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U.S. 90 East
The Crosby Freeway previously began at Beltway 8. The two limited access roads meet without high speed ramps. Instead the respective frontage roads join the two highways. Photo taken 08/18/06.
Eastbound along the US 90 frontage road at the entrance ramp beyond Beltway 8. The freeway lanes here opened in 1991. Photo taken 08/18/06.
A diamond interchange joins U.S. 90 (Crosby Freeway) with Miller Road Number 3 at Carpenters Bayou just east of Beltway 8. Photo taken 08/18/06.
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2 photos
The six lane freeway enters the second of three successive diamond interchanges east of Beltway 8 at Miller Road Number 2. Photos taken 08/18/06.
A lane drop occurs along U.S. 90 (Crosby Freeway) eastbound for the exit to Sheldon Road. Photo taken 08/18/06.
Sheldon Road heads south from U.S. 90 to IH 10 at Channelview and north to U.S. 90 Business (Beaumont Highway) at Sheldon. Photo taken 08/18/06.
U.S. 90 elevates across Van Road and a railroad spur eastbound between the Sheldon Road entrance ramp and San Jacinto River. The ensuing stretch traverses areas of wetlands. Photo taken 08/18/06.
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2 photos
The San Jacinto Turnaround is signed as a frontage road exit, despite there being no frontage road system for the Crosby Freeway east of Miller Road Number 1. Photos taken 08/18/06.
U.S. 90 crosses the San Jacinto River here. North of Sheldon and U.S. 90 Business, the river is impounded to form Lake Houston. Photo taken 08/18/06.
Entering the diamond interchange with County Road along U.S. 90 east of Faucet Lake. Barricades block stubs along both ends of County Road, and this exchange otherwise connects to no other road. Photo taken 08/18/06.
Curving northward, U.S. 90 reaches the unincorporated community of Barrett at the split diamond interchange with FM 2000 (Crosby-Lynchburg Road). Photo taken 08/18/06.
FM 2100 travels north through Crosby to FM 1960 in Huffman, then north around Lake Houston. FM 1942 travels east from Barrett to SH 146 at Mont Belvieu. Photo taken 08/18/06.
Beyond FM 2100, U.S. 90 previously alternated between the frontage road system and limited access lanes across Krenek Road. The short section of freeway lanes east of FM 2100 were opened in 2004. The freeway concludes ahead of Lindstrom Road. Photo taken 08/18/06.
Bohemian Hall Road intersects U.S. 90 (Beaumont Highway) 4.5 miles north from FM 1942 east of Croby. Bohemian Road north connects U.S. 90 east with the westbound lanes ahead of the split with Crosby Drayton Road. Photo taken 08/18/06.
U.S. 90 is a four-lane divided highway with a wide median east from Crosby Dayton Road to Cedar Bayou. Photo taken 08/18/06.
The next intersection on the expressway serves Crosby East Gate Road north and Adlong School Road south. Photo taken 08/18/06.
Lord Road stems north from U.S. 90 to a rural residential area. Photo taken 08/18/06.
As U.S. 90 crosses Cedar Bayou, the highway enters Liberty County. Photo taken 08/18/06.
FM 1413 provides a cut off from U.S. 90 east to SH 146 south to Mont Belvieu. The rural highway measures 5.48 miles in length. Photo taken 08/18/06.

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08/18/06 by Kevin Trinkle

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