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U.S. 67 South
U.S. 67 (Great River Road) emerges from the Wapsipinicon River area to lead due south across more open farm land. Photo taken 12/21/09.
Scott County F33 (Bluff Road) ends at U.S. 67 (Great River Road) where the route turns east toward the Mississippi River and Princeton. Photo taken 12/21/09.
Bluff Road (CR F33) lines the hills south of the Wapsipinicon River valley to Scott County Z30 (240th Avenue), which leads north to McCausland. Bluff Road otherwise continues west to 230th Avenue at the Buffalo Bill Cody Homestead. Photo taken 12/21/09.
U.S. 67 southbound passes by a rural subdivision after 278th Avenue. Photo taken 12/21/09.
Entering the city or Princeton, which had a population of 886 per the 2010 census, on U.S. 67 (Great River Road) south. Photo taken 12/21/09.
Scott County Road F45 (Lost Grove Road) spurs west from U.S. 67 (Great River Road) in Princeton, 4.8 miles to County Road Z30. Photo taken 12/21/09.
An Iowa, Chicago and Eastern Railroad train heads north through Princeton as U.S. 67 leaves the intersection with County Road F45 (Lost Grove Road) in Princeton. Photo taken 12/21/09.
Nearing the south end of the Princeton street grid on U.S. 67 after Chestnut Street. Photo taken 12/21/09.
U.S. 67 emerges from Princeton directly along side the Mississippi River. Photo taken 12/21/09.
The city of Le Claire is five miles south of Princeton, followed by Bettendorf (14 miles) and Davenport (19 miles). Photo taken 12/21/09.
South of 235th Street on U.S. 67 (Great River Road). Photo taken 12/21/09.
U.S. 67 again lines the Mississippi River opposite Port Byron, Illinois. Photo taken 12/21/09.
U.S. 67 (Great River Road) formally enters the city of Le Claire ahead of Territorial Road (County Road F51). Photo taken 12/21/09.
Scott County F51 straddles northern reaches of the Le Claire city line en route to County Road Z30 at Argo. Photo taken 12/21/09.
Cody Road, named for Buffalo Bill Cody, carries U.S. 67 south through Le Claire. Photo taken 12/21/09.
U.S. 67 (South Cody Road) expands into a four-lane divided highway ahead of Eagle Ridge Road. Eagle Ridge Road serves a business park. Photo taken 12/21/09.
A folded diamond interchange joins the north end of the Mississippi River bridge along Interstate 80 with U.S. 67 at Le Claire. Photo taken 05/28/18.
Interstate 80 curves west from U.S. 67 at Le Claire to skirt northern areas of both Bettendorf and Davenport. The freeway continues west from the Quad Cities on a 175-mile course to Des Moines. Photo taken 05/28/18.
U.S. 67 passes under Interstate 80 ahead of the loop ramp onto the eastbound freeway to East Moline, Colona and Interstate 74 east to Peoria. Photo taken 05/28/18.
Travelers bound for Interstate 80 west leave U.S. 67 (Cody Road) south. Interstate 80 next meets Middle Road in five miles and the west end of Interstate 74 in eight miles. Photo taken 05/28/18.
Most signs at the exchange linking U.S. 67 with I-80 were replaced by 2013. This included replacing guide signs to use Clearview font. Photo taken 05/28/11.
Signs for Interstate 80 east use Chicago, which may be accessed by either Interstate 88 east from the Quad Cities or I-80 east to I-55 north at Joliet, Illinois. Photo taken 05/28/18.
Drivers loop away from U.S. 67 south to I-80 east for Rapids City, East Moline and Colona, Illinois. Photo taken 05/28/18.
U.S. 67 reduces from a four-lane divided highway into a five-lane arterial west from Interstate 80. Photo taken 05/28/11.
The US route doubles as an emergency detour for I-80 east. Photo taken 04/08/13.
U.S. 67 southbound at 249th Avenue, a short connector between Great River Road and Valley Drive. Valley Drive parallels Great River Road along the bluff above U.S. 67 as the former alignment of both U.S. 67 and later Iowa 417. Photo taken 05/28/11.
