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U.S. 98 east
U.S. 98 crosses the Escatawpa River between Latonia, Mississippi and Moffett, Alabama. A 1986-built bridge carries two-way traffic presently while a 2002-completed eastbound span sits idle. Photo taken 10/06/11.
Welcome to Alabama sign posted ahead of Grant Road on U.S. 98 east. The planned four-lane alignment for U.S. 98 will branch eastward from this stretch to Jones Road and County Road 63 just north of Wilmer. Photo taken 10/06/11.
Clearview-based mileage sign posted four miles out from unincorporated Wilmer and 27 miles from Downtown Mobile. U.S. 98 spans a CN Railroad beyond this assembly. Photo taken 10/06/11.
Eastbound U.S. 98 at Mobile County Road 7 (Natchez Highway). CR 7 connects with Mississippi 612 west to Howell and Mississippi 613 near Agricola. Photo taken 10/06/11.
U.S. 98 (Moffett Road) advances east from CR 7 (Natchez Highway) to the unincorporated community of Wilmer. Photo taken 03/29/09.
Mobile County 5 travels south from U.S. 98 (Moffett Road) in Wilmer to Airport Boulevard (CR 56) on the west side of Big Creek Lake. Traffic lights were added here in 2006. Photo taken 10/06/11.
Wilmer constitutes a small grid of numbered streets and alphabetized avenues. This eastbound shield stands along Moffett Road between CR 5 and 3rd Street. Photo taken 10/06/11.
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Mobile County 63 follows 6th Street north from Wilmer to Wilmer Georgetown Road, connecting U.S. 98 with SR 217 (Lott Road). Photo taken 10/06/11. Second photo taken 03/29/09.
U.S. 98 (Moffett Road) continues east from County Road 63 by Wilmer Park. Photo taken 10/06/11.
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U.S. 98 crosses Big Creek Lake, the Mobile Municipal Water Supply, on a 1984-built bridge. Concerns over water runoff and soil erosion into the reservoir due to construction of the Wilmer Bypass ultimately shelved completion of the new roadway. Photos taken 10/06/11.
U.S. 98 intersects Brannon Road ahead of this reassurance marker at the Fairview community. Photo taken 03/29/09.
Traffic lights were added at U.S. 98 and Glenwood Road / Glenwood Road Extension by 2006. Glenwood Road leads north to rural residential areas at Natchez Trace Road. Photo taken 10/06/11.
Blackwell Nursery Road West leads south from U.S. 98 (Moffett Road) and east to Mary G. Montgomery High School and Mobile County 25 (Snow Road). This traffic light was added by 2003. Photo taken 03/29/09.
Continuing east from Blackwell Nursery Road West and Fairview toward Semmes on U.S. 98 (Moffett Road). Photo taken 03/29/09.
U.S. 98 expands from to three to five lanes at Mobile County Road 25 (Snow Road) in Semmes. Snow Road leads 10.0 miles southward to Jeff Hamilton Road (CR 36), roughly representing the western boundary of the West Mobile suburbs. Photo taken 03/29/09.
The Hosea O. Weaver Bridge carries U.S. 98 (Moffett Road) over the CN Railroad line in Semmes. Hosea O. Weaver was a roadbuilder. Some of the construction projects he contributed to include the bridge and approaches for U.S. 98 at Big Creek Lake, the CN Railroad bridge in Semmes, widening and paving of portions of U.S. 98 and SR 59, and drainage work on the southernmost stretch of I-65.1 Photo taken 07/16/07.
Lowering from the CN Railroad bridge, U.S. 98 intersects Mobile County 68 (Wulff Road) south and Mobile County 27 (McCrary Road) north. McCrary Road leads north to SR 217 (Lott Road) at Millertown; Wulff Road loops southwest from Semmes to Snow and Howells Ferry Roads east of Big Creek Lake. Photo taken 07/16/07.
U.S. 98 eastbound reassurance shield posted after McCrary and Wulff Roads. This stretch of Moffett Road is generally regarded as the center of Semmes. Photo taken 09/26/08.
Firetower Road stems southward from U.S. 98 (Moffett Road) in Semmes to Wards Lane and Mobile County 72 (Howells Ferry Road). Photo taken 07/16/07.
Sinking toward the crossing of Double Branch creek along an undeveloped stretch of U.S. 98 east. Photo taken 07/16/07.
U.S. 98 (Moffett Road) angles southeast across Schillinger Road (CR 31) at a commercialized intersection. Traffic increased here when a second traffic light was installed just west of CR 31 for adjacent big box retail in 2005. Schillinger Road constitutes the main north-south commercial arterial through West Mobile. Photo taken 10/10/11.
