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An intrastate route, U.S. 130 travels 83.46 miles from Deepwater in South Jersey to North Brunswick township. The route generally serves local or commuter interests, mirroring the course of Interstate 295 and the New Jersey Turnpike to the west between Penns Grove and Bordentown. North from the Trenton area, U.S. 130 continues as a four-lane divided highway to Hightstown, Cranbury and South Brunswick before concluding at U.S. 1 near Milltown.

Interstate 295 overlays a portion of U.S. 130 through Greenwich township, Paulsboro and West Deptford township in Gloucester County. This section consists of an older freeway bypassing a former alignment of U.S. 130, now signed as New Jersey 44, to the south.

U.S. 130 north
2 photos
2 photos
A four lane lift bridge carries U.S. 130 across Raccoon Creek into the community of Bridgeport in Gloucester County. The span was built in 1940. Photos taken 09/19/04.
Intersecting U.S. 130 at the east end of Raccoon Creek is Main Street and Island Road. Main Street represents the former alignment of U.S. 130 through Bridgeport to the south while Island Road connects with New Jersey 324, the former route of U.S. 322 to a ferry landing for Chester, Pennsylvania. Photo taken 09/19/04.
U.S. 130 north expands to three lanes ahead of a cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 322 and the Commodore John Barry Bridge. Departing next is the eastbound ramp for U.S. 322 to Swedesboro, Mullica Hill and Glassboro. Photo taken 09/19/04.
U.S. 130 upgrades to a freeway east between Bridgeport and Interstate 295. The limited access highway provides a high speed connection between the Commodore Barry Bridge to Interstate 295 for the South Jersey communities of Paulsboro, Gibbstown, and National Park among others. U.S. 322 leads south from the cantilever span to Woolwich township. Photo taken 10/13/01.
A revisit to the interchange three years later revealed new overheads for U.S. 130 at the eastbound ramp for U.S. 322. Traffic interests to Interstate 295 north should remain on U.S. 130 north for its merge with the freeway in two miles. Drivers bound for I-295 south must use U.S. 322 east. Photo taken 09/19/04.
What was the end sign posted for the U.S. 130 northern terminus at U.S. 1 in North Brunswick. The former jughandled intersection with U.S. 1 & New Jersey 171 was replaced with an interchange in the early 2000s. Photo taken 03/15/00.
Historical look at the U.S. 130 northern terminus before interchange construction began in 2001. The at-grade intersection was replaced with a directional cloverleaf interchange. It included new overpasses for U.S. 130 and New Jersey 171 above U.S. 1. Photo taken 03/15/00.
Traveling through North Brunswick township along U.S. 130 north near the jughandle with Raider Road. Posted here is the one-mile guide sign for the U.S. 130 northern terminus at U.S. 1 and New Jersey 171 (Georges Road). Photo taken 10/03/04.
A diagrammatic overhead advises motorists of the upcoming partition between ramps to U.S. 1 north to Newark and U.S. 1 south & New Jersey 171 north. New Jersey 171 extends northward from U.S. 130 to Downtown New Brunswick and NJ 27 (Albany Street). U.S. 1 varies between arterial and expressway segments with six overall lanes between New Brunswick and Trenton to the southwest. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Traffic to the northbound beginning of New Jersey 171 (Georges Road) and the loop ramp for U.S. 1 south separate from U.S. 130 north ahead of Carolier Lane at the Shoppes of North Brunswick. Photo taken 10/03/04.
U.S. 130 north defaults onto the northbound lanes of an expressway portion of U.S. 1 to New Jersey 18 in eastern New Brunswick. U.S. 1 continues from New Brunswick to Edison, Rahway, Elizabeth and Newark. Photo taken 10/03/04.
New Jersey 171 (Georges Road) northbound passes over the U.S. 130 northbound merge onto U.S. 1 north. A flyover carries the southbound beginning of U.S. 130 from U.S. 1 south. Photo taken 10/03/04.
U.S. 130 south
U.S. 130 (Crescent Boulevard) southbound at Interstate 76 in Gloucester City. Pictured here were original button copy overheads for the left side on-ramp to Interstate 76 (North South Freeway) east to both Interstate 295 and New Jersey 42 south. Crescent Boulevard separates below I-76 here with left side ramps in both directions. Photo taken 06/19/00.
A closer look at the former I-76 east panel above U.S. 130 (Crescent Boulevard) south. Interstate 76 ends in one mile at the exchange with I-295. New Jersey 42 begins there and continues the North South Freeway to New Jersey 55 and Black Horse Pike, where the Atlantic City Expressway begins. Photo taken 06/19/00.
U.S. 130 southbound departs its ten mile overlap with Interstate 295 near Gibbstown for a freeway of its own. Shortly after leaving I-295, U.S. 130 sees back to back folded diamond interchanges with Cedar Swamp Road and New Jersey 44 (Crown Point Road). Photo taken 09/19/04.
Cedar Swamp Road and New Jersey 44 (Cedar Swamp Road) parallel one another with a railroad in between Cooper and Repaupo Station. New Jersey 44 constitutes the original alignment of U.S. 130 east to Gibbstown and west to Bridgeport. Photo taken 09/19/04.
Southbound U.S. 130 at the loop ramp to New Jersey 44 (Crown Point Road). New Jersey 44 leaves Gibbstown to end at Baker Avenue via Main Street at Bridgeport to the west. Photo taken 09/19/04.
U.S. 130 reassurance marker posted after the New Jersey 44 on-ramp. The four lane freeway traverses a causeway between Cooper Lake and Cedar Swamp. Photo taken 09/19/04.
Turn-offs exist between U.S. 130 and New Barker Avenue ahead of the Springers Road over crossing at Bridgeport. A cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 322 and the Commodore John Barry Bridge follows. Photo taken 09/19/04.
Traffic to the Commodore John Barry Bridge leaves U.S. 130 south for U.S. 322 west. The tolled cantilever span crosses the Delaware River between Bridgeport and Chester, Pennsylvania. 3.5 miles to the north, U.S. 322 merges with Interstate 95 south ahead of Concordville. Photo taken 09/19/04.
Former button copy overheads for the loop ramp to U.S. 322 east from U.S. 130 south. U.S. 322 leaves Bridgeport for a two mile drive to Interstate 295 through Logan Township. Photo taken 10/13/01.
Sign replacements at the loop ramp to U.S. 322 east from U.S. 130 south. U.S. 322 curves easterly from near Swedesboro to Exit 2 of the New Jersey Turnpike on the 20 mile drive to Glassboro. Photo taken 09/19/04.
U.S. 130 southbound intersects Island Road and Main Street ahead of a four-lane lift bridge across Raccoon Creek. The US route maintains four lanes westward by Maple Swamp to Oldmans Creek and Nortonville in Salem County. Photo taken 09/19/04.
U.S. 130 scenes
Middlesex County 522 winds east along a four-mile divided highway from U.S. 1 to U.S. 130 in South Brunswick township. This alignment bypasses the previous routing along Ridge Road through Monmouth Junction. Photo taken 10/03/04.
County Route 522 east merges with U.S. 130 south in an implied overlap to the adjacent interchange with Ridge Road. CR 522 resumes east from U.S. 130 toward Jamesburg while U.S. 130 continues south 6.5 miles southward to the Mercer County line outside Hightstown. Northward, U.S. 130 concludes in 6.7 miles at U.S. 1 & New Jersey 171 in North Brunswick. Photo taken 10/03/04.

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