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Historic U.S. 91 began in Long Beach, CA, and traveled north to Sweetgrass, MT. Arizona had a short section of the road that entered the state where Mesquite, NV is today, then traveled through Littlefield (paralleling the Virgin River) before turning north to enter Utah at the town of Beaver Dam.

The road was decommissioned in 1973 with the opening of Interstate 15 through Arizona. U.S. 91 and Interstate 15 were multiplexed between Miles 0 and 8 of Interstate 15 between 1963 and 1973.

Today, old U.S. 91 is Mohave County Route 91 and open to serve local traffic.

Mohave County 91
Just east of Mesquite, NV, County Route 91 enters Arizona. Mohave County has placed this sign with a similar style to the State Official sign, but at a smaller scale. Prior to 2007, there was no sign here. Photo taken 03/10/07.
Mohave County Route 91 is a designated scenic route in Mohave County. Photo taken 03/10/07.
Northbound Mohave County Route 91 approaching Interstate 15 south to Las Vegas and north to Salt Lake City. Photo taken 10/24/03.
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
Views of the Interstate 15 Arizona shields as seen along northbound Mohave County Route 91 in Littlefield. Mohave County Route 91 follows old U.S. 91 along the original highway around the Virgin River Gorge between the Nevada and Utah State Lines through the northwestern corner of Arizona. Photos taken 10/24/03.
Northbound Mohave County Route 91 at the ramp to southbound Interstate 15 (to Las Vegas). Photo taken 10/24/03.
Southbound Mohave County Route 91 at the ramp to northbound Interstate 15 (to Salt Lake City). Photo taken 10/24/03.

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    10/24/03 by AARoads. 03/10/07 by Kevin Trinkle.

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