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U.S. 90 West
A five mile stretch of Historic State Road 1 / Old Brick Road is preserved alongside U.S. 90 from east of State Road 87 to East Milton. A sign posted at the beginning of the old roadway indicates the opening date of the original Spanish Trail. The two-lane roadway is open for hikers and bicyclists and varies in surface from slabs of concrete to red bricks. Photo taken 05/31/04.
U.S. 90 West Florida State Road 87 North
SR 87 north merges with U.S. 90 west for a 4.6-mile overlap between East Milton Road and Stewart Street in Milton. A CSX Railroad line and Old Spanish Trail continue along the north side of the highway. Photo taken 04/09/09.
Approaching Santa Rosa County Road 89 (Ward Basin Road) along U.S. 90 west & SR 87 north in East Milton. Photo taken 04/09/09.
Santa Rosa County Road 89 leads 5.8 miles southeast to the Yellow River through Ward Basin and Pine Bluff. The county road provides a connection between East Milton and Interstate 10 (Exit 28). Photo taken 04/09/09.
U.S. 90 west / SR 87 north elevate over the CSX Railroad and portions of the Old Spanish Trail along a reconstructed bridge. Photo taken 05/13/16.
Built in 2015, the span carrying U.S. 90/SR 87 over Marquis Bayou in East Milton was designed to mirror the slotted design of the concrete railings of its 1937 predecessor.1 Photo taken 05/13/16.
U.S. 90/SR 87 cross the Blackwater River west between Russell Harbor Road and Downtown Milton. Photo taken 05/13/16.
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2 photos
A two lane bridge dumps drivers directly into Downtown Milton. Speed limits are set at only 25 mph across the span. Photos taken 04/09/09.
Willing Street flows northbound from the Santa Rosa County Courthouse along the Blackwater River to the first traffic light along U.S. 90/SR 87 (Caroline Street) west in Milton. Broad Street extends north from Willing Street, doubling as CR 191 to Munson Highway. Photo taken 05/13/16.
Elmira Street intersects U.S. 90/SR 87 (Caroline Street) next, providing access to the Courthouse and Milton's riverside park. Photo taken 05/13/16.
Santa Rosa County Road 191 continues south from U.S. 90 & SR 87 via Canal Street at the succeeding signal westbound in Milton. County Road 191 follows Canal and Henry Streets south from Milton to Forsyth Street within the historic district of Bagdad. Photo taken 04/09/09.
U.S. 90 west & SR 87 (Carolina Street) north at CR 191 south in Broad Street. County Road 191 provides a direct, albeit slow because of low speed limits, route to Interstate 10 (Exit 26) and the Garcon Point Bridge (SR 281) to Gulf Breeze. Photo taken 04/09/09.
U.S. 90 & SR 87 continue another four blocks west on Caroline Street from County Road 191 (Canal Street) south. Photo taken 12/09/12.
SR 87 splits with U.S. 90 west at Stewart Street as Caroline Street widens into a four-lane divided arterial. Photo taken 12/09/12.
Westbound at the partition of U.S. 90 and SR 87 in Milton. U.S. 90 continues southwest toward Pea Ridge and Pace while SR 87 continues to Naval Air Station Whiting Field and Alabama 41 to Brewton. Photo taken 12/09/12.
U.S. 90 West
U.S. 90 (Caroline Street) continues from State Road 87 eight miles to Pace and 22 miles to Pensacola. Photo taken 12/09/12.
SR 89 (Dogwood Drive) arcs southwest from SR 87 to meet SR 89 at the succeeding traffic light. The 29.44-mile route begins at U.S. 90 and leads northwesterly to Jay and the Alabama state line. Photo taken 12/09/12.
SR 89 combines with SR 87 for 1.6 miles from north Milton to Point Baker near Naval Air Station Whiting Field. The state road branches northwest from SR 87, 27 miles to Jay. Photo taken 12/09/12.
U.S. 90 (Caroline Street) west at SR 89 (Dogwood Drive) north. Dogwood Drive constitutes a five lane boulevard to Stewart Street (SR 87). Photo taken 12/09/12.
Leaving SR 89, U.S. 90 quickly intersects the entrance to the Santa Rosa County offices. No reassurance shield is posted for the US route. Photo taken 12/09/12.
Glover Lane stems north from U.S. 90 by the westbound merge with Old Highway 90 from the south. Glover Lane weaves through residential areas northward to County Road 184A (Berryhill Road) at Northrop Road. Photo taken 12/09/12.
U.S. 90 crosses Pond Creek and next intersects Parkmore Plaza Drive opposite Jaimee Leigh Drive. Photo taken 05/18/14.
