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U.S. 98 west
U.S. 98 lowers from the Perdido Bay bridge to the intersection with County Road 99 in Lillian. Photo taken 08/04/06.
U.S. 98 enters Baldwin County, Alabama near Chagrin Point on Perdido Bay. Photo taken 08/04/06.
County Road 99 (Boykin Boulevard) parallels Perdido Bay northward from U.S. 98 to Lillian Beach. South from Lillian, CR 99 extends to the Spanish Cove community, CR 91 near Red Bluff and Soldier Creek Road. Photo taken 10/01/09.
Continuing northwest along U.S. 98 from County Road 99 to St. Francis Street in Lillian. Lillian tried to incorporate in an effort to stave off annexation from Elberta and Orange Beach to the west. Photo taken 10/01/09.
Baldwin County 93 travels north from U.S. 98 at Hillcrest Road to agricultural areas and a handful of residences on a 2.5-mile alignment. Photo taken 10/01/09.
U.S. 98 travels one mile west from County Road 93 to meet County Road 91. Photo taken 08/04/06.
Baldwin County 91 ventures north from Soldier Creek near Red Bluff on Perdido Bay to cross U.S. 98. The route concludes 3.5 miles northward near Helton Bay. Photo taken 08/04/06.
Nearing the north end of Baldwin County 97 on U.S. 98 west. Photo taken 08/04/06.
County Road 97 follows Perdido Road south four miles to Escambia Avenue at the town of Perdido Beach. The route concludes at Magnolia Street near Palmetto Creek and Perdido Bay. Photo taken 08/04/06.
The succeeding traffic light along U.S. 98 west is at Baldwin County Road 95. Photo taken 08/04/06.
County Road 95 heads north four miles to Baldwin County 32 and south to NAS Whiting OLF Wolf and Arnica Bay. Connections with separate alignments of County Road 42 lead motorists to Josephine, Barbers Marina, and Hammock Bay. Photo taken 08/04/06.
Two miles west of County Road 95, U.S. 98 meets County Road 87 in east Elberta. Photo taken 08/02/06.
Baldwin County 87 constitutes a lengthy north-south route from Elberta to Elsanor (U.S. 90). and Gateswood (County Road 112). Outside Elberta, County Road 87 partitions into separate branches. The western portion spurs to Twin Branch Lane; the eastern segment continues along Feely Road east and Stucki Road south to County Road 20 near Hammock Creek. Photo taken 10/01/09.
Entering the heart of Elberta, U.S. 98 follows State Street to intersect Baldwin County 83 (Main Street). Photo taken 10/01/09.
Baldwin County 83 begins at County Road 20 at Miflin in south Elberta and travels north to County Road 32 on the outskirts of Foley. Three more sections of County Road 83 exists north of County Road 32. Photo taken 10/01/09.
U.S. 98 angles southwest from Elberta ahead of Sandy Creek. Photo taken 10/01/09.
U.S. 98 enters the city of Foley ahead of the Foley Beach Express. Comprising a 13.5-mile route linking SR 180 (Canal Road) at Orange Beach with SR 59 south of Summerdale, the expressway spans the Intracoastal Waterway across a two-lane toll bridge. Photo taken 10/01/09.
The Foley Beach Express narrows to an undivided boulevard at U.S. 98, but otherwise constitutes a controlled access expressway. The corridor opened southward from Summerdale in 2000, and northward along the Baldwin Beach Expressway to I-10 in August 2014. Photo taken 10/01/09.
U.S. 98 (Laurel Avenue) west crosses paths with SR 59 (McKenzie Street) in Downtown Foley. SR 59 represents the main highway linking Gulf Shores and Orange Beach with Interstate 10, Bay Minette and points north along I-65. Photo taken 06/05/02.
Two miles west of Downtown Foley, U.S. 98 leaves the city and meets Baldwin County 65. Photo taken 08/03/06.
Baldwin County 65 travels south from U.S. 98, 5.25 miles to Bon Secour and 3.5 miles north to County Road 28 (Marlow Road) outside Summerdale. County Road 65 also exists from Robertsdale north to near Loxley. Photo taken 08/03/06.
U.S. 98 spans Fish River within Weeks Bay Reserve. Pictured here is the 1954 bridge that carried U.S. 98 over the waterway adjacent to Weeks Bay. Construction from summer 2004 to March 2007 replaced the narrow span with a wider bridge that includes full shoulders and a multiuse path. Photo taken 06/05/02.
Leaving the Turkey Branch area and SR 181 / Baldwin County 27 north on U.S. 98 west. Photo taken 08/01/06.
