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U.S. 92 East Florida State Road 687 North
The first eastbound shield for U.S. 92 stands just north of U.S. 19 Alternate & SR 595 (5th Avenue North) outside Downtown St. Petersburg. Photo taken 10/11/15.
4th Street North initially consists of a four-lane boulevard with alternating planters or center turn lanes. U.S. 92 & SR 687 intersect 9th Avenue North at their first traffic light. Photo taken 10/11/15.
The next reassurance markers for U.S. 92 west & SR 687 north stand along 4th Street North at 13th Avenue North. Photo taken 10/11/15.
22nd Avenue North leads east to Historic Old Northeast to intersect U.S. 92 & SR 687 (4th Street North) and west from nearby Crescent Lake Park to Interstate 275 and the Disston Heights community. Photo taken 10/11/15.
4th Street North expands to six overall lanes at 30th Avenue North. Photo taken 10/11/15.
U.S. 92/SR 687 shields posted beyond 30th Avenue North. Photo taken 10/11/15.
The succeeding traffic light along 4th Street North is with 34th Avenue North. Photo taken 10/11/15.
38th Avenue North extends west to Interstate 275 and U.S. 19 Alternate (Tyrone Boulevard) as County Road 138. The urban boulevard parallels the St. Petersburg city line two blocks to the south after the exchange with I-275. Photo taken 10/11/15.
54th Avenue heads west to Interstate 275 at the St. Petersburg city line. CR 202 overlays the boulevard from there westward to Lealman, Kenneth City and CR 1 (Park Street) by Cross Bayou. Photo taken 10/11/15.
Continuing north toward the Fossil Park and Riviera Bay communities in north St. Petersburg. Photo taken 10/11/15.
62nd Avenue North and 4th Street North converge at the center of a radial network of streets through the Edgemoor and Fossil Park neighborhoods. 62nd Avenue North passes under I-275 west to the city of Pinellas Park. Photo taken 10/11/15.
U.S. 92 & SR 687 remain well signed along 4th Street North, with another set of shields posted after 62nd Avenue North. Photo taken 10/11/15.
72nd Avenue North connects U.S. 92 & SR 687 with 1st Street North at the Americana Cove manufactured home community. Photo taken 10/11/15.
77th and 78th Avenue North form a one-way couplet west from 4th Street North along a canal to the Winston Park and Meadowlawn neighborhoods. Photo taken 10/11/15.
83rd Avenue North crosses U.S. 92 & SR 687 east from Winston Park to Riviera Bay. Patica Road and San Martin Boulevard continue the road northeast to Weedon Island Preserve and U.S. 92 along Gandy Boulevard. Photo taken 10/11/15.
The last set of shields for the U.S. 92 east & SR 687 north overlap. SR 600 overlays all of U.S. 92 east from the upcoming split with 4th Street North. Photo taken 10/11/15.
Entering the Gateway area of north St. Petersburg along U.S. 92/SR 687 at 94th Avenue North. Photo taken 10/08/17.
Koger Boulevard angles northeast from 94th Avenue North to a traffic light with U.S. 92 & SR 687. Photo taken 10/08/17.
U.S. 92 parts ways with SR 687 (4th Street North) along a one-way connector to Gandy Boulevard eastbound. SR 687 extends northward another 2.75 miles to merge with I-275 at the Howard Frankland Bridge. Photo taken 10/08/17.
The Gandy Boulevard cutoff from SR 687 (4th Street North) is part of the U.S. 92 mainline and unsigned SR 600. Photo taken 10/08/17.
Construction from 2014 to March 2018 upgraded the adjacent five-point intersection between SR 687 (4th Street North), U.S. 92 west / SR 694 east (Gandy Boulevard) and SR 686 (Roosevelt Boulevard) to a split-diamond interchange, with Gandy Boulevard upgraded to a short freeway. Photo taken 10/08/17.
U.S. 92 East
The south frontage road of Gandy Boulevard (SR 694) links traffic from CR 803 (MLK Street N), SR 686 (Roosevelt Boulevard) and SR 687 (4th Street N) southbound with U.S. 92 toward South Tampa. Photo taken 10/31/17.
A weaving traffic pattern ensues where the Gandy Boulevard frontage road combines with the U.S. 92 mainline. SR 694 (Gandy Boulevard) directly transitions onto U.S. 92 east beyond the viaduct spanning SR 686 (Roosevelt Boulevard) and SR 687 (4th Street North). Photo taken 04/13/18.
Traffic partitions for the entrance road to Vantage Point Condominiums and Gandy Boulevard. A subsequent lane drop forces motorists headed east on U.S. 92 to make another lane change. Photo taken 04/13/18.
U.S. 92 & SR 694 (Gandy Boulevard) proceed east through the Gateway area of St. Petersburg by the Snug Harbor and Brighton Bay communities to the Gandy Bridge. Photo taken 03/06/19.
SR 694 shields were posted in both directions of Gandy Boulevard during the latter part of the Gandy Freeway project in 2017. SR 694 ends where U.S. 92 turns east from 4th Street North. Photo taken 02/02/18.
Passing to the north of Derby Lane along U.S. 92 (Gandy Boulevard) east. Derby Lane is the oldest continuously operating greyhound track, having opened on January 3, 1925 as the St. Petersburg Kennel Club. The venue was used as a filming location for a scene in the 2001 movie Oceans Eleven. Photo taken 11/07/15.
A traffic signal operates at Brighton Bay Boulevard north to the Brighton Bay community at the entrance to Derby Lane greyhound race track. Photo taken 03/06/19.
A lane drop occurs east of Brighton Bay Boulevard, with U.S. 92 (Gandy Boulevard) maintaining two eastbound lanes to Tampa. Photo taken 10/31/17.
U.S. 92 (Gandy Boulevard) next intersects San Martin Boulevard at San Martin Village, home of Phoebus Tattoo Studios. San Martin Boulevard completes the loop that started from 4th Street North at 83rd Avenue North by way of Weedon Island Preserve. Photo taken 10/31/17.
U.S. 92 traverses a causeway east of Snug Harbor separating Old Tampa Bay to the north from Tampa Bay to the south. The Gandy Recreation Area (Gandy Beach) abuts the south side of the causeway on this stretch. Photo taken 10/16/16.
A pair of radio towers line Gandy Boulevard just ahead of the Gandy Bridge across Tampa Bay. These were erected in 2006 to replace the 56-year old predecessors. The old towers were 490 feet tall while the new ones are 124 feet shorter. The height difference reduced cost and increased their wind resistance for hurricanes.1 Photo taken 10/08/16.
U.S. 92 eastbound reaches the Gandy Bridge, a 2.6-mile crossing. Photo taken 10/16/16.
The Gandy Bridge consists of two girder bridges: a 14,859 foot eastbound span and a 13,886 foot westbound span.2 Photo taken 10/16/16.
The eastbound span is the older of the two, having opened in 1975 to replace a 1956-built bridge. The nine foot higher westbound bridge opened to traffic on December 21, 1996. Photo taken 10/08/16.
U.S. 92 crosses the Hillsborough County line approximately one third of the way across the Gandy Bridge. The US route totals 9.10 miles in Pinellas County. Photo taken 11/07/15.

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