Photo taken 05/29/18.
U.S. 67 splits into the one-way couplet of State Street (north) and Grant Street (south) at 6th Street. Photo taken 05/29/11.
2 photos
2 photos
Northbound shields posted for U.S. 67 between 6th and 8th Streets on State Street. Photo taken 05/29/11. Second photo taken 03/12/17.
Northbound U.S. 67 was realigned from State Street onto an S-curve to combine with southbound along Grant Street in 2017. Photo taken 03/12/17.
Traffic to Interstate 74 & U.S. 6 from U.S. 67 (State Street) north partitions, with the westbound ramp located 0.2 miles north of Grant Street via 14th Street. Photo taken 03/12/17.
State Street branches east from U.S. 67 to connect with Interstate 74 & U.S. 6 east across the Iowa-Illinois Memorial Bridge into Moline. Photo taken 03/12/17.
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2 photos
State Street east intersects 12th Street ahead of the on-ramp for Interstate 74 & U.S. 6 east to Quad City International Airport (MLI). State Street beyond 13th Street was demolished to make way for construction of the new I-74 bridge. Photos taken 03/12/17.
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2 photos
U.S. 67 shifts onto Grant Street east between 10th and 12th Streets and continues toward the westbound on-ramp for I-74 & U.S. 6. Photos taken 05/29/18.
13th Street south was realigned to intersect U.S. 67 at the six-lane section of Grant Street. 12th Street extends south to industrial businesses by the Mississippi River and Leach Park. Photo taken 05/29/18.
Grant Street carries two-way traffic between 12th and 16th Streets, linking U.S. 67 with 14th Street and ramps to Interstate 74 & U.S. 6. Photo taken 05/29/18.
14th Street extends north from the ensuing traffic light, connecting U.S. 67 with Kimberly Road and I-74 & U.S. 6 west. Photo taken 05/29/18.
Grant Street passes under the north end of the Iowa-Illinois Memorial Bridge approach and intersects 14th Street and the westbound off-ramp from I-74. The new I-74 Bridge will cross over U.S. 67 here. Photo taken 03/12/17.
Separating from Grant Street, U.S. 67 northbound navigates along an S-curve to rejoin State Street beyond 16th Street in Downtown Bettendorf. Several buildings were razed on this block to make way for the new alignment of U.S. 67 in 2016-17. Photo taken 03/12/17.
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2 photos
The realignment of U.S. 67 concludes at George Theuenen Drive south and 17th Street north. George Theuene Drive elevates over the adjacent DME Railroad line to connect State Street with the Mississippi Riverfront and Isle Casino. Photos taken 05/23/18.
18th Street comprises a through route from Downtown Bettendorf north to Middle Road and 53rd Avenue in northern reaches of the city. Photo taken 05/29/11.
A pair of reassurance markers for U.S. 67 appear along State Street east of 19th Street by the Waterfront Convention Center. Photo taken 03/12/17.
U.S. 67 passes through the city of Riverdale by ALCOA's aluminum rolling mill before reentering Bettendorf at Fenno Road. This view looks at a reassurance marker posted after Shoreline Drive. Photo taken 05/28/11.
The five-lane arterial of U.S. 67 remains in low lying area to Pleasant Valley. Photo taken 05/28/11.
An emergency detour trailblazer for Interstate 80 posted ahead of Spencer Creek on U.S. 67 (Great River Road). U.S. 67 east to Le Claire doubles as an emergency detour for I-80 during times of road closure due to snow or other events. Photo taken 05/28/11.
A second U.S. 67 shield follows between Spencer Road and 249th Avenue. 249th Avenue links Great River Road with parallel East Valley Drive. SE 182nd Street follows to the Mississippi River Project office and Locks & Dam 14 Recreation Area. Photo taken 05/28/11.
A short distance further east, U.S. 67 enters the city of Le Claire with a name change to South Cody Road. Photo taken 05/28/11.
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3 photos
3 photos
Interstate 80 and U.S. 67 meet at a folded diamond interchange, 1.3 miles east of the city line. Photos taken 05/28/18.
Interstate 80 crosses the Mississippi River from Le Claire south to East Moline and Colona before turning east at the Big X interchange with I-74/280 toward Chicago. Photo taken 05/28/18.
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3 photos
3 photos
West from Le Claire, Interstate 80 skirts northern reaches of Bettendorf and Davenport on the 175-mile trek to Des Moines. Photos taken 05/28/18.
The divided section of U.S. 67 (South Cody Road) concludes at Eagle Ridge Road east of Interstate 80. Photo taken 05/28/18.
Eagle Ridge Road connects U.S. 67 with an array of traveler services to the north and additional businesses along the Mississippi Riverfront on Canal Shore Drive. Photo taken 05/28/18.


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