Leaving Pleasant Valley, U.S. 67 enters eastern reaches of the Bettendorf city limits for a 1.9 mile stretch to Riverdale. Photo taken 04/08/13.
The city of Riverdale separates the two portions of Bettendorf. U.S. 67 reenters the fourth of the Quad Cities at Bellingham Street. Photo taken 05/28/11.
Industrial frontage continues to dominate the south side of U.S. 67 to the split of Grant and State Streets. Photo taken 05/28/11.
U.S. 67 south splits with north for Grant Street west between 26th and 6th Streets in downtown Bettendorf. Photo taken 05/28/11.
Shield assembly posted for U.S. 67 on the curve away from State Street on Grant Street west. U.S. 67 shifted to a one-way couplet on October 19, 1973 through Bettendorf.1 Photo taken 05/28/11.
Grant Street westbound between 22nd and 21st Streets ahead of Downtown Bettendorf. Photo taken 03/12/17.
21st Street heads south one block to State Street and the Waterfront Convention Center parking lot and north to Lincoln Road by Edgewood Park. Photo taken 03/12/17.
18th Street stems north from State Street (U.S. 67 north) as one of the main through routes in Bettendorf. Photo taken 03/12/17.
Construction in 2016-17 expanded Grant Street into a six-lane arterial, shifting U.S. 67 northbound to run along side southbound between 16th and 12th Streets. Photo taken 03/12/17.
U.S. 67 (Grant Street) meets the north end of the Iowa-Illinois Memorial Bridge (Interstate 74 & U.S. 6) on the west side of Downtown Bettendorf. Photo taken 05/27/18.
14th Street connects U.S. 67 (Grant Street) with Interstate 74 & U.S. 6 west via Kimberly Road and its on-ramp to the north. Photo taken 05/27/18.
Exit 1 lowers from I-74 & U.S. 6 west to intersect U.S. 67 (Grant Street) at 14th Street. The new Mississippi River Bridge will pass directly overhead at this location. A diamond interchange will replace the ramps from I-74 to Kimberly Road. Photo taken 03/12/17.
A loop ramp links Grant Street west with Interstate 74 & U.S. 6 east directly. I-74 & U.S. 6 overlap south through Moline to Quad City International Airport (MLI). Photo taken 03/12/17.
Road work in 2016-17 realigned 13th Street westward to intersect U.S. 67 (Grant Street) at 12th Street south. Grant Street resumes as a one-way street westbound beyond this signal. Photo taken 03/12/17.
Grant Street becomes a residential thoroughfare west from 12th Street. A pair of shields stand along Grant Street at 10th Street, which leads north from State Street to Mississippi Boulevard. Photo taken 03/12/17.
U.S. 67 south separates with Grant Street just west of 8th Street. Grant Street extends west as a local street to Greenwood Avenue. Photo taken 03/12/17.
U.S. 67 shifts southward along River Drive to 6th Street. Two-way traffic ensues from there west into Davenport. Photo taken 03/12/17.
River Drive constitutes a four-lane arterial route along the west (north) banks of the Mississippi River. The highway is prone to flooding during regional periods of heavy rain. Photo taken 05/08/10.
U.S. 67 enters the Davenport city limits west of Greenwood Avenue. A reassurance shield follows on the curve beyond Forest Road. Photo taken 05/08/10.
2 photos
2 photos
U.S. 67 diverges from the Mississippi Riverfront to intersect Mound Street north of a wharf. Mound Street travels three blocks north to East 13th Street. Photo taken 05/08/10. Second photo taken 04/06/13.
A pony truss bridge carries a CP Systems Railroad above U.S. 67 beyond Mound Street. Photo taken 04/06/13.
A number of residential streets tie into the north side of East River Drive ahead of the U.S. 67 approach to Downtown Davenport. Photo taken 04/06/13.
Bridge Avenue flows north from U.S. 67 adjacent to Oneida Avenue south to 12th Street. Traffic lights govern the movements between both streets and River Drive. Photo taken 05/08/10.
Tremont Avenue heads south from East 10th Street to end at River Drive at this signal. Photo taken 05/08/10.
