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U.S. 90 U.S. 98 East
U.S. 90 & 98 (Battleship Parkway) span the Tensaw River, which represents the county line south of Polecat Bay. Photo taken 06/06/06.
Traveling just above sea level, U.S. 90 & 98 east approaches a diamond interchange (Exit 30) with Interstate 10. Photo taken 09/10/00.
Storm surge from Hurricane Katrina in 2005 damaged the eastbound entrance ramp for Interstate 10 at Exit 30. Subsequent repair work to replace the toppled bridge slabs lasted a year. Photo taken 04/09/09.
Interstate 10 and U.S. 90 & 98 both continue five miles east to Spanish Fort and Daphne. Overhead lighting is used along the eight mile twin viaduct, but not along the causeway. Photo taken 04/09/09.
Detour Interstate 10 shields accompany U.S. 90 & 98 eastward to Spanish Fort. The detour overlays U.S. 90 east from I-165 across the Cochrane-Africatown Bridge to Exit 35 in Daphne. Photo taken 08/21/03.
2 photos
2 photos
U.S. 90 & 98 continue east along the causeway for another five miles before parting briefly along the bluff line in Spanish Fort. U.S. 31 begins in 4.4 miles at the southward turn of U.S. 90 at Bridgehead. Photo taken 11/05/03. Second photo taken 06/06/06.
U.S. 90 & 98 straddle Mobile Bay to the south and Chacaloochee Bay to the north. Boat launch ramps and parking areas are located along the causeway. Photo taken 06/06/06.
Interstate 10 trailblazer posted on the island south of Pass Picada and west of Apalachee River. Photo taken 07/17/07.
U.S. 90 & 98 enter the city limits of Spanish Fort after the Tensaw River and continue to their split beyond the Blakeley River. U.S. 98 shifts onto a short expressway southeast to Daphne. Photo taken 07/17/07.
U.S. 90 (Spanish Fort Boulevard) ascends the bluff line eastward to U.S. 31. U.S. 98 (Battleship Parkway) veers southeast and bypasses Spanish Fort to meet U.S. 90 (Old Spanish Trail) again at the exchange with Interstate 10. Photo taken 07/17/07.
U.S. 98 East
Reassurance shield for U.S. 98 (Battleship Parkway) at the wye interchange with Spanish Fort Boulevard. Photo taken 07/17/07.
U.S. 98 rises to rejoin U.S. 90 (Old Spanish Trail) through the parclo interchange (Exit 35) with Interstate 10. Photo taken 07/17/07.
A loop ramp drops onto Interstate 10 west at the Mobile Bayway. U.S. 90 & 98 pass over the freeway along a 0.194-mile concurrency. Photo taken 07/17/07.
U.S. 90 U.S. 98 East
U.S. 90 and 98 (Old Spanish Trail) separate at the intersection with the I-10 eastbound off-ramp. Photo taken 07/17/07.
U.S. 90 resumes an eastward heading to Malbis. U.S. 98 remains south along an arterial route through Daphne and Fairhope. Photo taken 08/04/06.
U.S. 98 East
U.S. 98 continues southward from Interstate 10 at Bridgehead across D'Olive Creek. Photo taken 08/21/03.
A frontage road lines the southbound side of U.S. 98 from D'Olive Creek toward Van Buren Street in Daphne. The service road includes an array of traveler services stemming from Exit 35 of Interstate 10. Traffic lights join the parallel road with U.S. 98 in this scene. Photo taken 06/09/06.
1.5 miles further south, U.S. 98 splits with U.S. 98 Alternate / Scenic Baldwin County 98 (Main Street). U.S. 98 Alternate (Eastern Shore Parkway) winds southward to downtown Fairhope along a slow moving two-lane route. The alignment represents the original U.S. 98 and is mostly signed as County Road 98. Photo taken 11/30/08.
U.S. 98 bends southeast from Main Street to Daphne Avenue east of U.S. 98 Alternate. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Santa Rosa Avenue connects U.S. 98 with adjacent Baldwin County 98 (Main Street) and Old County Road to the west and Old Spanish Trail to the east. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Approaching County Road 64 (Daphne Avenue) on U.S. 98 east (south). Daphne Avenue heads west to Main Street near city hall and east to Pollard Road. Photo taken 11/30/08.
County Road 64 begins at Main Street (County Road 98) in Daphne and leads east to Loxley, Exit 53 of Interstate 10 and County Road 112 near Gateswood. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Rock Creek Parkway provides the only entrance to the Rock Creek Country Club & Golf Course residential area east of U.S. 98 in north Fairhope. Photo taken 05/16/04.
