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U.S. 77 Corridor Map

U.S. 77 provides one of the main routes to the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas from points north. The route doubles as the corridor for Interstate 69E north from Brownsville to Kingsville, Corpus Christi, Refugio and Victoria. Beyond U.S. 59 (Future IH 69) and U.S. 87, U.S. 77 turns north to Hallettsville and IH 10 at Schulenburg.

Continuing north from IH 10, U.S. 77 navigates along a less-traveled route between Austin and Bryan-College Station to La Grange, Rockdale and Cameron. The highway converges with IH 35 at Waco, accompanying the freeway north to Hillsboro ahead of the split into IH 35W/E.

Traveling adjacent to IH 35E, U.S. 77 heads through Milford and Italy as a local route to the freeway to Waxahachie. North from Red Oak, U.S. 77 overlaps with IH 35E as an unmarked route through Dallas to Denton. The route emerges from the freeway to connect IH 35E and IH 35 with Downtown Denton, then overlaps with IH 35 again northward for the remainder of the drive to Oklahoma.

U.S. 77 Texas Guides

Several bannered routes are marked for U.S. 77 throughout the Lone Star State. Mileage figures obtained from the TXDOT Highway Designation File (figures may omit overlaps with other routes):

  • U.S. 77 Alternate - 29.14 miles looping west from U.S. 77 between Refugio and Hallettsville.
  • Business U.S. 77-L - 9.72 miles through Waco, Bellmead and Lacy-Lakeview; U.S. 77 overlaps with IH 35 while U.S. 77 Business parallels along a varying arterial and older freeway
  • Business U.S. 77-Q - 2.92 miles from U.S. 77 Alternate through Yoakum along Gonzales, Huck and Irvine Streets
  • Business U.S. 77-S - 7.7 miles through Victoria; U.S. 77 circumvents Victoria along an at-grade belt route along with a section of U.S. 59
  • Business U.S. 77-T - 4.45 miles through Sinton; U.S. 77 bypasses the city along an expressway to the west
  • Business U.S. 77-U - 4.77 miles in Robstown; U.S. 77 runs through east Robstown along side IH 69E
  • Business U.S. 77-V - 13.58 miles between Kingsville and Bishop; U.S. 77 bypasses both cities to the east along future IH 69E
  • Business U.S. 77-W - 14.39 miles north from Sebastian to Lyford and Raymondville; IH 69E & U.S. 77 travel along the east side through all three communities
  • Business U.S. 77-X - 14.93 miles through San Benito, Harlingen and Combes; U.S. 77 Business was designated along the pre-freeway alignment of U.S. 77, which is now IH 69E.
  • Business U.S. 77-Z - 3.89 miles in Brownsville; U.S. 77 Business leads south from U.S. 77 & IH 69E to Downtown and the Mexico border crossing

U.S. 77 Business - Waco

U.S. 77 Business north
Loop 484 northbound traffic merges onto U.S. 77 Business (New Dallas Highway) at East Waco. Just beyond the three-wye interchange with Loop 484 is a slip ramp onto the adjacent frontage road for Orchard Lane. Orchard Lane stems eastward from Lake Brazos Parkway to Loop 340. Photo taken 10/23/07.
Another slip ramp joins the U.S. 77 (New Dallas Highway) east side frontage road beyond Orchard Lane by the Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative complex. The frontage road loops back southward to Webster Avenue at the forthcoming railroad underpass. Photo taken 10/23/07.
U.S. 77 Business (New Dallas Highway) ascends over the Union Pacific Railroad on the approach to IH 35 & U.S. 77. Photo taken 10/23/07.
Connections to IH 35 & U.S. 77 from U.S. 77 Business north use the frontage road system. The freeway leads north 33 miles to split with U.S. 77 in Hillsboro. Austin lies 100 miles to the south along Interstate 35. Photo taken 10/23/07.
Continuing below IH 35 and a flyover ramp to U.S. 77 Business north, New Dallas Highway advances to U.S. 84 (Waco Drive). U.S. 84 constitutes a surface arterial between central Waco and Bellmead, providing connections with SH 31 north to Hubbard and Corsicana. Photo taken 10/23/07.
A slip ramp joins U.S. 77 Business (New Dallas Highway) north with the adjacent frontage road for the Waco Drive frontage roads to U.S. 84. Waco Drive heads southwest across the Brazos River into central Waco and Woodway. U.S. 84 east splits with SH 31 beyond Bellmead in 6.1 miles. Photo taken 10/23/07.
U.S. 77 Business (New Dallas Highway) bends northward from the grade separation with U.S. 84 (Waco Drive) and transitions into an at-grade arterial ahead of Parrish Street in west Bellmead. Photo taken 10/23/07.

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10/23/07 by Justin Cozart

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