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U.S. 98 Business East
The initial confirming marker, which at one time erroneously omitted a Business banner, stood at N Street. The assembly was removed by 2013. Photo taken 12/21/03.
Confirming marker posted eastbound at H Street. Traveling through residential areas to A Street, the first 14 blocks of U.S. 98 Business along Garden Street constitute a four lane boulevard. Photo taken 05/15/14.
E Street provides a cut off from Garden Street eastbound to Barrancas Avenue. North of U.S. 90/98 (Cervantes Street), E Street was once marked as CR 443. Photo taken 05/15/14.
Barrancas Avenue extends northeast from SR 292 (Pace Boulevard) at the Bayou Chico Bridge to merge with U.S. 98 Business (Garden Street) at D Street. Photo taken 05/15/14.
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2 photos
U.S. 98 Business proceeds east from Barrancas Avenue three blocks to A Street, where the street grid shifts to match the Pensacola Bay shoreline. Photos taken 05/15/14.
Replaced by 2005, an older style shield for U.S. 98 Business was posted beyond A Street. Photo taken 12/21/03.
Garden Street expands into a tree lined boulevard east from A Street to Downtown Pensacola. Photo taken 05/15/14.
Spring Street leads south from Garden Street to Blue Wahoos Stadium on Pensacola Bay. Photo taken 05/15/14.
Baylen Street is the first of four streets signed for Interstate 110 from Downtown Pensacola via parallel Chase Street. Photo taken 05/15/14.
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2 photos
Palafox Street leads north from U.S. 98 Business to U.S. 90/98 (Cervantes Street), where U.S. 29 begins. Palafox Place extends the street southward to the Sanger Thearte and Downtown Pensacola. Photo taken 12/21/03. Second photo taken 05/15/14.
The reassurance marker for U.S. 98 Business between Palafox and Jefferson Streets was removed by 2007. Photo taken 12/21/03.
U.S. 98 Business (Garden Street) east at Jefferson Street. Photo taken 05/15/14.
Tarragona Street provides the final connection to the Chase Street entrance ramp from U.S. 98 Business and Downtown Pensacola. Photo taken 05/15/14.
Garden Street curves northward onto Alcaniz Street at St. Michael's Cemetery. Photo taken 05/15/14.
Alcaniz Street takes U.S. 98 Business one block north to the continuation of Chase Street by the Pensacola Bay Center. Photo taken 07/15/07.
Part of the interchange at the south end of Interstate 110, a flyover links Chase Street east from Downtown Pensacola with the surface street at Ninth Avenue. Motorists headed for the freeway northbound are directed back to the Chase Street on-ramp via Gregory Street west. Photo taken 11/19/15.
Alcaniz Street extends north from Chase Street (U.S. 98 Business east) to Gregory Street (U.S. 98 Business west) and the northbound beginning of SR 291. Photo taken 07/15/07.
Gregory Street passes under the Interstate 110 flyovers and intersects Tarragona Street north of the Chase Street entrance ramp. Photo taken 08/04/06.
U.S. 98 Business (Chase Street) east combines with the off-ramp from I-110 south ahead of U.S. 98 (Ninth Avenue). Ninth Avenue connects Chase Street with SR 196 (Main Street) to the south. SR 289, hidden with U.S. 98 here, continues the boulevard north to Cordova Mall, Pensacola State College and Ferry Pass. Photo taken 02/23/10.

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12/21/03, 08/04/06, 07/15/07, 02/23/10, 05/15/14, 11/19/15 by AARoads

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