Departing the intersection with Mobile County 31, U.S. 98 advances southeast from the city of Semmes toward Mobile. Semmes incorporated on August 17, 2010. The city limits include three stretches of U.S. 98. Photo taken 10/10/11.
A traffic light was added to Ching Dairy Road by December 2003 after complaints about turning difficulties from the residential road onto U.S. 98 (Moffett Road). Photo taken 10/10/11.
U.S. 98 (Moffett Road) formally enters the city limits of Mobile between the intersections of Magnolia Grove Parkway west and Bear Fork Road east. Magnolia Grove Parkway meanders southwest to the Magnolia Grove city Golf Course. Bear Fork Road straddles the Mobile city line to Prichard and U.S. 45 (St. Stephens Road). Photo taken 10/10/11.
Howells Ferry Road ties into U.S. 98 (Moffett Road) by Town West Village Shopping Center. Posted as County Road 72 outside the Mobile city limits, Howells Ferry Road navigates along a winding course from Big Creek Lake through Semmes. Photo taken 10/10/11.
U.S. 98 (Moffett Road) continues with five overall lanes from Howells Ferry Road toward the Forest Hill area of Mobile. Photo taken 10/10/11.
Approaching the grade separated intersection with University Boulevard along U.S. 98 east. University Loop connects the two arterials to the northwest of the Carl Williams Bridge. University Boulevard constitutes a multi-lane arterial south to the University of South Alabama (USA) campus and U.S. 90 (Government Boulevard). High Point Boulevard extends the road north to Bear Fork Road and SR 217 (Lott Road) in the city of Prichard. Photo taken 07/17/07.
The traffic light with University Loop also serves an adjacent shopping center sandwiched between Moffett Road and Overlook Road. U.S. 98 otherwise passes over University Boulevard north of its signal with Overlook along the Carl Williams Bridge. The exchange with University Boulevard opened to traffic in June 1998. Photo taken 10/10/11.
Entering the Forest Hill community of Mobile, U.S. 98 enters successive intersections with Forest Hill Road south and Shelton Beach Road Extension north. Forest Hill Drive connects U.S. 98 with Zeigler Boulevard at Langan Park. Photo taken 10/10/11.
Shelton Beach Road Extension leads northeast to the passive Megginson Park and Eight Mile in Prichard. Shelton Beach Road is a part of SR 213 north from U.S. 45. Photo taken 11/21/08.
U.S. 98 descends from Forest Hill to the intersection with Wolf Ridge Road. Wolf Ridge Road meanders northeast from Moffett Road to U.S. 45 (St. Stephens Road) in the city of Prichard. Photo taken 10/10/11.
Continuing the drop in elevation along U.S. 98, Moffett Road meets Interstate 65 and its Service Roads at a folded diamond interchange. A 2008-installed sign directs motorists to the left lane for the approaching freeway. Photo taken 10/10/11.
Junction Interstate 65 shield assembly posted along U.S. 98 east at Kendrick Drive. Commercial frontage lines Moffett Road from this point east to the merge with Spring Hill Avenue. Photo taken 10/10/11.
The ramp to Interstate 65 south departs from West I-65 Service Road just north of U.S. 98 (Moffett Road). Photo taken 10/10/11.
All movements to Interstate 65 are relegated to the north side of Moffett Road due to adjacent CN Railroad line. Photo taken 10/10/11.
Service Roads follow both sides of Interstate 65 northward from U.S. 98 (Moffett Road) to U.S. 45 (St. Stephens Road) in Prichard. The frontage roads also line the freeway southward from Spring Hill Avenue to U.S. 90 (Government Boulevard). Photo taken 11/21/08.
Passing under the freeway ahead of the East I-65 Service Road to Interstate 65 north on U.S. 98 east. Photo taken 10/10/11.
Interstate 65 shield and guide sign for the East I-65 Service Road. Interstate 65 continues north from Mobile and Prichard to Chickasaw, Saraland, Satsuma and Montgomery. Photo taken 10/10/11.
Turning left onto the East I-65 Service Road from U.S. 98 east. This intersection was reconfigured in November 2009, with traffic lights added over eastbound Moffett Road. Photo taken 11/21/08.
U.S. 98 shifts onto Spring Hill Avenue through the Crichton community. The five-lane boulevard advances through an older commercial strip beyond the end of Moffett Road. Photo taken 10/29/03.
Eastbound at the intersection with Union Avenue. U.S. 98 maintains five lanes from Semmes eastward to the intersection with Mobile Street. Photo taken 10/29/03.
U.S. 98 intersects Hosfelt Lane, one of many residential streets connecting with Spring Hill Avenue in this area. Photo taken 10/29/03.
