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U.S. 151, along with U.S. 61, enters Wisconsin and Grant County via the Dubuque-Wisconsin Bridge over the Mississippi River. The two share alignment as an expressway for the first three miles before downgrading to a four-lane at-grade/expressway hybrid. U.S. 151 splits with its counterpart near the community of Dickeyville, and makes its way northeast toward the town of Platteville before entering Lafayette County.

U.S. 61 U.S. 151 North
Upon crossing over the Mississippi River via the Dubuque-Wisconsin bridge and entering Wisconsin and Grant County, U.S. Highway 61 and 151 approach the first of three interchanges along the brief expressway segment stemming northeast from Dubuque. Wisconsin 11 begins a 157.56 mile trek east across the southern portion of the state to end in Kenosha 0.5 miles shy of Lake Michigan. Wisconsin 35 enters the state a few miles to the southeast of Exit 1 and snakes its way 412.15 miles through Wisconsin to end in downtown Superior. The state highway will join the U.S. highways at Exit 1 only to depart again, along with U.S. Highway 61, at Exit 8 near Dickeyville. The Great River Road also follows Wisconsin 35 for its first 230 miles northwest to the town of Prescott, situated along the east banks of the Mississippi River 23 miles southeast of St. Paul, Minnesota. Photo taken 12/21/09.
The first reassurance shield for the multiplex within Wisconsin. The two U.S. highways merge south of Dubuque, Iowa and share pavement for 16 miles before splitting at Exit 8 near the town of Dickeyville. Photo taken 12/21/09.
Guide sign for the weigh station that is situated on Wisconsin 11 and Wisconsin 35 immediately east of the interchange. Truckers must exit the expressway to access the station. This is one of 16 weigh stations operated throughout the state for commercial truckers. Motorists are also greeted to the Badger state via a wooden placard. Photo taken 12/21/09.
Hazel Green is located 10 miles east of the interchange along Wisconsin 11 and touts itself as being the "point of beginning" for the ultimate small town experience. Photo taken 12/21/09.
Wisconsin 11 stems east from Exit 1 to intersect Janesville along the Interstate 39 and Interstate 90 corridor 90.4 miles away. The city is the largest incorporated area that Wisconsin 11 encounters before reaching Kenosha along the west shores of Lake Michigan. Wisconsin 35 and the Great River Road also depart at Exit 1, heading south to the Illinois state line, where the state highway becomes Illinois 35 and backtracks to East Dubuque. A rest area for motorists also exists immediately west of Exit 1. Photo taken 12/21/09.
Preparing to cross under the overpass for Wisconsin 11 and Wisconsin 35 at Exit 1, U.S. Highway 61 and 151 continue northward toward the town of Dickeyville, where the two highways will separate. Wisconsin 35 (along with the Great River Road) will join the two U.S. highways north of the overpass. Photo taken 12/21/09.
Motorists approach the partial diamond interchange of Badger Road at Exit 2. Badger Road was an old alignment of Wisconsin 35 prior to the completion of the current expressway carrying U.S. Highway 61, U.S. Highway 151 and Wisconsin 35. Exit 2 also serves as the only access point for Eagle Point Road for northbound motorists. Eagle Point Road once carried both U.S. highways across the Mississippi River via a narrow truss bridge until the current Dubuque-Wisconsin bridge was opened to traffic in 1983. The community of Sandy Hook lies directly northwest of the interchange along Badger Road. Photo taken 12/21/09.
Reassurance marker assembly showing the multiplex of U.S. and state highways, as well as the Great River Road, before the Exit 2 ramp. Photo taken 12/21/09.
After the partial diamond interchange of Exit 2, guide signs warn motorists of the impending end to the expressway portion of the multiplexed highways. The four-lane highway becomes a hybrid of interchanges and at-grade intersections for the next 78 miles. U.S. Highway 151 once again becomes a full expressway west of Verona, situated 11 miles southwest of Madison. U.S. Highway 61 and Wisconsin 35 will depart U.S. Highway 151 at Exit 8 in 4.6 miles near the town of Dickeyville, and head northward for the town of Lancaster, the county seat of Grant County. Photo taken 12/21/09.

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