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Map Updated October 1, 2012.
U.S. 98 East
Cresting over Perdido Bay along U.S. 98 (Seneca Parkway) eastbound by the Alabama state line. The Perdido River, a waterway comprising the east-west state border between Escambia and Baldwin Counties, feeds Perdido Bay. Brackish waters of the bay flow south of the 1981-built bridge carrying U.S. 98 to Old River and the Intracoastal Waterway. Photo taken 01/31/06.
William Bartram Trail sign posted just east of Perdido Bay along U.S. 98. Photo taken 12/21/03.
The welcome to Florida sign appears beyond the Perdido Bay bridge at Paradise Beach. Photo taken 11/30/08.
The first U.S. 98 shield in Florida precedes a number of signs outlining state motor vehicle laws. Photo taken 12/21/03.
U.S. 98 (Lillian Highway) first meets County Road 293 (Bauer Road) southbound to Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Park and Perdido Key. Photo taken 01/31/06.
Bauer Road leads southward 3.936 miles from U.S. 98 at Paradise Beach to SR 292 (Sorrento Road) near Tarkiln Bay. SR 292 continues southwest from there to Perdido Key while Bauer Road continues south to County Road 292A (Gulf Beach Highway) at Big Lagoon State Park. Photo taken 01/03/10.
2 photos
2 photos
U.S. 98 (Lillian Highway) advances east from Bauer Road into the community of Millview. Photos taken 05/16/14.
Crossing Heron Bayou, U.S. 98 (Lillian Highway) approaches the west end of SR 298 and north end of County Road 297. Lillian Highway shifts onto SR 298 eastward from Millview to Myrtle Grove and West Pensacola. Photo taken 11/30/08.
A sign change erroneously switched the SR 298 marker with a shield for U.S. 98. CR 297 follows Dog Track Road southeast 3.262 miles to SR 292 (Gulf Beach Highway) at Pleasant Grove. Photo taken 05/16/14.
Shields for both SR 298 east and County Road 297 south are absent from the U.S. 98 intersection with Dog Track Road and Lillian Highway east. Originally U.S. 98 continued along Lillian Highway to West Pensacola. Photo taken 05/16/14.
Continuing east from Lillian Highway and Millview, U.S. 98 travels another 1.75 miles before expanding into a four-lane divided highway. Photo taken 05/16/14.
SR 173 (Blue Angel Parkway) crosses paths with U.S. 98 at the upcoming traffic light. Photo taken 05/16/14.
State Road 173 travels 12.71 miles overall between SR 297 (Pine Forest Road) near Bellview and the West Gate of Pensacola Naval Air Station. Photo taken 05/16/14.
Reassurance marker posted after SR 173 on U.S. 98 east. A number of fast food eateries and small businesses line the arterial on this stretch. Photo taken 05/15/14.
U.S. 98 meets SR 727 (Fairfield Drive) at the community of Myrtle Grove. Photo taken 05/15/14.
SR 727 constitutes a 6.83-mile loop around Myrtle Grove from SR 292 (Gulf Beach Highway) near Bayou Grande to SR 295 near West Pensacola and Brownsville. Photo taken 05/15/14.
A 2001-2002 widening project resulted in a four-lane U.S. 98 between SR 173 and SR 295 (Navy Boulevard). This expansion upgraded a previously congested two lane route. Photo taken 05/15/14.
72nd Avenue ties into U.S. 98 at the succeeding traffic light from residential areas of Myrtle Grove south from Jackson Street (CR 298A). Photo taken 05/16/14.
61st Avenue stems north from U.S. 98 to Lake Joanne Drive along the western boundary of Naval Hospital Pensacola. Photo taken 05/15/14.
The main entrance to Naval Hospital Pensacola follows along U.S. 98 east at the ensuing traffic light. Photo taken 05/15/14.
Reassurance marker posted ahead of Veterans Way north to the V.A. Outpatient Clinic at Corry Station. Photo taken 05/15/14.
Navy Exchange Road intersects U.S. 98 south from Naval Technical Training Center Corry Station opposite the Warrington Campus of Pensacola State College. Photo taken 05/15/14.
U.S. 98 merges with SR 295 (Navy Boulevard) north at Warrington. Photo taken 05/15/14.
Navy Boulevard carries SR 295 southward from U.S. 98 (Dr. Farin Drive) to Warrington and the Main Gate of Pensacola Naval Air Station. Northward, the state road joins U.S. 98 briefly to New Warrington Road. Photo taken 05/15/14.