Veterans Drive provides a direct route to County Road 98 (Section Street North) from U.S. 98 heading into central Fairhope. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Eastern Shore Parkway winds west from downtown Fairhope along Mobile Bay to Point Clear. Photo taken 11/30/08.
U.S. 98 continues south from Fly Creek and Veterans Drive through a forest area of Fairhope. Photo taken 11/30/08.
SR 104 meets U.S. 98 at the next signalized intersection. The state route ventures east to Silverhill and Robertsdale. Photo taken 11/30/08.
The road of SR 104 ends west at County Road 98 (Section Street North) near Seacliff, but officially the state route designation concludes at U.S. 98. Eastward, SR 104 serves growing areas of east Fairhope along the SR 181 corridor. Photo taken 11/30/08.
U.S. 98 continues southeastward and becomes Greeno Road. Photo taken 08/01/06.
U.S. 98 gains commercial frontage from County Road 30 (Gayfer Avenue) south to County Road 44 (Twin Beech Road). County Road 48 joins the east-west mix along Fairhope Avenue from downtown eastward to Fish River. Photo taken 11/30/08.
The grassy median of U.S. 98 gives way to a center turn lane as Greeno Road passes by assorted retail. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Baldwin County 46 crosses U.S. 98 one quarter mile south at the next traffic light. Morphy Avenue carries the county route west to Section Street South (Scenic County Road 98) and east to Thompson Hall Road. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Nichols Avenue heads west to the Fairhope street grid and east to Boothe Road from U.S. 98 (Greeno Road). Photo taken 11/30/08.
Another traffic light follows between U.S. 98 (Greeno Road) and Middle Street west and Spring Run Drive east. Photo taken 06/09/06.
Next in line for eastbound motorists is Baldwin County 44 (Twin Beech Road). Twin Beach Road ends two miles to the east at SR 181. Photo taken 06/09/06.
Traveling west, County Road 44 follows Twin Beach Road to Houstonville and Battles Road to County Road 98 (Eastern Shore Parkway) at Battles Wharf. Photo taken 06/09/06.
Greeno Road nears Fairhope High School and U.S. 98 again expands to a four-lane divided highway. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Now outside Fairhope, U.S. 98 east (south) nears Old Battles Road west and Baldwin County 34 east. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Baldwin County 34 entails a two-mile route between U.S. 98 (Greeno Road) and SR 181. Old Battles Road leads west from Greeno Road to County Road 44 (Battles Road). Photo taken 11/30/08.
One mile further south, U.S. 98 approaches Baldwin County 32 (Marlow Road) and H.L. (Sonny) Callahan Municipal Airport. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Marlow Road stems west from U.S. 98 two miles to Eastern Shore Parkway (County Road 98) at Point Clear. County Road 32 ventures east to Fish River near Marlow, Summerdale, and rural northeast Foley before ending at CC Road near Helton Bay. Photo taken 11/30/08.
U.S. 98 narrows from a four-lane divided highway into a two-lane roadway after County Road 32. Photo taken 11/30/08.
County Road 24 crosses paths with U.S. 98 by Turkey Branch south of Fairhope. The county highway ends one mile to the west and three miles to the east in otherwise rural areas. Photo taken 11/30/08.
County Road 3 travels 1.75 miles south and east from County Road 24 to meet U.S. 98 at Barnwell. Baldwin County 3 continues east one mile parallel to U.S. 98, ending at County Road 13. Photo taken 11/30/08.
U.S. 98 turns eastward at County Road 11 south and County Road 98 (Eastern Shore Parkway) west. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Baldwin County 98 (U.S. 98 Alternate) concludes at U.S. 98 and County Road 11. Eastern Shore Parkway travels 1.3 miles west to County Road 1 and Mobile Bay. County Road 11 begins and heads south one half mile and an easterly turn parallel to U.S. 98 to County Road 27. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Now heading east, U.S. 98 continues toward Magnolia Springs, Foley, and Lillian. No reassurance shield is posted after the turn. The Detour County 11 shield was posted during a bridge replacement project. Photo taken 11/30/08.
County Road 13 south and Chris Hires Road north come together at U.S. 98, one mile to the east. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Chris Hires Road meanders south to County Road 11 near Weeks Branch. County Road 13 begins and treks north all the way to U.S. 90. This was the southern most segment of County Road 13, but projects between 2008 and 2010 connected the separate sections, forming a viable alternate route to congested U.S. 98 to the west and growing SR 181 to the east. Photo taken 11/30/08.
