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U.S. 17 South U.S. 92 U.S. 192 West
A lone confirming marker references just U.S. 192 west after Vine Street combines with U.S. 17 south & 92 west. Photo taken 05/30/19.
Vine Street (U.S. 17/92/441) progresses west from Main Street to Central Avenue. Photo taken 05/30/19.
U.S. 192 trudges 9.5 miles from Central Avenue in Kissimmee to Interstate 4 in Orange County. Photo taken 05/30/19.
U.S. 17 south & 92 west split with U.S. 192 (Vine Street) west at John Young Parkway. Photo taken 05/30/19.
U.S. 17-92 continue through south Kissimmee and west to Intercession City while U.S. 192 advances west and north to Celebration and Walt Disney World. Photo taken 05/30/19.
U.S. 192 West
Leading away from U.S. 17-92 (John Young Parkway), U.S. 192 (Vine Street) next intersects Emory Avenue south to Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and Mabbette Street. Photo taken 05/30/19.
Thacker Avenue is a through street leading north to Flora Boulevard and the suburban northwest side of Kissimmee. South from U.S. 192 (Vine Street), Thacker Avenue extends 1.6 miles as unsigned CR 531A to Clay Street (CR 531). Photo taken 05/30/19.
The first shield for U.S. 192 west of U.S. 17 & 92 appears along Vine Street after Thacker Avenue. Photo taken 04/26/14.
A number of big box stores and other retail line U.S. 192 (Vine Street) west to Plaza Del Sol mall. Orange Avenue links U.S. 192 with parallel Columbia Avenue to the north. Photo taken 04/26/14.
Dyer Boulevard forms part of an arterial belt route around the northwest side of Kissimmee to Osceola Parkway (CR 522) at the Loop West shopping center. South from U.S. 192, Dyer Boulveard leads directly to Kissimmee Gateway Airport (ISM). Photo taken 04/26/14.
Curving northwest, U.S. 192 (Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway) exits the Kissimmee city limits ahead of Four Winds Boulevard. The ensuing traffic light westbound is with Siesta Lago Drive west to North Poinciana Boulevard. Photo taken 04/26/14.
Seven Dwarfs Lane intersects U.S. 192 west from Princess Way and a collection of condos, vacation rentals, big box retail and a RV park. Photo taken 04/26/14.
Passing east of Lake Cecile, U.S. 192 continues north to partition with SR 535 (Vineland Road). A short route, SR 535 connects U.S. 192 with SR 536 (World Center Drive) west to Epcot in Walt Disney World and I-4 by Disney Springs. Photo taken 04/26/14.
A portion of Old Vineland Road remains as a service road nearby, connecting U.S. 192 and SR 535 (Vineland Road) with the Storey Lake resort community. The tolled Osceola Parkway runs just north of Storey Lake, meeting SR 535 at a split diamond interchange nearby. Photo taken 04/26/14.
U.S. 192 turns west again at the south end of SR 535 (Vineland Road). North of I-4, SR 535 becomes County Road 535, which extends north from Lake Buena Vista to Horizon West to Winter Garden. Photo taken 04/26/14.
Continuing west from Seralago Boulevard, U.S. 192 passes by Fun Spot America Kissimmee and the Old Town resort at Mile Marker 9. Photo taken 05/05/18.
Holiday Trail follows along U.S. 192 west from Old Town to additional lodging establishments and resort communities. Photo taken 05/05/18.
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International Drive South arcs northeast from U.S. 192 to Osceola Parkway and SR 535 (Vineland Road). Photos taken 05/05/18.
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U.S. 192 passes under viaducts carrying SR 417 (Central Florida GreeneWay) across Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway and Bonnet Creek without direct access. Forthcoming Celebration Avenue links the two routes. Photo taken 05/05/18. Second photo taken 11/23/13.
SR 417 (Central Florida GreeneWay) forms the south and east side beltway of Orlando. The toll road travels east from Celebration to Orlando International Airport (MCO) and SR 528 (Beachline Expressway) on the east side of the city, Photo taken 05/05/18.
