U.S. 178 North
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U.S. 178 northbound at the North Carolina state line. The US route crosses into Transylvania County from Pickens County near Sassafras Mountain. 07/23/04
A short distance north of the state line is the Eastern Continental Divide crossing of U.S. 178 northbound. The divided exists at 2,694 feet. 07/23/04
Entering the town of Rosman on U.S. 178 northbound at SR-1133. U.S. 178 curves east onto Chestnut Street to cross the French Broad River into central Rosman. 07/23/04
U.S. 178 passes over the French Broad River on the approach to the signalized intersection with Broad Street in Rosman. 07/23/04
U.S. 178 (Chestnut Street) north at Broad Street in Rosman. Broad Street intersects U.S. 178 again on the north edge of town. 07/23/04
U.S. 178 turns north from Chestnut Street onto its final approach to U.S. 64 at SR-1388. SR-1388 loops east than north to U.S. 64 at Cherryfield to the right. The SR-1388 alignment represents an older routing of U.S. 64 and thus this intersection is likely a historic terminus of U.S. 178. 07/23/04
A closer look at the U.S. 178 shield and guide sign assembly at the end of Chestnut Street. SR-1388 provides a more direct route to U.S. 64 east for motorists bound for the Transylvania County seat of Brevard. To the left U.S. 178 continues northwest out of Rosman to U.S. 64 itself. 07/23/04
The final northbound U.S. 178 reassurance shield is posted after the northward turn from Chestnut Street in Rosman. U.S. 64 lies 0.75 miles ahead. 07/23/04
U.S. 64 shield posted on U.S. 178 northbound on the approach to its northern terminus. The US highway enters the Pisgah National Forest northwest of Rosman. 07/23/04
U.S. 64 shield assembly and guide sign situated on U.S. 178 north. U.S. 64 travels 22 miles west to Cashiers and 51 miles to the Macon County seat of Franklin. To the northeast, U.S. 64 migrates three miles to Cherryfield and nine miles to Brevard (U.S. 276). 07/23/04
A stop sign governs the movements of U.S. 178 northbound traffic onto U.S. 64. Just west of the intersection is the southern terminus of NC 215. The state highway provides a north-south alternative to Canton and Waynesville for U.S. 178. 07/23/04
U.S. 178 South
The first southbound U.S. 178 reassurance shield near Rosman. U.S. 178 follows old U.S. 64 between its north end and downtown Rosman (Chestnut Street). 0.75 miles separate U.S. 64 from Rosman itself. 07/23/04
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4 photos
4 photos
4 photos
A myriad of signs reside at the South Carolina state line crossing of U.S. 178 southbound near Sassafras Mountain. The US highway enters Pickens County here on the nine-mile drive between Rosman and Rocky Bottom, South Carolina. The two lane highway features sharp curves and no shoulders as it traverses the lush forest. 07/23/04

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