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U.S. 192 East U.S. 441 South
U.S. 192 east / U.S. 441 south commence a 33.8 mile overlap to Holopaw. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Oak Street arcs northeast from Lawrence Silas Boulevard to intersect U.S. 192 & 441 (Vine Street) opposite Michigan Avenue. Michigan Avenue is unsigned CR 531 leading north to Osceola Parkway (CR 532). A $9.5 million, year long construction project starting in January 2016 widened Oak Street to four lanes from Vine Street southwest to Main Street.1 Photo taken 07/27/16.
Denn John Lane leads north to the Osceola Campus of Valencia College, Denn John Community Park and a pair of schools to Mill Slough Road. Photo taken 07/27/16.
U.S. 192 east & 441 south leave the Kissimmee city limits as they turn southeast toward the ramps with Florida's Turnpike. Photo taken 07/27/16.
The SR 530 component of U.S. 192 ends as County Road 530 emerges as an unsigned route along Fortune Road east to Buenaventura Lakes. CR 530 follows a combination of Simpson Road and Boggy Creek Road along a meandering course northeast to the Orange County line and CR 15 (Narcoossee Road). Photo taken 07/27/16.
U.S. 192 east & 441 south continue as unsigned SR 500 to next intersect Bill Beck Boulevard. Bill Beck Boulevard circles around the back side of Osceola Heritage Park to Gateway High School and Osceola County Stadium. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Advancing southeast, U.S. 192 & 441 intersect Simpson Road on the half mile approach to the Turnpike ramps. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Simpson Road extends south from Buenaventura Lakes and CR 530 (Fortune Road) to intersect U.S. 192 & 441 opposite a commerce park. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Motorists bound for Florida's Turnpike north to Orlando or south to Miami turn left from U.S. 192 east & 441 south onto an access road for the toll road. Photo taken 07/27/16.
The Turnpike access road ties into U.S. 192 & 441 across from Shady Lane. Shady Lane extends southwest to Partin Settlement Road (CR 523) while the access road ties into the toll road at a partial trumpet interchange. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Partin Settlement Road (unsigned CR 523) spurs east from Neptune Road (CR 525) to cross U.S. 192 & 441 en route to the west shore of East Lake Tohopekaliga. The road follows the lake southeast to St. Cloud, where it becomes Lakeshore Boulevard as CR 523 ends. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Florida's Turnpike crosses over U.S. 192 & 441 east of Fish Lake. A northbound Turnpike off-ramp (Exit 242) was added here to replace the ramp further north at Exit 244. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Confirming shields for U.S. 192 east & 441 south follow the signalized intersection with the Florida's Turnpike off-ramp. The arterial route enters the city of St. Cloud in a half mile at St. Cloud Canal. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Big box retail and an array of eateries, gas stations and other businesses face the U.S. 192 & 441 traffic light with Commerce Center Drive north and Sergeant Graham Drive south. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Old Canoe Creek Road heads south from a commercialized intersection with U.S. 192 & 441 to become a part of Osceola County Road 525 beyond Neptune Road (CR 534 east) as part of its southern leg to Kissimmee Park on Lake Tohopekaliga. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Neptune Road (unsigned CR 534) and U.S. 192 & 441 converge at Brown Chapel Road. Neptune Road is the original alignment between Kissimmee and St. Cloud of U.S. 192. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Budinger Avenue north and Columbia Avenue south come together at the subsequent eastbound signal. U.S. 192 & 441 expand to six lanes eastward along 13th Street as the main arterial across St. Cloud. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Tennessee Avenue connects U.S. 192 & 441 (13th Street) with the St. Cloud residential street grid north and south. Photo taken 07/27/16.
U.S. 192 east & 441 (13th Street) south continue four blocks to intersect County Road 523 (Vermont Avenue). Photo taken 07/27/16.
Vermont Avenue carries unsigned CR 523 northward to three blocks to 10th Street (unsigned CR 534). The remainder of the street extends north 0.7 miles to Lakeshore Boulevard (old CR 523) and Lakefront Park as former CR 532. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Southward, Vermont Avenue transitions into Canoe Creek Road through fast growing areas of south St. Cloud. The course of CR 523 mirrors Florida's Turnpike southward all the way to U.S. 441 at Kenansville. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Reassurance markers posted for U.S. 192 & 441 on 13th Street east after CR 523. Photo taken 07/27/16.
New York Avenue heads north four blocks from 13th Street to St. Cloud City Hall. Photo taken 07/27/16.