2 photos
2 photos
U.S. 67 meets several numbered streets on the southward approach to the Davenport Riverfront. East 3rd Street branches west from River Drive ahead of the Government Bridge into the business district. Photo taken 04/06/13. Second photo taken 05/08/10.
A ramp splits from U.S. 67 (East River Drive) south for the Government Bridge at Leclaire Street. The dual deck truss bridge links Davenport with the Rock Island Arsenal and the Mississippi River Visitors Center. Photo taken 05/08/10.
Passing under the Government Bridge on U.S. 67 south. The dual railroad / automobile crossing was built in 1896. The lower deck carries vehicular and pedestrian traffic while the upper deck supports a rail line. Photo taken 04/06/13.
Perry Street connects U.S. 67 (East River Drive) with the riverboat casino area to the south and 2nd Street and the River Center to the north. Photo taken 05/08/10.
U.S. 67 next meets the northbound direction of U.S. 61 Business (Brady Street). Motorists turning onto Brady Street north are advised of the low clearance (11 feet 8 inches) at the Iowa Interstate Railroad bridge overpass at 5th Street. Photo taken 04/06/13.
U.S. 61 Business partitions with Brady Street carrying the route north to Interstate 80 and a combination of Welcome Way and Harrison Avenue carrying the route south to River Drive. Photo taken 04/06/13.
U.S. 67 (East River Drive) south at U.S. 61 Business (Brady Street) north. An enclosed pedestrian bridge spans East River Drive to the Rhythm City Casino on the Mississippi River in the background. Photo taken 05/09/10.
Main Street separates Harrison and Brady Streets (U.S. 61 Business) through Downtown. A street scaping project was underway along River Drive in 2010 that added a planter median in place of a center turn lane. Photo taken 05/08/10.
West River Drive intersects Harrison Street, where U.S. 61 Business south merges with U.S. 67 for a 0.4-mile overlap. U.S. 61 Business was designated in 2010 when U.S. 61 was relocated from a surface route through Davenport onto Interstates 280 and 80 to bypass the city. Photo taken 05/08/10.
U.S. 61 Business U.S. 67 South
Shields that were posted for U.S. 61 & 67 south after Harrison Street. U.S. 61 Business was signed by September 2011. Photo taken 05/09/10.
Three blocks after their merge, U.S. 61 Business & 67 south intersect Western Avenue. Western Avenue carries U.S. 67 north from the Centennial Bridge onto West River Drive east. Photo taken 05/08/10.
A segment of Gaines Street travels below the Centennial Bridge to Modern Woodmen Park, home of the Quad Cities River Bandits (Class A Minor League Baseball franchise). Photo taken 05/08/10.
U.S. 67 prepares to part ways with U.S. 61 Business and West River Drive for the Centennial Bridge across the Mississippi River. Photo taken 05/08/10.
U.S. 67 follows Brown Street north to a loop ramp onto the Centennial Bridge into Rock Island, Illinois. U.S. 61 Business continues West River Drive to Interstate 280 and U.S. 61 at 140th Street. Photo taken 05/08/10.
U.S. 67 South
Facing north, U.S. 67 leaves Brown Street ahead of 2nd Street for Gaines Street south at the Centennial Bridge. Photo taken 05/28/08.
Gaines Street heads two blocks south from Lafayette Park to become U.S. 67 south across the Centennial Bridge at West 2nd Street. Photo taken 03/25/16.
2 photos
2 photos
U.S. 67 loops onto the Centennial Bridge from adjacent Brown Street while northbound follows West 2nd Street one block east from Gaines Street to Western Avenue. Photos taken 03/25/16.
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
The Centennial Bridge joins Davenport with Downtown Rock Island. The four lane bridge opened to traffic in 1940 and was tolled until 2003. Photos taken 03/25/16.
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
Motorists pass through a series of steel arches across the Mississippi River. Pedestrian walkways accompany both directions of travel. Photos taken 03/25/16.
The state line follows the mid point of the Mississippi River across the Centennial Bridge. A canopy lies just south of the border that was historically used for toll collection. Photo taken 03/25/16.


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