U.S. 98 kinks southward and meets the southern segment of County Road 27 (Mary Ann Beach Road). County Road 27 leads south to Mary Ann Nelson Park on Bon Secour Bay. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Baldwin County 27 lines western reaches of Weeks Bay from U.S. 98 to County Road 1. Mary Ann Beach Road Extension ties into the intersection from the north. Future construction of SR 181 will see the state highway overtake the private route. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Rounding the bend east from Mary Ann Beach Road, U.S. 98 meets the northern section of County Road 27 at Turkey Branch. This stretch of road provides the current connection between U.S. 98 and SR 181 north through eastern reaches of Fairhope and Daphne. Photo taken 08/01/06.
County Road 27 travels 0.7 miles north and 0.5 miles west to form the beginning of SR 181. SR 181 overtook original County Road 27 from that point north to Malbis in 2004. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Eastbound reassurance shield posted as U.S. 98 departs the intersection with Baldwin County 27. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Weeks Bay Reserve fronts the south side of U.S. 98 to the Fish River Bridge. Photo taken 11/30/08.
2 photos
2 photos
Turning southeastward, U.S. 98 crosses the Fish River. A bridge replacement project was undertaken in 2006. Weeks Bay lies south of U.S. 98 and north of Bon Secour Bay. Photo taken 05/16/04. Second photo taken 11/30/08.
The new Fish River Bridge travels just north of the foot print of the original span. Bay Watch Boat Ramp lies on the south side of the span while Manatee Park fronts the north side along the east banks of Fish River. Photo taken 11/30/08.
2 photos
2 photos
Upgrades between the old and new Fish River bridge include full shoulders and a bike/pedestrian path along the westbound side of U.S. 98. Photo taken 05/16/04. Second photo taken 11/30/08.
Just east of Fish River is County Road 17 (Fish River Road) at Yupon. Photo taken 11/30/08.
County Road 17 travels Fish River Road north to the Weeks Bay Pitcher Plant Bog in Weeks Bay Reserve and Mannich Lane east to County Road 9. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Curving back to an eastward trajectory, U.S. 98 approaches the first of two intersections with Baldwin County 9. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Heading north, Baldwin County 9 continues to Marlow and County Road 48 parallel to the Fish River. Photo taken 05/16/04.
2 photos
2 photos
One half mile separates the north and south segments of County Road 9 on U.S. 98. Photo taken 11/30/08. Second photo taken 08/01/06.
County Road 9 stems south from U.S. 98 along Yupon Road to a handful of residential roads near the Magnolia River. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Entering the town of Magnolia Springs, U.S. 98 meets the south section of Baldwin County 49 (Magnolia Springs Highway). Although unsigned here, Magnolia Springs Highway carries the county road south toward Bon Secour Bay. Photo taken 08/01/06.
2 photos
2 photos
One quarter mile separates the Magnolia Springs Highway segment of County Road 49 with Baldwin County 49 north. Photos taken 08/01/06.
Baldwin County 49 stems north from Old Marlow Road and Magnolia Springs to County Road 28 east of Marlow. Additional sections of County Road 49 exist from the Silverhill area north to Loxley and along old SR 59 north of Interstate 10. Photo taken 08/01/06.
U.S. 98 travels between subdivisions within out parcels of Foley and meets the south end of Baldwin County 55. County Road 55 connects the US route with even more subdivisions northward 1.5 miles. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Baldwin County 55 travels north 4.5 miles to County Road 32 and 10 miles to the town of Silverhill. The county highway ends at County Road 68 north of Loxley. Photo taken 08/01/06.
2 photos
2 photos
Continuing east, U.S. 98 crosses the Ron Spivey Bridge across Magnolia River. The nondescript span was built in 1988. Photos taken 08/01/06.
County Road 65 crosses paths with U.S. 98 just west of Foley between County Road 28 (Marlow Road) and Bon Secour. Photo taken 11/30/08.
U.S. 98 east at Baldwin County 65. The north-south road joins western reaches of Foley with southwest Summerdale in an otherwise rural area. County Road 65 exists in two segments with the northern portion leading north from Robertsdale to Loxley and Rosinton. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Eastbound shield for U.S. 98 posted between County Road 65 and Foley Soccer Park. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Hickory Street ventures north to Fern Avenue near Foley Municipal Airport and southward to County Road 12. A crop of subdivisions replace farm fields along the street, increasing traffic which resulted in a new traffic light added to U.S. 98 by 2008. Photo taken 11/30/08.
U.S. 98 follows Laurel Street through the Foley street grid, meeting Cedar Street at this signalized intersection. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Two blocks east on U.S. 98 (Laurel Street) at Pine Street in Foley. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Entering downtown Foley, U.S. 98 (Laurel Street) intersects Alston Street. Photo taken 11/30/08.