Celebration Avenue provides the main route south to the master planned community of Celebration. South from the diamond interchange with SR 417, the parkway continues to Celebration Town Center. Photo taken 11/23/13.
Arabian Nights Boulevard spurs northward from the succeeding traffic light on U.S. 192 west to additional resorts. Photo taken 05/05/18.
Parkway Boulevard connects U.S. 192 with Celebration Place to the south and resort and hotels to the north. Photo taken 05/05/18.
U.S. 192 transitions into a controlled access Highway ahead of the directional cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 4. Photo taken 05/05/18.
A flyover departs ahead for Interstate 4 leading westbound. I-4 ends at Interstate 275 in Downtown Tampa. The route originally continued west along I-275 across the Howard Frankland Bridge into St. Petersburg. Photo taken 11/23/13.
Motorists heading northward along Interstate 4 toward Orlando depart from U.S. 192 westbound first. Photo taken 05/05/18.
Interstate 4 west merges with the south end of SR 417 (Central Florida GreeneWay) at Celebration nearby. The often congested freeway continues to Championsgate in Osceola County and Lakeland. Photo taken 05/05/18.
The flyover linking U.S. 192 west with I-4 west was added as part of a $61 million interchange upgrade project completed in September 2007.1 Photo taken 05/05/18.
U.S. 192 expands to five westbound lanes to the three-lane off-ramp for World Drive north into Walt Disney World. Photo taken 07/21/19.
U.S. 192 runs along the south side of Disney's Wide World of Sports complex between I-4 and World Drive. Photo taken 12/06/18.
World Drive travels north from U.S. 192 to the Magic Kingdom. Osceola Parkway connects the freeway with Animal Kingdom to the west and Hollywood Studios to the east. Photo taken 07/21/19.
Entering the directional cloverleaf interchange with World Drive north on U.S. 192 west. Photo taken 07/21/19.
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3 photos
3 photos
Guests headed into Walt Disney World partition into ramps for World Drive north to Epcot and the Magic Kingdom and a collector distributor roadway to parallel Osceola Parkway. Photos taken 07/21/19.
A loop ramp follows onto World Drive south to Interstate 4 at Celebration. The expressway extension south from U.S. 192 opened to traffic in 1997. Photo taken 05/05/18.
Griffin Road loops south as an at-grade connector providing the missing movements at the U.S. 192 and World Drive interchange. Photo taken 05/05/18.
Crossing Reedy Creek, U.S. 192 approaches a heavily developed stretch to U.S. 27. Photo taken 07/09/16.
Reedy Creek Boulevard spurs north to several resorts at the first of many traffic lights along the final 5.8 miles of U.S. 192. Photo taken 05/05/18.
The southern branch of County Road 545 begins and heads south along Old Lake Wilson Road to suburban areas east of SR 429 (Western Beltway). Photo taken 05/05/18.
Prior to a wave of heavy development, CR 545 (Old Lake Wilson Road) used to provide an alternative to Interstate 4 between U.S. 192 and CR 532 (Osceola-Polk Line Road). Photo taken 06/29/13.
U.S. 192 (Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway) west at County Road 545 (Old Lake Wilson Road) south. A 6.2 mile long route, CR 545 extends south to CR 54 (Ronald Reagan Parkway) in Polk County. Photo taken 06/29/13.
U.S. 192 angles northwest from CR 545 toward the Orange County line. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Morgan Williams Road, the former alignment of CR 545, ties into the six-lane arterial ahead of this confirming shield. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Sherberth Road heads north from U.S. 192 at Entry Point Boulevard to Osceola Parkway by Disney's Animal Kingdom. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Formosa Gardens Boulevard winds southwest around Lake Wilson to an array of suburban development east of SR 429. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Black Lake Road, the historic alignment of SR 530 (predecessor to U.S. 192's western extension made in 1972), ties into U.S. 192 across from Inspiration Drive. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Westbound U.S. 192 reaches the Orange County line beyond Black Lake Road. The remainder of the six-lane arterial separates Orange and Osceola County to the four corners with southeastern Lake and northern Polk Counties. Photo taken 06/29/13.