An additional branch of Baldwin County 27 travels south from U.S. 98 along Mary Ann Beach Road to County Road 1 near Fish River Point. Photo taken 08/01/06.
County Road 27 departs U.S. 98 west for Mary Ann Nelson Park on Bon Secour Bay. Mary Ann Beach Road Extension ties in from the north as a private road. Future construction will extend SR 181 southward from the turn onto County Road 27, north of Turkey Branch, to end at U.S. 98 here. Photo taken 08/01/06.
U.S. 98 travels one mile west from Baldwin County 13 to Greeno Road north at County Road 11 south and County Road 98 (Eastern Shore Parkway) west. An Interstate 10 trailblazer directs motorists onto Greeno Road northbound through Fairhope. Photo taken 08/03/06.
Baldwin County 98 extends west along what was U.S. 98 Alternate to Eastern Shore Parkway north along Mobile Bay. County Road 11 heads south and then east, paralleling U.S. 98 back to County Road 27. Photo taken 08/03/06.
Signs for Scenic CR 98 replaced the majority of remaining signs for U.S. 98 Alternate by 2002. The bannered route follows the former alignment of U.S. 98 through Point Clear, Magnolia Beach, Downtown Fairhope, Montrose and Daphne. AASHTO approved the realignment of U.S. 98 east onto Greeno Road on October 3, 1981. Photo taken 12/09/00.
U.S. 98 heads northward from Barnwell to Bridgehead. Greeno Road carries the route through Fairhope. Photo taken 08/03/06.
U.S. 98 meets CR 3 a half mile north from Scenic CR 98. County Road 3 heads east from Barnwell to County Road 13 and north to Section Street in Fairhope along a stair-stepped route west of U.S. 98. Photo taken 08/03/06.
1.25 miles beyond CR 3, U.S. 98 (Greeno Road) crosses paths with CR 24. Photo taken 08/03/06.
Baldwin County 24 straddles the section line west one mile to end at Bernice Souders Lane and east 3.25 miles to end near the Fish River. Photo taken 08/03/06.
U.S. 98 (Greeno Road) expands into a four-lane divided highway ahead of County Road 32 (Marlow Road). Photo taken 08/03/06.
County Road 32 links U.S. 98 with the adjacent H.L. (Sonny) Callahan Municipal Airport (CQF). The bulk of Fairhope remains to the north. Photo taken 08/03/06.
Marlow Road carries Baldwin County 32 west to Point Clear and Baldwin County 98 (Eastern Shore Parkway). Eastward the route continues beyond the airport to Marlow, Summerdale and a rural end at CC Road near Helton Bay. Photo taken 08/03/06.
Baldwin County 34 stems east from U.S. 98 at Old Battles Road two miles to SR 181. Photo taken 08/03/06.
U.S. 98 narrows onto a five-lane boulevard and transitions into an increasingly commercialized stretch from County Road 44 (Twin Beech Road) northward through Fairhope. Photo taken 06/09/06.
Twin Beach Road travels west one mile to County Road 3 (Section Street) and Houstonville and east two miles to end at SR 181 in suburban east Fairhope. County Road 44 ends at County Road 98 (Eastern Shore Parkway) near Battles Wharf to the west. Photo taken 08/03/06.
Continuing north along U.S. 98 (Greeno Road) west from Twin Beach Road. Photo taken 06/09/06.
Nichols Avenue constitutes a residential through street west to the Fairhope street grid south of Downtown. The road ties into Boothe Road near several subdivisions to the east. Photo taken 06/09/06.
Morphy Avenue provides one of two through routes to Downtown Fairhope from U.S. 98 (Greeno Road). The street doubles as County Road 46 east to Thompson Hall Road. Photo taken 06/09/06.
Fairhope Avenue mirrors the path of Morphy Avenue west to Downtown but continues to Mobile Street at Fairhope Municipal Pier. Baldwin County 48 follows the road east to SR 181 and continues from the city to Bohemian Hall Road near Silverhill. Photo taken 06/09/06.
Gayfer Avenue meets U.S. 98 (Greeno Road) at the next traffic light. The east-west street is County Road 30 between County Road 98 (Section Street) at Volanta to SR 181. Photo taken 06/09/06.
U.S. 98 bends northwestward and approaches SR 104. When U.S. 98 was extended west from Pensacola to Mississippi in 1955, the route overtook SR 104 north from Fairhope north to Bridgehead. Photo taken 06/09/06.
A guide sign directs motorists to CR 98 (Eastern Shore Parkway) via the roadway of SR 104 west to Section Street North near Seacliff. Former U.S. 98 Alternate continues northward to Montrose along Main Street. Photo taken 06/09/06.
