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U.S. 90 Business East
The first eastbound Business U.S. 90 shield lies along the ramp from U.S. 90 east to the Westbank Expressway. Photo taken 08/02/02.
Travelers joining U.S. 90 Business from U.S. 90 west at Avondale loop under a 1941 bridge that carries the U.S. 90 mainline over a Union Pacific Railroad line. An at-grade intersection follows with the westbound ramp to U.S. 90 eastbound. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Roadways of the Westbank Expressway come together ahead of Claiborne Parkway. Future Interstate 49 shields such as this one were installed along U.S. 90 Business in the 1990s.
This assembly however was removed by 2008 and not replaced. Photo taken 08/02/02.
Segnette Boulevard meanders southwest from U.S. 90 Business to Lapalco and Nicolle Boulevards alongside Bayou Segnette State Park. The divided highway also serves Segnette Field and the John C. Alario, Sr. Event Center. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Beechgrove Boulevard sees a traffic light with U.S. 90 Business next. The local road provides the main access point to an apartment complex and adjacent subdivision. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Drake Avenue and U.S. 90 Business come together at a set of flashers, after the Westbank Expressway expands to include a large grassy median. The median is slated for an eventual extension of the freeway portion west from Marrero. Drake Avenue otherwise comprises the entrance to Bayou Signette State Park to the south and a residential road to the north. Photo taken 11/20/08.
U.S. 90 Business eastbound approaching the southern terminus of Louisiana 18 Spur (Louisiana Street). This short connector route joins the Westbank Expressway with Louisiana 18 (4th Street) in north Westwego. Photo taken 11/20/08.
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Entering the eastbound U.S. 90 Business intersection with Louisiana 18 Spur (Louisiana Street). Louisiana Street continues south alongside Bayou Segnette, serving a few marine based industries. LA-18S north to LA-18 west leads to Nine Mile Point and Bridge City. Photo taken 08/02/02. Second photo taken 11/20/08.
Avenue D crosses the Westbank Expressway at the next traffic light in Westwago. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Eastbound U.S. 90 Business at Avenue H in Westwago. Photo taken 11/20/08.
U.S. 90 passes over Westwago Drainage Canal and quickly intersects Tanglewood Drive, a north-south connector between the Westbank Expressway and Lapalco Boulevard. Lapalco constitutes a major arterial route serving the south side of Westwago and suburban areas east to LA-23 (Belle Chase Highway). Photo taken 11/20/08.
Central Avenue leads north from U.S. 90 Business to Louisiana 18 (4th Street) and south to Lapalco Boulevard from the traffic light with Westbank Expressway. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Victory Drive straddles the east side of Westwago and meets the Westbank Expressway at a signalized intersection. Photo taken 11/20/08.
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2 photos
Older guide signage and shield posted for the upcoming upgrade of the Westbank Expressway to freeway standards. Older Louisiana U.S. shields utilize series "B" of the Highway Gothic font series. The reference to the Westbank as simply "Expressway" is an older signing practice, similar to the state of New Jersey with how it signs the Atlantic City Expressway. Photo taken 08/02/02. Second photo taken 11/20/08.
Westwood Drive is the last traffic light encountered along U.S. 90 Business eastbound before the freeway beginning. Photo taken 11/20/08.
The left lane defaults onto the freeway portion of the Westbank Expressway. Motorists continuing straight will find themselves on the eastbound frontage road. Although only allocated two lanes at the onset, the Westbank Expressway quickly widens to three eastbound lanes. Photo taken 04/20/12.
The U.S. 90 Business mainline veers onto the freeway as the frontage road continues at-grade to Ames Boulevard. An off-ramp exists to Ames Boulevard in the westbound direction and is signed as Exit 4A. Photo taken 04/20/12.
The freeway immediately elevates above the frontage roads and surrounding environs, and remains on viaducts eastward to the Greater New Orleans Bridge toll plaza. Photo taken 04/20/12.
