U.S. 98 east
Drivers enter unincorporated Wynn Haven Beach after crossing the county line. The community resides in a narrow swath between Eglin A.F.B lands and Santa Rosa Sound. Photo taken 03/19/09.
U.S. 98 shield posted after the Santa Rosa County line. Okaloosa County, home to Eglin Air Force Base, Fort Walton Beach, and the resort town of Destin. The 2010 U.S. Census indicates that 180,822 call the county home. Photo taken 08/23/11.
Entering the Florosa area along U.S. 98 east. Photo taken 03/19/09.
A traffic light governs the movements between U.S. 98 (Miracle Strip Parkway) and Parish Boulevard. Parish Boulevard spurs southwest to the Parrish Point neighborhood adjacent to The Narrows of Santa Rosa Sound. Photo taken 04/26/10.
Eastbound reassurance shield posted between Parish Boulevard and Seashore Village on Miracle Strip Parkway east. Photo taken 08/23/11.
Traffic lights at the U.S. 98 entrance to Florosa Elementary School. One of the last area span wire signal assemblies was replaced soon after this photo was taken. These lights are in full operation during school hours only. Photo taken 10/31/08.
U.S. 98 enters the Hurlburt Field area of Eglin A.F.B. after Falling Waters Drive. Within the military reservation is the congested intersection with Cody Avenue north and Champaign Street south. Hurlburt Field itself lies to the north; the Soundside Area of the A.F.B is to the south. Photo taken 04/04/09.
U.S. 98 is designated Air Commando Boulevard on the stretch within Hurlburt Field. An interchange was planned with Cody Avenue, but environmental concerns continually prevent the project from moving forward. Photo taken 02/13/10.
Leaving the military area, U.S. 98 (Miracle Strip Parkway) enters the city of Mary Esther. Mary Esther was established in the mid-1850s by John Newton, a minister and teacher, who named the town after his daughters. The city incorporated in 1946. Photo taken 08/23/11.
Doolittle Boulevard ties into U.S. 98 within the first mile of Mary Esther. The street links Miracle Strip Parkway with Hollywood Boulevard and adjacent Hill Avenue, a through street leading north to the East Gate of Hurlburt Field. Photo taken 08/23/11.
Nearing Florida 393 (Mary Esther Boulevard), a commercial arterial leading north to Santa Rosa Mall and western Ft. Walton Beach. Photo taken 08/23/11.
Florida 393 (Mary Esther Boulevard) travels 1.83 miles northward to Florida 189 (Beal Parkway). Also known as Mary Esther Cutoff, the state road provides one of two connections to north Ft. Walton Beach across Cinco Bayou via connections with Beal Parkway. Photo taken 08/23/11.
2 photos
2 photos
Eastbound mileage sign and reassurance shield of U.S. 98 posted after Florida 393, one mile west of downtown Ft. Walton Beach. Photo taken 08/23/11. Second photo taken 05/13/11.
Wright Parkway leads north from U.S. 98 (Miracle Strip Parkway) to Ft. Walton Beach High School and Florida 393 (Mary Esther Cutoff) near its north end. Photo taken 08/23/11.
The next traffic light governs movements between Miracle Strip Parkway and Memorial Parkway. Memorial Parkway travels south from Florida 189 (Beal Parkway) and Beal Memorial Cemetery to U.S. 98 at the Fountainhead Condominiums. Photo taken 08/23/11.
Approaching Florida 189 (Beal Parkway) north, an alternate route to Florida 85 (Eglin Parkway) via Walter Martin Road or the route's entirety north. Photo taken 08/23/11.
Overhead posted ahead of the Florida 189 northbound beginning on U.S. 98 east. Florida 189 encircles Ft. Walton Beach on a 10.53 mile loop between Miracle Strip Parkway and the Eglin A.F.B. Air Armament Center. Photo taken 08/23/11.
After two sets of guide signs, Florida 189 appears on this junction shield assembly. Photo taken 08/23/11.
Florida 189 (Beal Parkway) constitutes a four-lane arterial north and west around Cinco Bayou to Ocean City and north Ft. Walton Beach. Photo taken 08/23/11.
U.S. 98 (Miracle Strip Parkway) next approaches the split wye intersection with Florida 85 (Eglin Parkway) north. The state road connects Fort Walton Beach with the Eglin Air Force Base, Valparaiso and Niceville and doubles as one of two routes to Interstate 10 from coastal Okaloosa. Photo taken 05/11/11.