SR 104 leads east 10.769 miles from U.S. 98 and Fairhope to Silverhill and SR 59 in Robertsdale. Photo taken 06/09/06.
A forested area lines U.S. 98 from SR 104 toward Fly Creek. A guide sign directs motorists northward to Daphne and Spanish Fort. Photo taken 06/09/06.
Veterans Drive links parallel County Road 98 (Main Street) with U.S. 98 ahead of Fly Creek. Photo taken 06/09/06.
Rock Creek Parkway provides the only access point to the Rock Creek and Sandy Ford golf-course community east of U.S. 98 in north Fairhope. Photo taken 06/09/06.
Johnson Road ties U.S. 98 and adjacent County Road 98 (Main Street) together in south Daphne. Photo taken 06/09/06.
Baldwin County 64 is the lone east-west county road signed in Daphne. The route follows Daphne Avenue from Main Street east to Belforest. Photo taken 06/09/06.
CR 64 provides the main route between Downtown Daphne and Downtown Loxley. The county road extends east to Interstate 10 at Exit 53 and CR 112 near Gateswood. Photo taken 06/09/06.
U.S. 98 curves westerly from Daphne Avenue and gains additional commercial frontage to Interstate 10. Photo taken 06/09/06.
Whispering Pines Road crosses U.S. 98 at a signalized intersection from Main Street east to County Road 13 at Pleasant Road. Photo taken 06/09/06.
County Road 98 concludes at the Main Street intersection with U.S. 98. Main Street shifts to the east side of U.S. 98 and parallels the arterial north to U.S. 90. Photo taken 06/09/06.
U.S. 90 U.S. 98 West
A loop ramp joins U.S. 90 & 98 (Old Spanish Trail) west with I-10 across the Mobile Bayway to Mobile. Photo taken 11/30/08.
The Mobile Bayway bridge system extends 7.5 miles across northern reaches of Mobile Bay to the George Wallace Tunnel ahead of Downtown Mobile. Photo taken 06/07/06.
U.S. 90 and U.S. 98 partition on the north side of I-10. U.S. 98 turns westward along Battleship Parkway for 0.763 miles while U.S. 90 (Old Spanish Trail) continues north 0.744 miles to U.S. 31. Photo taken 12/20/03.
U.S. 98 west
U.S. 98 branches northwest along an expressway adjacent to the North Fork of D'Olive Creek into the city of Spanish Fork. Photo taken 09/12/10.
U.S. 98 (Battleship Parkway) combines with U.S. 90 (Spanish Fort Boulevard) again at a wye interchange next to the Shellbank River. Photo taken 09/12/10.
U.S. 90 U.S. 98 West
U.S. 90 & 98 combine ahead of the Blakeley River on Battleship Parkway west. Photo taken 03/18/12.
Meaher State Park lies along the south side of Battleship Parkway between the Blakeley and Apalachee Rivers opposite Five Rivers Boulevard. Photo taken 11/22/06.
Spanning the Apalachee River across a 1978-built bridge on U.S. 90 & 98 (Battleship Parkway) west. Photo taken 11/22/06.
Still within the city limits of Spanish Fort, Battleship Causeway progresses west between Chacaloochee and Mobile Bays to a diamond interchange (Exit 30) with Interstate 10. Photo taken 03/18/12.
The exchange with I-10 lies 3.8 miles west of the U.S. 90/98 merge at Spanish Fort. The Mobile Bayway shifts sides with Battleship Parkway, staying north of the causeway to their next meeting. Photo taken 09/12/10.
The entrance ramp for I-10 east serves commuter traffic from U.S. 90 and the Cochrane-Africatown Bridge. Areas along both sides of the causeway by I-10 are popular fishing spots for locals. Photo taken 03/18/12.
Westbound U.S. 90 & 98 at the return ramp to Interstate 10 east to Daphne and Spanish Fort. Photo taken 01/16/09.
Several seafood restaurants, fish camps and two boat ramps line Battleship Parkway between I-10 and the Tensaw River. Photo taken 01/16/09.
Battleship Parkway is named after the USS Alabama, which is moored at Battleship Memorial Park on the south end of Blakeley Island. Photo taken 01/16/09.
U.S. 90 & 98 (Battleship Parkway) cross the Tensaw River on the Admiral Raphael Semmes Bridge. The westbound span opened in 1965; the eastbound replacement was completed in 1998. A warning sign here advises truckers of the hazmat restrictions for the upcoming George Wallace and Bankhead Tunnels. Photo taken 01/16/09.
The Mobile County line straddles the mid point of the Tensaw River. The county line turns northwest along the Spanish River at Delvam Bay north of Interstate 10. Photo taken 03/18/12.


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