St. Cloud's Michigan Avenue stems south from Lakeshore Boulevard to intersect U.S. 192 & 441 (13th Street) ahead of three schools and newer suburban areas in south St. Cloud. The US highway pair intersected another Michigan Avenue in Kissimmee. Photo taken 07/27/16.
The state themed street names in St. Cloud continue with U.S. 192 & 441 intersecting Delaware Avenue at the ensuing eastbound signal. Unsigned CR 534 follows from Old Hickory Tree Road south. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Ashton is the original name for the junction of U.S. 192 & 441 with County Road 15 (Narcoossee Road) north. Annexations now place the area wholly within St. Cloud. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Heading southeast from St. Cloud, U.S. 192 & 441 combine with unsigned SR 15 from CR 15 (Narcoossee Road) to Holopaw. Narcoossee Road carries the county version of 15 northward to Runnymeade, Narcoossee and the Lake Nona area of southeast Orlando. Photo taken 05/06/06.
Expansion of Osceola County Road 15 in 2011 transitioned Narcoossee Road from a rural two lane highway into a four-lane divided arterial to the Orange County line. Narcoossee Road further expands to six lanes north of CR 530 (Boggy Creek Road) to SR 417 (Central Florida Greeneway) through the Lake Nona area of southeast Orlando. Photo taken 07/27/16.
U.S. 192 & 441 curve southeast to split at Holopaw in 13 miles. U.S. 192 and unsigned SR 500 proceed 30 miles from there to Melbourne on the Space Coast. Photo taken 05/05/18.
Approaching the eastern branch of County Road 532 (Nova Road) on U.S. 192 east & 441 south. Nova Road curves northeast by the rural communities of Pine Grove and New Eden before exiting the area on a causeway-type road across Econlockhatchee River and Fourmile Swamps. Photo taken 05/05/18.
CR 532 navigates 26.5 miles east along Nova Road to SR 520 in rural southeast Orange County. Nova Road provides a fast and lightly traveled route to Cocoa on the Space Coast. The six lane section for U.S. 192 & 441 completed in 2016 ends here. Photo taken 05/05/18.
Confirming markers for U.S. 192 east & 441 south posted east of County Road 532 (Nova Road). Photo taken 05/05/18.
Expansion of U.S. 192 & 441 to four lanes included a new alignment on the isthmus separating Alligator Lake and Lake Lizzie. The two-lane alignment was retained as a service road (Alligator Lake Shore West) to serve area residences facing Alligator Lake. Photo taken 07/27/16.
The eastern section of old U.S. 192 & 441 (Alligator Lake Shore East) is discontinuous from the western section to vehicular traffic. A pedestrian bridge links the two sections over an inlet joining Alligator Lake and Lake Lizzie otherwise. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Old Melbourne Highway (unsigned CR 500A) spurs east from U.S. 192 & 441, 4.309 miles to Lake Conlin and Cat Lake before ending at the former Mercury Marine Lake X Test site and Lake X Airport (a private airstrip). Lake X is the informal name given to Lake Conlin by Mercury Marine, a company that used to test speed boats on the lake until recent years when it relocated to a new site. The Lake X property is now part of the 10,426-acre ranch owned by the Kenneth Kirchman Foundation. Photo taken 07/27/16.
A straight away takes U.S. 192 & 441 southeast between Alligator and Buck Lakes. Photo taken 07/27/16.
County Road 534 completes a 12.4-mile loop south from U.S. 192 & 441 in St. Cloud around Alligator Lake at this intersection. The county road follows most of Hickory Tree Road, with the exception of the new alignment tieing into Narcoossee Road. Photo taken 07/27/16.
East from CR 534, U.S. 192 & 441 was four laned by early 2008 to accommodate the master planned community of Harmony. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Harmony was established in 2003. Harmony's motto is "in harmony with nature", reflecting the community philosophy of peaceful coexistence between humans and wild animals. The town includes a golf course and several subdivisions between U.S. 192 & 441 and Buck Lake. Photo taken 07/27/16.
A traffic light operates along U.S. 192 & 441 at Arthur J. Gallagher Boulevard, the entrance road to Harmony High School. A pedestrian underpass connects the school with residential areas to the north. Photo taken 07/27/16.
U.S. 192 east & 441 south reach the community of Holopaw. A rural street grid, with names derived from mythology and state capitals, ties into both routes beyond their separation. Photo taken 05/05/18.
A U.S. 441 shield precedes the split of U.S. 441 (and SR 15) south from U.S. 192 (and SR 500) east at Holopaw. Photo taken 05/05/18.