The western wye (Eglin Parkway) of Florida 85 is signed as a Truck Route despite being a part of the state road mainline. All interests to the 56.5-mile state road to Crestview and Laurel Hill must use the Eglin Parkway wye from U.S. 98 east. Photo taken 12/18/08.
Eastbound U.S. 98 at the northbound beginning of Florida 85 (Eglin Parkway) and Brooks Street east. Brooks Street represents the historic routing of U.S. 98 through the central business district. Photo taken 05/11/11.
The east wye of Florida 85 follows Florida Place from 1st Street to U.S. 98 (Miracle Strip Parkway). This branch serves interests from U.S. 98 west and to U.S. 98 east. Photo taken 12/18/08.
Perry Avenue stems north from Brooks Street to become Florida 145 from U.S. 98 to Florida 85 (Eglin parkway) at 4th Street. The 0.51-mile state road provides a busy alternative to Eglin Parkway for movements between Eglin Parkway and Okaloosa Island via the Brooks Bridge. Photo taken 05/11/11.
U.S. 98 curves southeastward and immediately rises onto the John T. Brooks Bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway. Interests to Santa Rosa Boulevard west are advised to move into the right-hand lane for the next intersection. Photo taken 04/19/09.
The John T. Brooks Bridge replaced a swing bridge when it opened in 1964. John T. Brooks was a Civil War soldier who founded the Brooks' Landing settlement that later would become Fort Walton Beach. Photo taken 12/18/08.
Descending from the John T. Brooks Bridge of U.S. 98 across Santa Rosa Sound. Shimmering waters of the Gulf of Mexico lie along the horizon. Photo taken 12/01/08.
Santa Rosa Boulevard and a set of frontage roads from underneath the Brooks Bridge tie into U.S. 98 (Miracle Strip Parkway) at the bridge east end. Santa Rosa Boulevard constitutes a four-lane divided arterial west from Marler County Park to the Eglin A.F.B. boundary on Okaloosa Island. The island community is unincorporated, but used to be a part of Fort Walton Beach. Photo taken 12/18/08.
U.S. 98 turns east along Okaloosa Island and next meets Destin in six miles. Photo taken 12/18/08.
Eastbound reassurance shield posted after the Brooks Bridge. The Gulfarium marine show aquarium lies in the background. Photo taken 12/01/08.
Pier Road and the entrance to the Emerald Coast Conference Center meet U.S. 98 where the highway divides to accommodate a grassy median. Pier Road connects with the parking area for the Okaloosa Island Fishing Pier. Photo taken 12/18/08.
The Okaloosa Area of Gulf Islands National Seashore provides Choctawhatchee Bayside access from U.S. 98 ahead of the Eglin Air Force Base lands. Photo taken 12/01/08.
2 photos
2 photos
Traveling through the east section of Eglin A.F.B. on Okaloosa Island. Photo taken 04/04/09. Second photo taken 12/18/08.
Welcome to Destin! Photo taken 12/18/08.
The William T. Marler Bridge spans East Pass between Okaloosa Island and the city of Destin. William Marler was Destin's first postmaster and named the city after fishing boat Captain Leonard Destin, Sr. whom he worked for in the late 1800s. Leonard Destin, Sr. settled in the area in the 1850s and established the fishing village. Photo taken 04/04/09.
2 photos
2 photos
East Pass dumps into the Gulf of Mexico from Choctawhatchee Bay. It is the only inlet to the Bay and adjacent Santa Rosa Sound in either Okaloosa or Santa Rosa Counties.
Old Pass Lagoon opens to the south of U.S. 98 (Harbor Boulevard), The protected waters are lined with numerous marinas and condominiums. Photos taken 12/18/09.
U.S. 98 lowers from the Marler Bridge onto Harbor Boulevard through a busy commercial district in central Destin. The eastbound span opened in 1979, joining the westbound bridge completed in 1971. Photo taken 04/04/09.
Stahlman Avenue angles northeast from U.S. 98 (Harbor Boulevard) to Hickory Street near Marler Bayou. Photo taken 05/13/11.