The first three exits for U.S. 90 Business (Westbank Expressway) are displayed on this overhead. This is the first in a series of interchange sequence sign posted within the center of the Westbank Expressway. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Exit 4B serves the Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve via Louisiana 45 (Barataria Boulevard) south and Avenue D, a north-south arterial within Marrero, via the eastbound frontage road. Photo taken 06/10/06.
The Westbank Expressway has its own set of exit numbers. The only other instance of a non-Interstate freeway within the state of Louisiana with exit numbers is the Louisiana 3132 outer-loop of Shreveport.
Exit 4B to Louisiana 45 (Barataria Boulevard) is the first off-ramp from the freeway. Photo taken 04/20/12.
An exit-only lane departs for Exit 4B / Barataria Boulevard. Louisiana 45 begins at nearby Louisiana 18 (4th Street) and travels southward through Jefferson Parish to the small town of Lafitte on the body of water known as "The Pen". Photo taken 04/20/12.
Eastbound reassurance marker posted for U.S. 90 Business at Marrero. Photo taken 04/20/12.
An interchange sequence sign highlights the next three interchanges of U.S. 90 Business east. The high-level Harvey Canal Bridge rises in the background. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Departing the freeway next is the Mac Arthur Avenue off-ramp (Exit 5) at east Marrero. Mac Arthur Avenue travels south from Louisiana 18 (4th Street) to Patriot Street parallel to Louisiana 3018 (Destrehan Avenue). Photo taken 04/20/12.
Nearing Exit 5, the last before the Harvey Canal crossing on U.S. 90 Business eastbound. This interchange serves the Harvey community and Louisiana 3018 (Destrahan Avenue) south from LA-18 (4th Street) to Lapalco Boulevard. Photo taken 04/20/12.
The Mac Arthur Avenue off-ramp (Exit 5) departs the Westbank Expressway eastbound in this scene. Use Exit 5 onto the eastbound frontage road for the Harvey Tunnel beneath U.S. 90 Business. The 1957-built tunnel preceded the high-level bridge as the crossing of Harvey Canal. Photo taken 04/20/12.
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The Westbank Expressway begins the ascent across the six-lane Harvey Canal Bridge. The waterway links the Mississippi River with the Intracoastal Waterway to the south near New Orleans Naval Air Station. Photos taken 04/20/12.
Traveling across the crest of the Harvey Canal Bridge on U.S. 90 Business east. Exits 6, 7, and 8, serve the Westbank communities of Harvey and Gretna over the course of 2.25 miles. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Exit 6 joins U.S. 90 Business with Manhattan Boulevard via the Westbank Expressway frontage roads. Manhattan Boulevard heads south from Louisiana 18 (4th Street) through Harvey to Gretna and Lapalco Boulevards and suburbs along Bayou Barataria. Photo taken 04/20/12.
The Westbank Expressway kinks northeast ahead of the Manhattan Boulevard off-ramp (Exit 5). Areas surrounding the frontage road intersections with Manhattan Boulevard are commercialized, as is the drive southward to Lapalco. Photo taken 04/20/12.
U.S. 90 Business eastbound at the Exit 6 ramp departure to Manhattan Boulevard. A u-turn ramp below the freeway serves the westbound frontage road to Peters Road (Louisiana 3017) along Harvey Canal. Photo taken 04/20/12.
The Westbank Expressway next meets the eastern terminus of Louisiana 18 (Lafayette Street) and Louisiana 23 (Belle Chase Highway) at Exit 7. The two routes come together underneath the freeway in the city of Gretna. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Louisiana 23 (Belle Chase Highway) leads south from the Westbank Expressway to the Belle Chase Tunnel and New Orleans Naval Air Station and Joint Reserve Base. Louisiana 23 constitutes the main route to Boothville and Venice in extreme southeastern Louisiana. These communities and much of Plaquemines Parish were devastated from the landfall of Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005. Photo taken 04/20/12.