U.S. 441 resumes a southward heading along Holopaw and Kenansville Roads along a rural drive to Kenansville and Yeehaw Junction. U.S. 192 east remains a rural four lane highway to West Melbourne. Photo taken 05/05/18.
U.S. 192 East
2 photos
2 photos
U.S. 192 travels solo for the remainder of the 33-mile drive between Holopaw and Indialantic. Photo taken 05/05/18. Second photo taken 07/27/16.
The majority of the wetland areas U.S. 192 traverses between Holopaw and West Melbourne fall within protected areas. Triple N Ranch Wildlife Management Area spreads south of U.S. 192 to encompass the Crabgrass Creek watershed. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Before exiting Osceola County, U.S. 192 meets CR 419 (Deer Park Road) at the settlement of Deer Park. CR 419 travels north from U.S. 192 through undeveloped ranch and wetland areas. Photo taken 07/27/16.
CR 419 spurs south along Kempfer Road through Deer Park to Centre Street as an unsigned route. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Osceola County Road 419 follows Deer Park Road north 13.111 miles to Osceola County Road 532 (Nova Road). Nova Road turns north at Deer Park Road to connect with SR 520 in Orange County. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Reassurance marker posted as U.S. 192 leaves Deer Park. Photo taken 07/27/16.
U.S. 192 turns due east ahead of the Brevard County line. Photo taken 05/05/18.
The US route bee lines east seven miles to the St. Johns River marsh, where it then veers southeast. Photo taken 07/27/16.
U.S. 192 spans the St. Johns River northeast of Sawgrass Lake. The river flows north from St. Johns Marsh and Jug Island in south Brevard County to the Atlantic Ocean at Jacksonville. Photo taken 07/27/16.
A traffic light was added just west of Interstate 95 for St. Johns Heritage Parkway, a new belt route circling southwest from Ellis Road in West Melbourne to Malabar Road in the city of Palm Bay. Long range plans call for the beltway to extend southeast to Interstate 95, one mile north of Micco Road. Photo taken 05/05/18.
Erroneous SR 192 shields were posted along each direction of U.S. 192 after St. Johns Heritage Parkway. Photo taken 05/05/18.
A diamond interchange (Exit 180) joins U.S. 192 (New Haven Avenue) with Interstate 95 on the outskirts of West Melbourne. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Interstate 95 generally follows the boundary between urban coastal cities and rural wetlands through the Space Coast area. Melbourne is no exception but Viera to the north and Palm Bay to the south, have pushed development west of the freeway. Photo taken 07/27/16.
Interstate 95 continues north 170 miles to Jacksonville from West Melbourne. Photo taken 05/05/18.
Commercial development added along the south side of U.S. 192 east of I-95 included the addition of a traffic light with Coastal Lane in 2011. Photo taken 05/05/18.
U.S. 192 transitions into a commercial arterial (New Haven Avenue) on the four mile drive between I-95 and Downtown Melbourne. Indialantic, a barrier island town, lies at the east end of intrastate U.S. 192. Photo taken 05/05/18.
A short distance east of I-95 on U.S. 192 (New Haven Avenue) is the south end of County Road 511 (John Rodes Boulevard). Photo taken 08/25/07.
CR 511 (John Rodes Boulevard) arcs 8.4 miles northeast through Aurora to U.S. 1 in the Eau Gallie section of Melbourne. Photo taken 05/05/18.
U.S. 192 (New Haven Avenue) continues east from CR 511 (John Rodes Boulevard) by a movie theatre, big box retail and several mobile home parks through the unincorporated community of June Park. Photo taken 05/05/18.
Reassurance marker for U.S. 192 east posted after New York Street in June Park. The arterial enters West Melbourne again at CR 509. Photo taken 05/05/18.
Unmarked on U.S. 192 (New Haven Avenue) east, Minton Road extends County Road 509 south 5.5 miles to Malabar Road (State Road 514) in Palm Bay. Wickham Road carries CR 509 north from U.S. 192 (New Haven Avenue) 13 miles to I-95 at Viera. Photo taken 05/05/18.
U.S. 192 (New Haven Avenue) intersects Meadowlane Avenue south at the ensuing signal east of CR 509. The signal serves traffic to an elementary school. Photo taken 05/05/18.
Reassurance marker preceding Dayton Boulevard on U.S. 192 east. Photo taken 05/05/18.
Dayton Boulevard stems north to residential areas between U.S. 192 and South Drive. Photo taken 05/05/18.
