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U.S. 98 Business west
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2 photos
Immediately after beginning, U.S. 98 Business (Gregory Street) partitions with the northbound on-ramp to Interstate 110. This is one of two ramps for the freeway spur to Interstate 10 from downtown Pensacola. The other is located at Chase Street east beyond Tarragona Street.
The right side panel for Interstate 110 was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. A U.S. 98 Business trailblazer directs motorists to the left as the designation is omitted from the Gregory Street pull-through panel. Photo taken 12/06/03. Second photo taken 01/31/06.
The missing overhead for Interstate 110 north was replaced in April 2010. Interstate 110 constitutes a 6.39-mile freeway leading north to Brent and Interstate 10 near Ferry Pass. The high-speed route doubles as both a commuter route and part of a through route to Pensacola Beach and Gulf Breeze. Photo taken 10/10/11.
U.S. 98 Business (Gregory Street) continues by the Pensacola Civic Center as Interstate 110 traffic ascends onto a viaduct. The Crowne Plaza high rise to the right is probably Pensacola"s tallest structure. It suffered serious wind damage from Hurricanes Ivan, Dennis, and Katrina over the course of 12 months in 2004-05 but was restored. Photo taken 04/25/10.
2 photos
2 photos
U.S. 98 Business (Gregory Street) westbound at turn onto Alcaniz Street southbound. SR 291 begins and follows Alcaniz Street north one block to Wright Street east and Davis Street north. The 11.22-mile state road is unsigned at Gregory Street and utilizes the one-way street couplet of Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard (south) and Davis Street (north) beyond Cervantes Street. Photo taken 04/25/10. Second photo taken 08/04/06.
2 photos
2 photos
Alcaniz Street passes under the flyover from Interstate 110 south onto U.S. 98 east before meeting Chase Street, U.S. 98 Business east from Alcaniz Street. Photo taken 02/23/10. Second photo taken 08/30/10.
An overpass carries Chase Street above Alcaniz Street from Tarragona Street and the Interstate 110 on-ramp eastward. An on-ramp represents the U.S. 98 Business eastbound turn to Chase Street, where travelers merge with the south end of Interstate 110 at Ninth Avenue. Photo taken 02/23/10.
U.S. 98 Business turns onto Garden Street from Alcaniz Street, one block south of the Chase Street overpass. An on-ramp from Interstate 110 (Exit 1B) merges in from the right. Photo taken 03/08/09.
Resuming a westward course, U.S. 98 Business (Garden Street) meets Tarragona Street and a CSX Railroad spur to the Port of Pensacola. Photo taken 03/08/09.
Continuing west through northern reaches of downtown Pensacola on U.S. 98 Business (Garden Street). Photo taken 03/08/09.
Approaching the intersection with Palafox Street north and Palafox Place southbound on Garden Street west. Palafox Street north to Chase Street east leads motorists to Interstate 110 north. Photo taken 03/08/09.
Palafox Street travels north to Lee Square Park and U.S. 90 & 98 (Cervantes Street) to become the northbound beginning of U.S. 29. Palafox Street flows south from Garden Street into the heart of the central business district, ending at Palafox Municipal Pier on the bay. Photo taken 03/08/09.
One block further west, U.S. 98 Business intersects Baylen Street. Photo taken 03/08/09.
Leaving downtown Pensacola for the North Hill area on U.S. 98 Business west beyond Devilliers Street. Photo taken 03/08/09.
U.S. 98 Business kinks westward as Garden Street meets the first in the alphabet streets. A Street ventures south to Main Street and north to Maxwell & Jordan Streets. Photo taken 03/08/09.
Westbound reassurance shield posted after the Garden Street intersection with B Street. Photo taken 03/08/09.
Barrancas Avenue begins and veers southwest from the U.S. 98 Business (Garden Street) intersection with D Street. Barrancas Avenue becomes SR 292 ahead of the Bayou Chico Bridge to Warrington. Photo taken 03/08/09.
E Street heads south to Sanders Beach and north to SR 752 (Texar Drive). A portion of the street was County Road 443. Photo taken 03/08/09.
Shield of U.S. 98 Business west along Garden Street west at H Street. Legion Field lies to the north. Photo taken 03/08/09.
U.S. 98 Business (Garden Street) westbound ends where U.S. 98 (Navy Boulevard) west separates from SR 292 (Pace Boulevard). Photo taken 03/08/09.
Garden Street west becomes Navy Boulevard and U.S. 98 from SR 292 (Pace Boulevard). SR 292 continues west to Warrington and Perdido Key to the south and to U.S. 29 near Brent to the north. Photo taken 03/08/09.

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