The Manhattan Boulevard on-ramp forms an auxiliary lane for Louisiana 18 (Lafayette Street) west and Louisiana 23 (Belle Chase Highway). Louisiana 18 begins and travels west along the Mississippi River to Harvey, Marrero, Harahan and points northwest. Louisiana 23 north follows the Westbank Expressway frontage road system east to Franklin Avenue in Gretna. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Exit 7 departs the Westbank Expressway as the freeway begins to curve northward in anticipation of the Greater New Orleans Bridges. Louisiana 18 follows Lafayette Street north to 4th Street west and represents the original pathway of U.S. 90 through Gretna, Harvey, and Marrero. Photo taken 04/20/12.
U.S. 90 Business eastbound shield assembly posted as the freeway approaches the Lafayette Street (LA-23) under crossing. Photo taken 11/20/08.
U.S. 90 Business intersects Stumpf Boulevard at the Exit 8 diamond interchange in one half mile. Stumpf Boulevard ventures south from Louisiana 466 (5th Street) to Terry Parkway and Terrytown. Photo taken 04/20/12.
The Louisiana 18 and 23 on-ramp forms an auxiliary line for Stumpf Boulevard (Exit 8). Stumpf Boulevard meets Louisiana 23 (Franklin Avenue) just north of the freeway and Gretna Boulevard to the southeast. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Eastbound U.S. 90 Business at the Exit 8 off-ramp to Stumpf Boulevard in Gretna. Adjacent Franklin Avenue carries the LA-23 designation north to its conclusion at LA-428 (Burmaster Street). Photo taken 04/20/12.
The Westbank Expressway enters Orleans Parish and the city of New Orleans at the directional cloverleaf interchange (Exit 9) with Louisiana 428 (General De Gaulle Drive). Interstate 10 appears for the first time along U.S. 90 Business on the interchange sequence sign posted after the Stumpf Boulevard off-ramp. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Signs for the Greater New Orleans Bridge toll plaza lie ahead of the Exit 9 off-ramp to Terry Parkway and Louisiana 428 (General De Gaulle Drive). Exit 9 joins the eastbound frontage road ahead of Terry Parkway and its end at Louisiana 428. Terry Parkway begins and travels southeast from the frontage roads to Terrytown and Louisiana 23 (Belle Chase Highway). Photo taken 04/20/12.
A pair of signs advise motorists that Exit 9 is the last before the Greater New Orleans Bridge toll plaza. These should be black on yellow. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Nearing the ramp departure of Exit 9 to Terry Parkway south and Louisiana 428 (General De Gaulle Drive). Louisiana 428 forms a loop through Gretna and the Algiers section of New Orleans utilizing Burmaster, Franklin and Newton Streets. General De Gaulle Drive (LA-423) comprises a busy surface arterial east from Franklin Avenue (Louisiana 23) to the Louisiana 407 Intracoastal Waterway Bridge. Photo taken 04/20/12.
U.S. 90 Business eastbound at the Exit 9 ramp departure onto the eastbound frontage road. Louisiana 428 travels east from the Westbank Expressway to Louisiana 407 (Woodland Drive) and west to Franklin Avenue. East from Algiers, General Meyer Avenue carries Louisiana 428 to the north end of LA-407. Exit 9 also serves Naval Support Activity New Orleans base at the north end of Shirley Drive. Photo taken 04/20/12.
One half mile out from the former bridge toll plaza on U.S. 90 Business east. Flyover ramps to Terry Parkway south and Louisiana 428 east from U.S. 90 Business west travel above. A mileage sign lists the distance to the New Orleans central business district and Interstate 10 (Pontchartrain Expressway). Photo taken 04/20/12.
Reversible carpool lanes commence from the Crescent City Connection approach westward across to Downtown New Orleans. These lanes are restricted to HOV-2 eligible motorists. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Attached to the Louisiana 428 (General Degaulle Drive) flyover were toll tag signs for the former toll plaza. LA DOTD CCCD (Crescent City Connection Division) Toll Tags were introduced in 1989. GeauxPass is the statewide toll collection system since summer of 2009. Photo taken 04/20/12.
