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U.S. 90 Alternate separates from U.S. 90 at Seguin, following a route south of the IH 10 corridor through Gonzales, Hallettsville, Eagle Lake, Rosenburg, Sugarland, Stafford and south Houston. The easternmost extent of the 181-mile route navigates along South Main Street, Old Spanish Trail, Wayside Drive and 69th Street through Houston.

<img src= Alternate" width="35"> East
U.S. 90 Alternate elevates across Post Oak Road along a 2006-built overpass. Photo taken 08/06/06.
Holmes Road branches east from U.S. 90 Alternate from ramps to Hiram Clarke Road south to parallel a Union Pacific Railroad line east to FM 521 and IH 610 at FM 865 (Cullen Boulevard). Photo taken 08/06/06.
U.S. 90 Alternate curves northward onto a viaduct above both North Holmes Road and the UP Railroad ahead of the exit ramp for Stella Link Road north and Willowbend Boulevard. Photo taken 08/06/06.
The on-ramp from Hiram Clarke Road and Holmes Road east forms an auxiliary lane to U.S. 90 Alternate frontage road exit for Willowbend Boulevard. Photo taken 08/06/06.
Willowbend Boulevard is an arterial route extending east to Buffalo Speedway and west through the Willow Meadows / Willowbend Area community. Stella Link Road stems north from U.S. 90 Alternate to the Braeswood neighborhood. Photo taken 08/06/06.
U.S. 90 Alternative spans Willowbend Boulevard with six overall lanes. Photo taken 08/06/06.
Traffic along U.S. 90 Alternate east lowers through an at-grade section briefly before meeting Bellfort Avenue at a diamond interchange. Photo taken 08/06/06.
<img src= Alternate" width="35"> West
Bellfort Avenue meets U.S. 90 Alternate at a diamond interchange south of the Braeswood community. Photo taken 08/06/06.
U.S. 90 Alternate advances southwest from Bellfort Avenue at-grade. A barrier median prevents cross traffic on this stretch. Photo taken 08/06/06.
Frontage roads connect U.S. 90 Alternate with Willowbend Boulevard and Stella Link Road north. Photo taken 08/06/06.
A diamond interchange joins U.S. 90 Alternate with Holmes Road east and Hiram Clarke Road next. Photo taken 08/06/06.
Continuing from Willowbend Boulevard, U.S. 90 Alternate elevates along a viaduct across an abandoned railroad line, a Union Pacific Railroad line and Holmes Road. Photo taken 08/06/06.
Hiram Clark Road stems south from the west end of Holmes Road at U.S. 90 Alternate through Central Southwest Houston to Anderson Road. Photo taken 08/06/06.
Paralleling the UP Railroad, U.S. 90 Alternate travels at-grade by several industrial businesses to Post Oak Road. Photo taken 08/06/06.
Construction in 2006-07 converted the at-grade intersection for U.S. 90 Alternate at Post Oak Road into a diamond interchange. Photo taken 08/06/06.
Motorists along U.S. 90 Alternate next meet Fort Bend Parkway south to Missouri City. The toll road travels 9.93 miles to Sienna Parkway. Photo taken 08/06/06.
Flyover ramps provide high speed access from U.S. 90 Alternate west to Fort Bend Parkway south and from the toll road north to U.S. 90 Alternate east. Remaining connections are made with ramps to Chimney Rock Road. Photo taken 08/06/06.

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08/06/06 by Kevin Trinkle

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