Florida 293 Toll trailblazer posted after Stahlman Avenue for the Mid-Bay Bridge, one of three connections from U.S. 98 in the Destin area to the mainland. An overhead sign assembly and beacon advise motorists of heavy pedestrian traffic over the next 2.5 miles. Photo taken 05/13/11.
Benning Drive, former unsigned County Road 30B, stems north from U.S. 98 (Harbor Boulevard) to Sibert Avenue (former County Road 30A) and the U.S. Army Infantry Recreation Area on Choctawhatchee Bay. Photo taken 05/13/11.
Beach Drive spurs north from U.S. 98 to Kelly Street and Joe's Bayou in central Destin. Photo taken 12/18/08.
Main Street links U.S. 98 (Harbor Boulevard) with the Coleman's Lake area and Indian Trail near Cobbs Point in Destin. The north-south road was the eastern leg of Okaloosa County 30A. Photo taken 12/18/08.
Approaching the westbound beginning of Gulf Shore Drive on U.S. 98 (Harbor Boulevard) east. Photo taken 05/13/11.
Gulf Shore Drive stems west from U.S. 98 and The Shoppes At 98 Palms to the Destin peninsula south of Old Pass Lagoon and public beach access at East Pass. Photo taken 04/04/09.
Airport Boulevard (unsigned Okaloosa County 30F) loops northwest from U.S. 98 (Emerald Coast Parkway) to Destin Airport (DTS) and Main Street at Legion Drive. The county highway tallies 1.64 miles along the road. Photo taken 12/18/08.
Reassurance marker of U.S. 98 posted on Emerald Coast Parkway after County Road 30F (Airport Road). Photo taken 06/20/09.
The western branch of County Road 2378 entails a 0.24 mile segment of Scenic U.S. Highway 98 from Emerald Coast Parkway to June White Decker Park on the Gulf of Mexico. The short spur provides public beach access. Photo taken 05/13/11.
U.S. 98 links more in land from Okaloosa County 2378 toward Destin City Hall. Photo taken 04/04/09.
Two Trees Road connects U.S. 98 with parallel Commons Drive and the Indian Bayou community. Eastbound travelers otherwise are advised of the next two beach access roads. Photo taken 12/18/08.
Henderson Beach Road leads south from Commons Drive into Henderson Beach State Park. Parkland lines the south side of Emerald Coast Parkway along this stretch. Big box retail and other shops and eateries front the north side of U.S. 98. Photo taken 04/14/09.
Matthew Boulevard leads south from U.S. 98 at Pariso Boulevard to the eastern branch of Okaloosa County 2378 (Scenic U.S. Highway 98). County Road 2378 provides the main route for coastal residents east from Henderson Beach State Park into Walton County. Photo taken 05/13/11.
Nearing the northbound beginning of Florida 293 Toll (Danny Wuerffel Way) on U.S. 98 (Emerald Coast Parkway). Florida 293 in conjunction with Florida 285, Florida 85, or U.S. 331 provides a route to Interstate 10. Photo taken 05/13/11.
The Mid-Bay Bridge directly connects U.S. 98 with Florida 20 at Bluewater Bay and Seminole east of Niceville. Florida 20 ends in Niceville to the west and connects with Freeport and Tallahassee to the east. Photo taken 05/13/11.
Connections with Florida 293 Toll to Florida 20 west and Florida 85 south lead motorists to Northwest Florida Regional Airport (VPS) and Ft. Walton Beach. Photo taken 12/01/08.
Opened in June 1993, the Mid-Bay Bridge is one of two crossings over the Choctawhatchee Bay between U.S. 98 and Florida 20 (U.S. 331 being the other). The two-lane span carries a $3.00 toll for all passenger vehicles and Florida 293 tallies 6.58 miles overall, though that figure has changed with the May 12, 2011 opening of the Mid-Bay Bridge Connector to State Road 20. Photo taken 04/14/09.
Commercial shopping centers surrounded the intersection of U.S. 98 (Emerald Coast Parkway) and Florida 293 Toll (Danny Wuerffel Way) on all four sides. Photo taken 04/14/09.
Regatta Bay Boulevard crosses U.S. 98 between Dolphin Street to the south and the Regatta Bay Golf & Country Club neighborhood to the north. Photo taken 12/18/08.
Tequesta Drive leads north of the Emerald Lakes subdivision from U.S. 98 at the next signal opposite Trista Terrace Court. Photo taken 04/04/09.

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