The westbound entrance to the reversible HOV-2 roadway across the Crescent City Connection. These lanes eventually travel above the Pontchartrain Expressway mainline to Earhart Boulevard by the Superdome. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Historical view of the Crescent City Connection toll plaza on U.S. 90 Business eastbound. Toll collection ceased in May 2013 after voters overwhelmingly rejected a 20-year extension of tolls at the crossing. The former rate was $1.00 per passenger vehicle. Photo taken 11/20/08.
The toll plaza along U.S. 90 Business east was demolished in 2016. Photo taken 04/20/12.
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3 photos
3 photos
Ascending the Greater New Orleans Bridge of U.S. 90 Business eastbound. The (eastbound) Crescent City Connection span opened to traffic on September 30, 1988. The (westbound) Greater New Orleans Bridge opened April 15, 1958. The 94-feet wide road deck travels 3,019 feet. Construction costs associated with the bridge and the east and west approaches totaled $600 million. The bridge is the southernmost Mississippi River crossing in the United States and is 95.7 miles north of the mouth of the river.1 Merging onto the bridge from the left is the HOV-2 reversible roadway. The HOV facility carries two lanes southbound during the evening peak hours and two lanes northbound during the morning peak hours of traffic. Photo taken 11/20/08. Second photo taken 04/20/12. Third photo taken 04/20/12.
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The first downtown New Orleans exit is that of Exit 11A to Tchoupitoulas Street. The one-mile guide sign resides ahead of the bridge superstructure. Photo taken 11/20/08. Second photo taken 04/20/12.
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Tchoupitoulas Street heads south from the central business district to River Garden, the Mississippi River levee and Audubon Park. Exit 11A serves the riverside Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. Photo taken 11/20/08. Second photo taken 04/20/12.
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The newer eastbound bridge carries four lanes into New Orleans, with two more allocated for the reversible HOV-lanes. The jersey barrier to the left separates the two roadways. Photos taken 04/20/12, 11/19/11.
High rises from the NOLA central business district come into view along the north side of the Crescent City Connection. Photo taken 04/20/12.
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2 photos
Exit 11 to Tchoupitoulas Street departs and winds downward to the street grid near the convention center. Departing next is the Camp Street off-ramp to downtown and the National WWII Museum. Photo taken 11/20/08. Second photo taken 04/20/12.
Magnificent views are afforded to passengers along the U.S. 90 Business descent from the Crescent City Connection onto the Pontchartrain Expressway. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Eastbound near the Camp Street off-ramp to the Warehouse District. Camp Street heads north to Canal and Chartres Street and the Vieux Carre. The exit also includes a ramp onto Andrew Higgens Drive east to Convention Center Boulevard. Photo taken 04/20/12.
U.S. 90 Business (Pontchartrain Expressway) eastbound actually travels northwest from the bridge to Interstate 10. The orientation skirts the western reaches of the central business district to New Orleans Arena. Photo taken 04/20/12.
The HOV-2 elevated roadway travels between the east and westbound roadways of the Pontchartrain Expressway. Pictured here is the carpool viaduct and the two-lane ramp departure to Camp Street north and Andrew Higgens Drive east. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Next in line for eastbound travelers is the O'Keefe Avenue off-ramp. O'Keefe Avenue provides a direct route to Downtown and the Superdome via Girod Street. Photo taken 04/20/12.
The Calliope Street on-ramp forms an auxiliary lane to O'Keefe Avenue north on U.S. 90 Business east. The O'Keefe Avenue exit ties into Howard Avenue nearby and Poydras Street three blocks to the north. Both the Mercedes-Benz Superdome (home of the NFL New Orleans Saints) and the Smoothie King Center (home of the NBA New Orleans Pelicans) reside nearby. Photo taken 04/20/12.
New Orleans Arena comes into view at the O'Keefe Avenue off-ramp off the Pontchartrain Expressway north. Use the exit also for the Warehouse District and New Orleans City Hall. Photo taken 04/20/12.
