U.S. 82 angles southeast from Columbus, Mississippi to Reform, Tuscaloosa, Centreville and Prattville through western Alabama. An overlap with Interstate 65 leads the route south through Montgomery and South Boulevard, where it joins U.S. 80 east to U.S. 231. Southeast from the capital city, U.S. 82 partitions with U.S. 231 for Union Springs, Midway and Eufaula.

The realignment of U.S. 82 east from Columbus, Mississippi to a point north of Ethelsville, Alabama was approved by AASHTO on June 13, 1992. A 8.20 mile extension of the four-lane highway east from there became part of U.S. 82 per AASHTO on April 22, 1995.

Starting in 1997, construction of a new arterial bypass around the southeast side of Prattville led to the relocation of U.S. 82 east from an overlap with U.S. 31 to Maxwell AFB and South Boulevard in Montgomery. The new 14.93 mile alignment shifted U.S. 82 east onto Interstate 65 from Exits 179 to 168. This relocation was approved by AASHTO on April 8, 2000.

A four-lane bypass to the north of Centreville was completed for U.S. 82 in 2015. The new alignment includes interchanges with SR 5 and SR 25.

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