Parkmore Plaza Drive connects U.S. 90 with parallel Old Bagdad Highway (County Road 191A) and Galt City. Photo taken 12/09/12.
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2 photos
Advancing west by Galt City, U.S. 90 approaches the north end of SR 281 (Avalon Boulevard). Avalon Boulevard links the Milton and Pace area with Interstate 10 (Exit 22) to the south. Photo taken 05/18/14. Second photo taken 12/09/12.
Construction four laned State Road 281 south from U.S. 90 to CR 281 near the community of Avalon Beach between 2010 and Fall 2013. Photo taken 05/18/14.
State Road 281 travels 10.74 miles south to U.S. 98 (Gulf Breeze Parkway) near Oriole Beach. Opened in 1999, the tolled Garcon Point Bridge extended SR 281 from Interstate 10 across Santa Rosa Sound. Photo taken 05/18/14.
SR 281 begins opposite the Milton Campus of Pensacola State College. Photo taken 05/18/14.
U.S. 90 continues west from SR 281 (Avalon Boulevard) to Pea Ridge. Photo taken 07/17/04.
Most of U.S. 90 between Pace and Milton is developed with commercialized frontage, ranging from big box retail to fast food eateries. Photo taken 05/18/14.
U.S. 90 enters the unincorporated community of Pea Ridge by the intersection with Sunset Drive. Photo taken 12/09/12.
U.S. 90 continues 0.7 miles west from SR 281 to meet the southern branch of CR 197A (Bell Lane). CR 197A forms part of a loop along with CR 191B (Sterling Way) and CR 281B (Cyanamid Way), from U.S. 90 southeast to SR 281 (Avalon Boulevard). Photo taken 05/18/14.
Bell Lane carries County Road 197A south two miles to Sterling Way (County Road 191B) east. School Lane ties into the north end from Pea Ridge Elementary School. Photo taken 05/18/14.
Westbound U.S. 90 reassurance shield posted between County Road 197A (Bell Lane) south and Keyser Lane in Pea Ridge. Photo taken 12/09/12.
A number of signals line U.S. 90 between big box retail centers to the south and residential areas on the north side of the arterial. Photo taken 07/24/11.
The slow go along U.S. 90 continues west to Spears Street and another shopping center entrance. Photo taken 07/24/11.
Watkins Street lines the west side of Santa Rosa Commons shopping center southward to Williams Road. Photo taken 05/18/14.
East Spencer Field Road leads north from U.S. 90 to Spencer Field (U.S. Navy OLF), Hamilton Bridge Road and several residential subdivisions. Spencer Field is bound by cardinal-direction based Spencer Field Roads on all sides. Photo taken 05/18/14.
U.S. 90 west leaves Pea Ridge for the unincorporated community of Pace. Pace generally comprises a suburban bedroom community. Photo taken 05/18/14.
County Road 197B follows West Spencer Field Road north from U.S. 90, one mile west of East Spencer Field Road. Photo taken 05/18/14.
CR 197B constitutes a 1.762-mile loop from U.S. 90 northwest to CR 197 (Chumuckla Highway). West Spencer Field Road extends north to the Outlying Field and County Road 184A (Berryhill Road). Photo taken 05/18/14.
U.S. 90 bends southward from West Spencer Field Road to County Road 197 (Chumuckla Highway north / Floridatown Road south) on the initial approach to Pensacola. Photo taken 05/18/14.
Santa Rosa County Road 197 follows Chumuckla Highway north from U.S. 90 to Wallace, Chumuckla, New York and Brownsdale as the main route between Pace and Jay. Photo taken 05/18/14.
County Road 197 spurs 1.2 miles south to Parkview Street at Floridatown along Escambia Bay. Photo taken 05/18/14.
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2 photos
Mobile, Alabama debuts at 65 miles out on U.S. 90 mileage signage posted beyond Chumuckla Highway. Photos taken 05/18/14.
County Road 191A ties into U.S. 90 from Diamond Street and Floridatown by Barnett Mill Creek. Photo taken 05/18/14.
CR 197A follows from U.S. 90 just beyond CR 191A along Woodbine Road north to Wallace. CR 197A provides an alternate route to Chumuckla Highway north while also connecting U.S. 90 with CR 184 (Quintette Road) west into Escambia County. Photo taken 05/18/14.
U.S. 90 traverses western reaches of Escambia Bay along a causeway. A series of bridges span waterways flowing southward into the brackish bay including Simpson River pictured here. Photo taken 12/09/12.
U.S. 90 rises over the Escambia River to enter Escambia County from Noriegas Island to Riverview. The higher eastbound span was built in 2003 while the westbound bridge was reconstructed and modernized by 2004. Photo taken 12/09/12.

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