The signal on U.S. 192 at Laila Court north operates at the entrance to Windover Square shopping center. Photo taken 05/05/18.
Hollywood Boulevard north and Evans Road south come together at the succeeding traffic light along U.S. 192 by Melbourne Square Mall. Photo taken 05/05/18.
U.S. 192 continues east along New Haven Avenue after Melbourne Square Mall and the Shoppes of West Melbourne. Photo taken 05/05/18.
Dairy Road is an arterial route straddling the West Melbourne and Melbourne city line south to CR 516 (Palm Bay Road) and north to Hibiscus Boulevard at the Rockwell Collins Melbourne Operations center. Photo taken 05/05/18.
U.S. 192 (New Haven Avenue) enters the city of Melbourne east of Dairy Road and ahead of Crane Creek Reserve golf course. Photo taken 05/05/18.
Airport Boulevard ventures north from U.S. 192 to NASA Boulevard east of the passenger terminal for Orlando Melbourne International Airport (MLB). Photo taken 05/05/18.
Approaching the north end of SR 507 (Babcock Street) on U.S. 192 (New Haven Avenue) east in Melbourne. Photo taken 05/05/18.
SR 507 overlays 5.5 miles of Babcock Road south from U.S. 192 to SR 514 (Malabar Road) in the city of Palm Bay. CR 507 extends north from U.S. 192 to U.S. 1 (Harbor City Boulevard) and south from SR 514 along the Palm Bay and Grant-Valkaria town line. Photo taken 05/05/18.
U.S. 192 shifts onto Strawbridge Avenue from New Haven Avenue and narrows to a five-lane boulevard ahead of Downtown Melbourne. New Haven Avenue east is the pre-1985 alignment of U.S. 192 to Melbourne Causeway. Photo taken 08/25/07.
U.S. 192 (Strawbridge Avenue) next intersects Pine Street north to Hibiscus Boulevard and Woodlawn Park. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Reassurance marker for U.S. 192 east posted ahead of Oak Street in Melbourne. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Strawbridge Avenue straightens out leading into the signalized intersection with Hickory Street. Hickory Street leads north from New Haven Avenue to Wells Park, Holmes Regional Medical Center and SR 508 (NASA Boulevard). Photo taken 08/25/07.
Entering Downtown Melbourne, U.S. 192 (Strawbridge Avenue) passes by Trinity Towers West and East after McQuaid Street. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Strawbridge Avenue east intersects Livingston Street at this traffic light between Trinity Towers. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Eastbound U.S. 192 at Waverly Place. Melbourne City Hall follows on the north side of Strawbridge Avenue. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Crossing the Florida East Coast Railway, U.S. 192 (Strawbridge Avenue) bends northeast and meets U.S. 1. U.S. 1 straddles the west shore of Indian River Lagoon south to Palm Bay and Malabar and north to Palm Shores and Rockledge. Photo taken 08/25/07.
The final confirming marker for U.S. 192 east stands between U.S. 1 and Melbourne Causeway. Photo taken 08/25/07.
U.S. 192 converges with New Haven Avenue (old U.S. 192) at the west end of Melbourne Causeway. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Melbourne Causeway is part of the Indian River Lagoon Florida Scenic Highway. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Melbourne Causeway spans the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway along a 2,593 foot long bridge. Providing a vertical clearance of 65 feet, the eastbound crossing was built in 1985.2 Photo taken 08/25/07.
The Intracoastal Waterway bridges were dedicated the Ernest Kouwen-Hoven Memorial Bridge by the Florida Legislature in 1978. The companion westbound span opened that year. Photo taken 08/25/07.
2 photos
2 photos
Melbourne Causeway lowers from the Intracoastal Waterway bridge onto a pair of manmade islands leading to the town of Indialantic. Photos taken 08/25/07.
U.S. 192 crosses a pair of bridges over relief channels for the Indian River on the eastern half of Melbourne Causeway. Both were rebuilt in 2010. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Riverside Drive parallels the east shore of Indian River Lagoon north from U.S. 192 (5th Avenue) to Melbourne and SR 513 (Patrick Drive) at SR 518 (Eau Gallie Causeway) and south to Ocean Avenue in Melbourne Beach. Photo taken 08/25/07.
U.S. 192 (5th Avenue) concludes at SR A1A (Miramar Avenue) by James H. Nance Park on the Atlantic Ocean. SR A1A travels south to Melbourne Beach and Indian River Shores and north to Indian Harbour Beach and Satellite Beach. Photo taken 08/25/07.

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