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Signed as U.S. 89A and legislatively designated as Utah State Route 11, U.S. 89 Alternate extends north from Fredonia, Arizona to connect with U.S. 89 in Kanab. The 2.945 mile long route in Utah joins Kanab with Kanab Municipal Airport (KNB) and U.S. 89A south and then east toward the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Changes were made to emphasize the U.S. 89A designation by 2011.

U.S. 89A Utah State Route 11 North
The Utah welcome sign stands along the state line by milepost 613 for U.S. 89A in Arizona and the Kane County entrance assembly. 05/23/11
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2 photos
The first confirming marker for U.S. 89A northbound. The US route was previously posted in 1991, but resigned as just SR 11 by 2003. A subsequent change made by 2011 restored U.S. 89A in favor of SR 11. 05/23/11, 10/26/03
Approaching Downtown Kanab, U.S. 89A shifts westward onto South 100 a short distance ahead of U.S. 89 (300 South). A city of over 4,000 and the seat of Kane County. Kanab was settled in 1870 and incorporated in 1935. 05/23/11
Forthcoming U.S. 89 travels north from Kanab to Zion National Park, Bryce National Park, Panguitch and Richfield. U.S. 89 south goes to Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area/Lake Powell. 10/24/03
Just ahead of U.S. 89 on U.S. 89A (100 East). U.S. 89 navigates along a stair stepped route through Kanab, overtaking 100 East from U.S. 89A to Center Street for 300 West. 05/23/11
U.S. 89 shield assembly posted ahead of the former end shield for SR 11. 07/31/09
U.S. 89A concludes the 91.8 mile route that started at Bitter Springs, Arizona with this end shield in Kanab. 05/23/11
U.S. 89A Utah State Route 11 South
The first reassurance marker for U.S. 89A stands on the block of 100 East between U.S. 89 (300 South) and 400 South. 05/23/11
A small guide sign previously referenced SR 11 leading south from U.S. 89 to U.S. 89A at the Arizona state line. 10/24/03
This end SR 11 shield was posted at Arizona-Utah State Line south of Kanab. U.S. 89 Alternate continues south toward Fredonia, Jacob Lake, and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. 10/24/03
U.S. 89 Alternate crosses into Arizona through northern reaches of the Fredonia town limits. 10/24/03

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