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U.S. 78 crosses the northern third of Alabama from Tupelo, Mississippi east to Atlanta, Georgia. The western half of the route doubles as Interstate 22 (Corridor X), which was completed in June 2016 east to I-65 in north Birmingham. U.S. 78 branches from the freeway at Graysville, following a four-lane, divided highway southeast to Adamsville and Forestdale and the city of Birmingham at College Hills.

Through Birmingham, U.S. 78 combines with U.S. 11 along a series of numbered streets and avenues, including one-way couplets at Interstate 65 and from Southside to Avondale to the east of Downtown. Crestwood Boulevard leads the through route east to Irondale, where U.S. 78 starts to parallel Interstate 20.

I-20 and U.S. 78 intertwine east from Birmingham and Irondale to Leeds, Pell City and Oxford. The two separate east from the Anniston area, with U.S. 78 following a more northerly course to Heflin, Fruithurst and Tallapoosa, Georgia.

U.S. 78 Alabama Guides

U.S. 78 scenes
U.S. 78 trailblazer posted along Daniel Payne Drive west at Cherry Avenue. Daniel Payne Avenue travels west from I-65 at Sayreton to U.S. 78, north of Pratt City. 10/20/12
Morgan Road comprises a five-lane roadway connecting Interstate 20 (Exit 188) with U.S. 78 & 431 at Oxford. An access road links the arterial and Jimmy Vinton Drive west with the US route below a viaduct spanning a Norfolk Southern Railroad. 10/03/10
Golden Springs Road becomes Morgan Road south ahead of a viaduct across a Norfolk Southern Railroad line and parallel U.S. 78 & 431. 10/03/10
A short access road connects Morgan Road and Jimmy Vinton Drive west with U.S. 78 & 231. A diamond interchange with Interstate 20 follows. 10/03/10
Jimmy Vinton Drive serves an array of traveler services west of Morgan Road, north of I-20 (Exit 188) and south of U.S. 78/431. Trailblazers for the three routes stand at the intersection with Morgan Road. 06/12/08
SR 118 (old U.S. 78) east
SR 118 follows the original alignment of U.S. 78 east from Interstate 22 to SR 69 in the city of Jasper. The sign assembly here was posted for the then temporary beginning of the Future I-22 freeway around Jasper. 09/25/03
SR 5 (old U.S. 78) west
With the opening of the Jasper area segment of Interstate 22, U.S. 78 and SR 4 were relocated from the Bankhead Highway southward along Industrial Parkway to instead follow the new freeway. This span wire supported sign advised travelers at Knight Road of the forthcoming turn of U.S. 78 south from SR 5 west. 09/25/03
Guide signs directed U.S. 78 and SR 4 west onto Industrial Parkway from SR 5. SR 69 lines the former U.S. 78 alignment west from SR 5 to SR 118 through Jasper. 09/25/03

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