U.S. 98 East Florida State Road 295 North
U.S. 98 east & SR 295 northbound shield assembly posted at the beginning of their 0.3-mile overlap. Photo taken 11/30/08.
SR 295 continues north to West Pensacola and a short expressway at U.S. 90 (Mobile Highway). U.S. 98 (Navy Boulevard) branches east toward Downtown Pensacola. Photo taken 05/15/14.
U.S. 98 East
Old Corry Field Road crosses paths with U.S. 98 (Navy Boulevard) on the eastward curve toward Bayou Chico from SR 295. Signed as County Road 295A only at U.S. 98, the 2.724-mile route leads north to West Pensacola (Lillian Highway) and south to SR 292 (Barrancas Avenue) at Warrington. Photo taken 05/16/14.
U.S. 98 eastbound shield posted between County Road 295A (Old Corry Field Road) and Chiefs' Way (SR 294). SR 294 constitutes a 0.22-mile connector between U.S. 98 west to SR 295, east of the Corry Field Main Gate. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Pylons separate traffic from the end of SR 294 from the eastbound mainline of U.S. 98. SR 294 becomes the hidden state road number of U.S. 98 eastward to Pace Boulevard. Photo taken 11/30/08.
U.S. 98 nears a crossing of Bayou Chico along a short stretch of concrete roadway. Photo taken 05/16/14.
Bayou Chico represents the Pensacola city line across U.S. 98 eastbound. Photo taken 05/16/14.
Navy Boulevard eastbound nears the south end of Escambia County Road 453 (W Street). County Road 453 represents one of the remaining 400 series of county roads in Escambia County. These roads were numbered in the 400s to avoid replicating existing 200 series routes. Photo taken 05/16/14.
The junction shield for County Road 453 was briefly signed as County Road 435 in 2000. This error was quickly replaced. Photo taken 12/03/00.
CR 453 ventures 5.30 miles northward along W Street to U.S. 29 (Pensacola Boulevard) near Brent. A CR 453 shield posted at W Street was taken down by 2008. Photo taken 05/16/14.
U.S. 98 rises to pass over a Alabama & Gulf Coast Railway spur immediately after W Street. This bridge was reconstructed in 2002. Photo taken 05/15/14.
U.S. 98 (Navy Boulevard) eastbound approaches SR 292 (Pace Boulevard) and U.S. 98 Business (Garden Street). U.S. 98 turns northbound with SR 292 for an eight block overlap to U.S. 90 (Cervantes Street). Business U.S. 98 begins and carries the unsigned SR 30 designation via Garden Street to Downtown Pensacola. Photo taken 05/15/14.
Pace Boulevard travels north from Bayou Chico to U.S. 29 (Palafox Street) near Brent. Southward, SR 292 heads to Warrington and Perdido Key, completing a 24.75-mile route as Alabama 182 near Orange Beach.
U.S. 98 Business was commissioned in 1981 when U.S. 98 bypassed Downtown via Pace Boulevard and Cervantes Street. The business loop travels east to the Garden District, returning to U.S. 98 by Pensacola Bay Center and Interstate 110. Photo taken 05/15/14.
U.S. 98 East Florida State Road 292 North
Pace Boulevard continues north from Navy Boulevard with U.S. 98 east & SR 292 north. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Jackson Street leads west from Pace Boulevard as unsigned County Road 298A, 4.554 miles to SR 727 at Myrtle Grove. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Approaching the split of U.S. 98 east for U.S. 90 (Cervantes Street) on Pace Boulevard north. Photo taken 11/30/08.
U.S. 90 follows Cervantes Street east from Mobile Highway to Bayou Texar in central Pensacola. Westward, the US route continues from West Pensacola to Bellview, Beulah and Seminole, Alabama. U.S. 90 & 98 overlap from SR 292 (Pace Boulevard) to SR 289 (Ninth Avenue). Photo taken 11/30/08.
U.S. 90 U.S. 98 East
U.S. 90/98 combine east from SR 292 for 2.06 miles along Cervantes Street in Pensacola. Photo taken 05/16/14.
Approaching the signalized intersection with E Street on U.S. 90 & 98 (Cervantes Street) eastbound. Despite signage posted for County Road 443, E Street no longer shows up as a county maintained roadway in FDOT shape files. Escambia County Road 443 was a vastly unsigned route utilizing E Street between Cervantes Street and SR 752 (Texar Drive). Photo taken 11/30/08.