Mobile Street travels north to University of South Alabama Medical Center and the city of Prichard and south to Dauphin Street in Midtown Mobile. Photo taken 07/16/07.
A landscaped median separates traffic along U.S. 98 east of Mobile Street through the Park Place neighborhood. Photo taken 07/16/07.
Spring Hill Avenue eastbound at Florida Street. Florida Street comprises an major urban collector through Midtown Mobile, linking U.S. 98 with Airport Boulevard at the Carlen community. Photo taken 10/29/03.
Eastbound U.S. 98 at the split intersection of Woodlands Avenue north and Upham Street south in Park Place. Photo taken 07/16/07.
Stanton Road stems north from Spring Hill Avenue across Threemile Creek to the Carver, Oakleigh and Summerville neighborhoods of north Mobile. Photo taken 10/29/03.
U.S. 98 transitions back into a five-lane boulevard east of Walshwood Street through the Lyons Park community. A reassurance marker stands just beyond Catherine Street. Photo taken 07/16/07.
Spring Hill Avenue merges with U.S. 45 (St. Stephens Road) at Ann Street. Traveling 1,297 miles across the country, U.S. 45 stretches from Ontonagon, Michigan to U.S. 98 in Mobile.
Historically U.S. 43 traveled with U.S. 45 southward from Wilson Avenue. U.S. 45 also used to continue along Spring Hill Avenue east to Broad Street south where it, U.S. 43, and U.S. 31 all ended at Government Street (U.S. 90). Photo taken 07/16/07.
U.S. 45 adds local traffic from Prichard and nearby Mobile neighborhoods onto U.S. 98 as Springhill Avenue advances east toward Downtown Mobile. Photo taken 04/11/12.
U.S. 98 (Spring Hill Avenue) intersects Kennedy Street at this signal midway between U.S. 45 and U.S. 90 (Broad Street). Photo taken 04/11/12.
U.S. 98 east combines with U.S. 90 west for a five-block overlap along Broad Street south to Government Street. U.S. 90 follows part of the Henry Aaron Loop encircling Downtown via Broad and Beauregard Streets north to Interstate 165 at Waters Street. Photo taken 04/11/12.
This set of reflective overheads were installed in fall 2001. Signage for Broad Street north previously displayed "NORTH U.S. 43, TRUCK U.S. 90, TRUCK U.S. 98". Signs were changed again between 2007 and 2008 when Spring Hill Avenue was restriped. Spring Hill Avenue extends another four blocks east to merge with Dauphin Street at the Lower Dauphin Entertainment District (LoDa). Photo taken 07/16/07.
Historically, Spring Hill Avenue east at Broad Street represented the merge of U.S. 31, 43, 45, 90 and 98 south to Government Street. U.S. 98 Truck carries drivers bound for Spanish Fort northward along I-165 to Bay Bridge Road and the Cochrane-Africatown USA Bridge to bypass the Bankhead Tunnel. Photo taken 04/11/12.
U.S. 90 West U.S. 98 East
A sign bridge referencing the hazardous materials restrictions for both the George Wallace (I-10) and Bankhead (U.S. 98) Tunnels appears along U.S. 90 west / 98 east at the intersection with Old Shell Road. All trucks carrying hazardous materials are directed northward to the Cochrane-Africatown Bridge.
Old Shell Road begins to the right, passing through residential areas initially, and gaining traffic west from Spring Hill College to the University of South Alabama. Photo taken 04/11/12.
Dauphin Street becomes one-way eastbound into the Lower Dauphin Entertainment District (LoDa) at its split with St. Francis Street. Photo taken 04/11/12.
Broad Street continues beyond Dauphin Street to Government Street. U.S. 98 east follow Government Street through the central business district while U.S. 90 takes the street west to Government Boulevard and Tillman's Corner. Photo taken 04/11/12.
U.S. 90 west and U.S. 98 east part ways at Government Street. U.S. 98 travels a half mile to Mobile Government Plaza and the Bankhead Tunnel. U.S. 90 west continues toward Midtown Mobile. Broad Street extends south to ramps with Interstate 10 and Mobile Downtown Airport (BFM). Photo taken 04/11/12.
U.S. 98 east
Left turns from Government Street (U.S. 90) east to Broad Street (U.S. 98 west) north are prohibited. Instead a New Jersey style jughandle configuration takes U.S. 90 eastbound on Jefferson Street south and Church Street west to continue northward on Broad Street. Photo taken 04/11/12.
The first U.S. 98 eastbound shield along Government Street stands at Scott Street ahead of the City of Mobile - Ben May Main Library. Photo taken 02/10/06.