East Orange Lake Boulevard provides the main entrance into the Orange Lake Country Club golf course development north from U.S. 192 (Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway). Rolling Oaks Boulevard ties U.S. 192 from Rolling Oaks Commons shopping center to the south. Photo taken 06/29/13.
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2 photos
Entering the diamond interchange with SR 429 (Daniel Webster Western Beltway) on U.S. 192 westbound. Operated jointly by the CFX and FTE, the toll road opened north from U.S. 192 to Winter Garden in December 2005. Photos taken 09/08/18.
The Western Beltway (SR 429) ventures through the west side of the Orlando metropolitan area, passing through Horizon West, Winter Garden and Ocoee northward to Apopka. Photo taken 09/08/18.
SR 429 continues south from U.S. 192 along a suburban corridor to Interstate 4 near Championsgate. I-4 travels southwest from the toll road end to Lakeland and Tampa. Photo taken 09/08/18.
The Southwest Connector portion of SR 429 was completed between U.S. 192 and I-4 in Polk County on December 8, 2006. Photo taken 09/08/18.
U.S. 192 confirming marker posted west of State Road 429 (Western Beltway). Photo taken 09/08/18.
West Orange Lake Boulevard stems northward from this signal on U.S. 192 into the Orange Lake Country Club golf course community. Photo taken 09/08/18.
Advancing west from West Orange Lake Boulevard, U.S. 192 passes south of Raccoon Lake and north of a 326-unit apartment community being constructed in 2018. Photo taken 09/08/18.
The succeeding traffic light along U.S. 192 west operates at Secret Lake Drive south to the Encantada Resort. Photo taken 09/08/18.
U.S. 192 reassurance shield posted after Secret Lake Drive. Photo taken 09/08/18.
Vista Del Lago follows on U.S. 192 west into the Vista Del Lago manufactured home community east of Osage Lake. Photo taken 09/08/18.
FDOT recorded 51,500 vehicles per day (vpd) along U.S. 192 on the stretch between Secret Lake Dirive and Westside Boulevard in 2017. Photo taken 09/08/18.
U.S. 192 westbound next intersects Lindfields Boulevard south. Photo taken 09/08/18.
County Road 545 (Avalon Road) and Westside Drive tie into U.S. 192 at the final signal westbound in Orange County. Avalon Road takes the county road north to SR 50 (West Colonial Drive). Photo taken 09/08/18.
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2 photos
County Road 545 meanders northward to Winter Garden through a mixture of remaining rural areas and new development associated with Horizon West. Downtown Winter Garden lies 18 miles to the north, though CR 545 enters the city limits in 12 miles. Photos taken 09/08/18.
Leaving the commercialized intersection with CR 545 (Avalon Road) north and Westside Boulevard south along U.S. 192 west. Photo taken 09/08/18.
One mile ahead of the trumpet interchange with U.S. 27 on U.S. 192 west. U.S. 192 was expanded to six overall lanes with bike lanes along this stretch in 2014. Photo taken 09/08/18.
Bali Boulevard arcs west from CR 545 (Avalon Road) to intersect U.S. 192 where Lake, Orange, Osceola and Polk Counties come together. Photo taken 09/08/18.
The final confirming marker for U.S. 192 stands at Four Corners. Photo taken 09/08/18.
Town Center Boulevard connects U.S. 192 with apartments, retail and a RV resort. Photo taken 09/08/18.
U.S. 192 separates into single lane ramps for U.S. 27 in less than a half mile. U.S. 27 angles northwest through heavy suburban development to Lake Louisa State Park and additional development on the south side of Clermont. Photo taken 09/08/18.
A loop ramp takes motorists onto U.S. 27 south. Rapid development converted the previously rural US highway into a suburban corridor to Interstate 4 and Posner Park. Photo taken 09/08/18.
The exchange joining U.S. 27 with the west end of U.S. 192 was built in 1971. Photo taken 05/03/08.

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