Mast-arm traffic lights at the intersection of U.S. 90/98 (Cervantes Street) and E Street. E Street heads 0.6 mile southward to U.S. 98 Business (Garden Street), by Barrancas Avenue. Photo taken 05/16/14.
U.S. 90/98 (Cervantes Street) eastbound kink northward at A Street. The Pensacola street grid shifts to match the Pensacola Bay coastline east of A Street from Maxwell Street south to Main Street. Photo taken 05/16/14.
Eastbound U.S. 90/98 confirming markers posted along Cervantes Street at Devilliers Street. Photo taken 05/16/14.
North of the Garden District, U.S. 90/ 98 intersect Spring Street. Spring Street, Baylen Street, and Palafox Street pass through the scenic neighborhood between Cervantes Street and U.S. 98 Business (Garden Street). Spring Street was switched to two way traffic on November 20, 2012. Photo taken 05/16/14.
One block east of Spring Street at Baylen Street. Baylen Street was also switched from one way to two way traffic by early December 2012. The signal here is the second in a series of seven between Spring Street and SR 291 north (Davis Highway). Photo taken 11/17/12.
An erroneous shield for SR 29 once took the place of U.S. 29 along U.S. 90/98 (Cervantes Street) east between Baylen and Palafox Streets. It was corrected within six months. Photo taken 12/20/03.
U.S. 29 travels along Palafox Street northward to Pensacola Boulevard en route to Brent, Ensley, Gonzalez, and Cantonment. Photo taken 05/16/14.
Another erroneous SR 29 shield was posted at the southern terminus of U.S. 29/SR 95 along U.S. 90/98 (Cervantes Street) eastbound. Additionally, this sign displayed U.S. 29 continuing southward along Palafox Street into Downtown, which it never did. Photo taken 12/20/03.
U.S. 29 constitutes the main artery out of the Pensacola metropolitan area to U.S. 31 and Alabama Route 113 at Flomaton.. U.S. 29 stretches 1,036 miles from Pensacola to Mt. Hebron, west of Baltimore, Maryland. Photo taken 05/16/14.
Cervantes Street elevated along a viaduct from U.S. 29 (Palafox Street) to a the half diamond interchange with Interstate 110 at Hayne Street. Originally a concrete bridge supported by timber pilings carried the roadway above a CSX Railroad line and adjacent Tarragona Street. That span was demolished and replaced during construction from April 2004 and October 2005. Photo taken 05/16/14.
Hayne Street flows north from Wright Street to U.S. 90 & 98 (Cervantes Street) and the northbound on-ramp to Interstate 110. Interstate 110 leads northward from the Pensacola Bay Center and U.S. 98 Business (Gregory Street) to Brent and Interstate 10 near Ferry Pass. Photo taken 01/31/06.
Hayne Street flows north from Wright Street to U.S. 90/98 (Cervantes Street) and the northbound entrance ramp for I-110. Interstate 110 leads northward from the Pensacola Bay Center and U.S. 98 Business (Gregory Street) to Brent and I-10 near Ferry Pass. Photo taken 05/16/14.
U.S. 90/98 lower from the Cervantes Street viaduct to intersect Hayne Street. Hayne Street runs alongside the elevated lanes of I-110 northward to the Maxwell Street on-ramp. Photo taken 05/27/13.
Reassurance markers posted between Hayne Street and southbound SR 291 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive / Alcaniz Street). SR 291 travels a one-way street couplet (Davis Street north / MLK Drive south) from Wright Street north to Davis Highway. Photo taken 05/27/13.
SR 291 is not acknowledged from Cervantes Street eastbound, however a reassurance marker lies just south of U.S. 90 & 98 along Alcaniz Street. SR 291 south concludes at U.S. 98 Business (Gregory Street). Photo taken 05/27/13.
Eastbound U.S. 90/98 (Cervantes Street) at SR 291 (Davis Street) north. An 11.22-mile long route, SR 291 transitions from residential streets to a busy commercial arterial from Pensacola north to Ferry Pass and Nine Mile Road (U.S. 90 Alternate). Photo taken 05/16/14.
Continuing east from Davis Highway on U.S. 90/98 (Cervantes Street) passes through a mixture of commercial and residential areas to 17th Avenue and Bayou Texar. Photo taken 05/16/14.