SR 59 (McKenzie Street) bisects Foley northward to Summerdale and southward to Gulf Shores. The four-lane highway provides the main route between the coastal resort area, Interstate 10, and Bay Minette along a 94.1-mile route from the Gulf of Mexico to Uriah. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Juniper Street stems south from U.S. 98 (Laurel Avenue) to County Road 26 (Michigan Avenue) and County Road 20 (Miflin Road) by Tanger Outlet Center. Photo taken 11/30/08.
U.S. 98 kinks northward and approaches a crossing of Wolf Creek on the eastern exit of Foley. Photo taken 11/30/08.
The Foley Beach Express and U.S. 98 come together at the eastern extent of Foley. Opened in 2000, the four-lane highway varies from a divided expressway north to Summerdale and south to Orange Beach and a five-lane arterial stretch at U.S. 98. A two-lane toll bridge concludes the expressway ahead of SR 180 (Canal Road). Photo taken 11/30/08.
Connections with SR 182 east to Perdido Key and SR 180 west to Gulf Shores are touted by signage for the Foley Beach Express southbound. The highway totals 13.5 miles from Canal Road to SR 59 through mainly rural areas. Construction extends the road northward as the Baldwin Beach Express to County Road 32 with ultimate work slated to join the road with Interstate 10 at a new interchange. Photo taken 11/30/08.
U.S. 98 enters the town of Elberta and approaches County Road 83 (Main Street). Photo taken 11/30/08.
Heading south, County Road 83 joins central Elberta with County Road 20 at Miflin. A four-mile drive carries drivers northward to County Road 32. Additional sections of the route lie north of County Road 32, at Summerdale, and from U.S. 90 to County Road 64. The corridor north from Greenwood Road doubles as the future path of the Baldwin Beach Express. Photo taken 11/30/08.
State Street continues U.S. 98 east through Elberta. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Baldwin County 87 intersects U.S. 98 on the eastern outskirts of Elberta. Baldwin County 87 south enters Elberta from Gateswood (County Road 112) and Elsanor (U.S. 90). Photo taken 01/03/10.
U.S. 98 east at County Road 87. County Road 87 south forks into two routes in one mile: the western branch spurs to Twin Branch Lane, serving a handful of residences, the eastern segment follows Feely Road east to Stucki Road south, connecting U.S. 98 with County Road 20 near Hammock Creek. Photo taken 07/31/10.
Two miles east of Baldwin County 87, U.S. 98 approaches County Road 95. Photo taken 07/31/10.
County Road 95 ventures south to NAS Whiting OLF Wolf and Arnica Bay; connections with County Road 42 lead east to Josephine and west to Hammock Bay. The county highway concludes three miles north at Baldwin County 32. Photo taken 07/31/10.
Another 2.25 miles of rural U.S. 98 bring eastbound motorists to County Road 97 (Perdido Road). Photo taken 11/30/08.
Baldwin County 97 (Perdido Road) links U.S. 98 with the town of Perdido Beach. Perdido Beach incorporated in June 2009 and lies between Palmetto and Soldier Creek on Perdido Bay. Photo taken 07/31/10.
Next in line for eastbound drivers on U.S. 98 is Baldwin County 91. Photo taken 08/01/06.
South of U.S. 98, County Road 91 continues to County Road 99 (Randolf Avenue) and an end by Solider Creek and Perdido Bay. Northward the road peters out in 3.5 miles near Helton Bay. Long range talks focus on a new north-south corridor between U.S. 98 and Interstate 10 east following perhaps the County Road 91 corridor. Photo taken 08/01/06.
County Road 93 parallels County Road 91, one mile to the east from U.S. 98 northward. Photo taken 07/31/10.
Hillcrest Road north and County Road 93 south come together at U.S. 98 outside of Lillian. Baldwin County 93 travels just 2.5 miles from U.S. 98 to Bishop Trace. During the real estate surge of the mid-2000s, a large development named Blackwater Plantation was touted for a swampy area along the Blackwater River. Had this land been developed, County Road 93 would provide one of the access roads. Photo taken 08/01/06.
U.S. 98 veers southeast from Barclay Avenue in Lillian toward the Perdido Bay bridge. Meeting the US route last in Alabama is Baldwin County 99. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Baldwin County 99 follows the periphery of Perdido Bay through Lillian. The county highway travels north to Boykin Boulevard east to Lillian Beach and southwest to the Spanish Cove community and Soldier Creek Road west of County Road 91. Photo taken 08/01/06.
Rising to cross Perdido Bay from near Chagrin Point in Lillian on U.S. 98 east. This bridge is one of five crossings between Baldwin County, Alabama and Escambia County, Florida. The others are SR 182 / SR 292, U.S. 90, Interstate 10, and Baldwin County 112 / Escambia County 184. Photo taken 11/30/08.


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