Washington Avenue meets U.S. 98 (Government Street) at the succeed traffic light. Once a more prominent through road, Washington Avenue leads south from western reaches of the Lower Dauphin Entertainment District to the Texas Street and Oakdale communities and Broad Street north of I-10. Photo taken 12/17/09.
Cedar Street flows south from Congress Street and across U.S. 98 to the Canal Street service road. Photo taken 04/11/12.
Progressing eastward into the Mobile central business district, U.S. 98 intersects Hamilton Street by the Mobile Chamber of Commerce. Several Interstate 165 trailblazers direct motorists to Water Street through Downtown. Photo taken 04/11/12.
Lawrence Street angles northwest from Canal Street and the Mobile Civic Center to U.S. 90 (Beauregard Street). This stretch of Government Street is a part of the main Mardi Gras parade route. During parades, U.S. 98 is closed to vehicular traffic from Broad Street east to the Bankhead Tunnel. Photo taken 12/17/09.
Interstate 10 trailblazer at the intersection of Government and Franklin Streets. Photo taken 04/11/12.
U.S. 98 (Government Street) east at Claiborne Street. Claiborne Street links Downtown with Interstate 10 via the Canal Street on-ramp. This intersection represents the last turn along the main Mobile Mardi Gras parade route. Photo taken 12/17/09.
Government Street separates with U.S. 98 beyond Conception Street at the Bankhead Tunnel. Conception Street flows north from Mobile Government Plaza to Bienville Square and Adams Street. North of St. Louis Street, Conception Street represents the historic alignment of U.S. 90. Photo taken 07/18/07.
U.S. 98 lowers into the two lane Bankhead Tunnel. Government Street splits into a divided boulevard, with the final three blocks traveling above the tunnel to Royal and Water Streets north of Fort Condé. Photo taken 04/11/12.
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Descending into the Bankhead Tunnel, U.S. 98 passes below a statue of Admiral Raphael Semmes, the adjacent Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel and the Arthur Outlaw Mobile Convention Center. Photos taken 04/11/12.
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4 photos
4 photos
4 photos
The Bankhead Tunnel opened on February 20, 1941. The 3,389 foot long tunnel cost $4 million to construct, and was tolled until 1973.2 Passing is restricted and the speed limits is 35 miles per hour. Photos taken 04/11/12, 12/17/09.
Emerging from the Bankhead Tunnel, traffic on U.S. 98 east separates for Dunlap Drive west, I-10 east across the Mobile Bayway, Battleship Parkway east and U.S. 90 (Cochrane Causeway) west. Photo taken 07/18/07.
Free flowing ramps connect U.S. 98 east with both Interstate 10 east to Spanish Fort and Daphne and the continuation of the route onto Battleship Parkway (U.S. 90). Photo taken 04/11/12.
U.S. 90 & 98 combine for 6.8 miles across a causeway traversing northern reaches of Mobile Bay. Photo taken 08/21/03.
The entrance ramp for Interstate 10 east only serves traffic from the Bankhead Tunnel. All other motorists along Battleship Parkway must continue east to the subsequent on-ramp. Photo taken 04/11/12.
U.S. 90 U.S. 98 East
Travelers originating from the Cochrane-Africatown Bridge on U.S. 90 & 98 Truck (Cochrane Causeway) must continue three miles to access I-10. A westbound on-ramp provides access for the nearby industrial and shipbuilding businesses to Interstate 10 west. Photo taken 07/16/07.
U.S. 90 eastbound overlaps with U.S. 98 for eight miles across Mobile Bay. The ramp to Interstate 10 eastbound departs from the Bankhead Tunnel and U.S. 98 to the right. This ramp previously was accessible to motorists along U.S. 90 eastbound. However following repairs from a truck fire on the ramp bridge in 2000, the slip ramp from U.S. 90 east to the entrance ramp remain closed. Photo taken 06/02/10.
This set of reassurance shields stands beyond the exchange with I-10 by the Wallace Tunnel. The Interstate 10 Detour shield references the hazmat route signed in 1999 across the Cochrane Bridge and Truck U.S. 98. Photo taken 07/16/07.
Mast-arm traffic light assemblies were added to the intersection of U.S. 90 & 98 at Addsco Road in 2010. A shipbuilding plant opened along Addsco Road during this time period. Photo taken 05/27/10.
USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park lies on the east end of Blakeley Island. The park is also home to the Vietnam and Korean Veterans Memorial. Photo taken 07/16/07.
U.S. 90 & 98 (Battleship Parkway) span the Tensaw River and enter Baldwin County. The eastbound bridge was opened in 1998; the westbound span has been in service since 1965. Photo taken 07/16/07.

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