U.S. 98 turns combines with SR 289 southward 0.496 mile to Gregory and Chase Streets. SR 289 northbound continues to SR 752 (Texar Drive), bending northeast from there to Cordova Mall, College Park and Olive Road (CR 290) at Ferry Pass. Photo taken 05/15/14.
Replaced in late 2002, the previous overhead sign assembly at Cervantes Street and Ninth Avenue once displayed colored shields for U.S. 90 and U.S. 98. Photo taken 09/29/02.
U.S. 98 East Florida State Road 289 South
Heading south along Ninth Avenue on U.S. 98 east and unsigned SR 289 south from Cervantes Street (U.S. 90). Photo taken 05/15/14.
Ninth Avenue intersects Gregory Street one block east of the Pensacola Bay Center at U.S. 98 Business (Gregory Street) west to Interstate 110 north and Alcaniz Street (SR 291). Photo taken 05/09/04.
SR 289 concludes where U.S. 98 turns east onto Chase Street from Ninth Avenue south. Photo taken 05/16/14.
U.S. 98 Business joins Chase Street east from Alcaniz Street and combines with traffic at the south end of I-110. U.S. 98 overtakes Chase Street west from the business route at Ninth Avenue. Ninth Avenue continues another six blocks south to SR 196 (Bayfront Parkway) and the Pensacola Bay shoreline. Photo taken 05/16/14.
U.S. 98 East
2 photos
2 photos
Resuming an eastward course, U.S. 98 follows Chase Street four blocks to Bayfront Parkway. Gulf Breeze lies five miles to the southeast across the Pensacola Bay Bridge. Photos taken 05/16/14.
Motorists bound for Interstate 110 north are directed into the left lanes of U.S. 98 ahead of the merge with Bayfront Parkway. U.S. 98 west utilizes Gregory Street two blocks to the north; Gregory Street connects with the freeway by the Pensacola Bay Center. Photo taken 05/16/14.
2 photos
2 photos
Two lanes of Chase Street eastbound default onto Bayfront Parkway and U.S. 98 east to the Pensacola Bay Bridge. The right lane joins SR 196 (Bayfront Parkway) west to Main Street and Downtown. Photos taken 05/16/14.
Bayfront Parkway hugs the north shore of Pensacola Bay. Eastbound drivers are afforded an open view of the bay and the approaching Three Mile Bridge across the bay. Photo taken 01/01/12.
Separate roadways of U.S. 98 combine ahead of 17th Avenue and the Pensacola Bay Bridge. 17th Avenue is a two-lane connector linking U.S. 98 and U.S. 90 (Cervantes Street). Historically the street represented the western extent of U.S. 98, prior to the 1955 westward extension. Photo taken 05/16/14.
Advisory signs warned motorists of running out of fuel across the narrow Three Mile Bridge to Gulf Breeze. A $427 million project underway through mid-2021 replaced the substandard span with a pair of three-lane spans.1 Work on the new Pensacola Bay Bridge coincides with the 17th Avenue Interchange Project. The grade separation at 17th Avenue will eliminate the traffic light and improve traffic flow.2 Photo taken 05/16/14.
U.S. 98 curved southward by Wayside Park onto the Pensacola Bay (Philip D. Beall, Sr. Memorial) Bridge. The four-lane span opened to traffic in October 1960. Photo taken 05/15/14.
2 photos
2 photos
Looking west from Pensacola Bay Bridge at a former railroad wharf and the distant Port of Pensacola. Pensacola Naval Air Station lines the western horizon. Photo taken 01/03/10. Second photo taken 05/29/10.
The eventual eastbound Pensacola Bay Bridge was built along the west side of the old crossing. It opened with two-way traffic on September 8, 2019, allowing crews to demolish the 1960 bridge and construct the future westbound bridge.1 Photo taken 05/16/14.
Upon completion in mid-2021, the new Pensacola Bay Bridge will provide three 12-foot travel lanes per direction, with 10 foot inside and outside shoulders on each span. Additionally two 10 foot wide shared-use paths will allow bicyclists and pedestrians to use U.S. 98 between Pensacola and Gulf Breeze for the first time.1 Photo taken 05/16/14.

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  2. "FDOT to Begin 17th Avenue Interchange Project Ahead of Schedule." Escambia County, Florida, news release. June 8, 2018.

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