The HOV-2 viaduct prepares to descend to its end at Earhart Boulevard at Magnolia Street. U.S. 90 Business meanwhile nears its conclusion at the Interstate 10 and U.S. 90 interchange. Departing next is the Earhart Boulevard westbound ramp to Claiborne Avenue (U.S. 90). Photo taken 04/20/12.
The view of Downtown from U.S. 90 Business (Pontchartrain Expressway) above O.C. Haley Street. Photo taken 04/20/12.
The Pontchartrain Expressway passes by the New Orleans Arena and Superdome ahead of the Interstate 10 stack interchange. The Superdome roof was damaged severely from the winds of Hurricane Katrina and at the time the facility was used as an evacuation shelter. The levee failure and rising flood waters forced a quick evacuation of the Superdome in the days after the August 29, 2005 hurricane landfall. Unfortunately the stadium was inadequately suited for the needs of storm refugees and many died as a result. Many months later, construction was underway to repair the Superdome roof in time for the September 25, 2006 Saints home opener versus the Atlanta Falcons. Photo taken 06/10/06.
The Pontchartrain Expressway gains a frontage street system from the Convention Center northwest to the merge with Interstate 10. Earhart Boulevard represents the parallel surface streets from Loyola Avenue north to Claiborne Avenue (U.S. 90). U.S. 90 follows Claiborne Avenue, in the shadow of Interstate 10, from Canal Street to Jefferson Highway at the Jefferson Parish line. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Drivers bound for U.S. 90 (Claiborne Avenue) west depart the U.S. 90 Business eastbound freeway onto Earhart Boulevard north. Earhart Boulevard continues north from Claiborne Avenue to the Jefferson Parish line and Earhart Expressway. A portion of the boulevard and the freeway carry the designation of Louisiana 3139. Louisiana 3139 follows the freeway west from New Orleans to Clearview Parkway and Dickory Avenue. The alignment was proposed to tie into the unconstructed Vieux Carre Expressway (Interstate 310). Photo taken 04/20/12.
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2 photos
A lone U.S. 90 Business reassurance marker lies ahead of the U.S. 90 (Claiborne Avenue) eastbound off-ramp. Photo taken 06/10/06. Second photo taken 11/20/08.
Traveling alongside New Orleans Arena (rebranded as the Smoothie King Center in 2014), home of the NBA New Orleans Pelicans (renamed in 2013 from the Hornets) since their relocation from Charlotte, North Carolina in 2002. Photo taken 04/20/12.
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U.S. 90 Business east splits into ramps for U.S. 90 (Claiborne Avenue) east to Canal Street and Mid City, Interstate 10 east to Slidell, and Interstate 10 west to Metairie and Baton Rouge. Photo taken 11/20/08. Second photo taken 04/20/12.
The confluence of Interstate 10, U.S. 90 (Clairborne Avenue) and U.S. 90 Business lies just north of the Superdome. The sports venue was renamed the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on October 23, 2011. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Eastbound at the U.S. 90 (Claiborne Avenue) eastbound off-ramp. Claiborne Avenue intersects Poydras Street adjacent to the Superdome before traveling underneath the Interstate 10 viaduct. U.S. 90 turns northwest onto Tulane Avenue to U.S. 61 at South Broad Avenue.
Between 2008 and 2012, lanes were restriped to provide an outisde shoulder at the cost of one of the three through lanes onto Interstate 10 west. Photo taken 04/20/12.
A single-lane off-ramp leaves U.S. 90 Business east for Interstate 10 east to Gentilly, Lake Forest, New Orleans East, and Slidell. The Pontchartrain Expressway mainline defaults onto Interstate 10 westbound for Mid City, Lakeview, and Metairie. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Continuing northward along the Pontchartrain Expressway, motorists join the left side of Interstate 10 west at a wye interchange. Photo taken 11/20/08.
Exit 232 with U.S. 61 (Airline Drive north / Tulane Avenue south) and Carrollton Avenue is the next Interstate 10 westbound interchange. Photo taken 11/20/08.

  1. "Major Bridges of Louisiana." Preconstruction Pages (LADOTD), Volume 2,1.

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