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U.S. 202 South
Approaching SR 92 (Naamans Road) on U.S. 202 (Concord Pike) southbound. SR 92 follows Beaver Valley Road and Thompson Bridge Road west to Brandywine Creek State Park. Naamans Road carries SR 92 east along a four-lane arterial to Brandywine Hundred and Claymont. Photo taken 12/22/16.
Just northeast of the busy intersection with SR 92 (Naamans Road) is Brandywine Town Center Mall. The mall sits at the former site of the Brandywine Raceway horse track. Heavy development and numerous traffic signals line both Concord Pike south and Naamans Road east to their respective interchanges with I-95. Photo taken 12/21/17.
The roadways of Concord Pike diverge for one half mile at the community of Talleyville. The expanded median is home to several businesses on the stretch. Pictured here is the typical traffic congestion along U.S. 202 southbound after the intersection with Mt. Lebanon Road. Photo taken 04/21/04.
Heading south beyond Fairfax Drive, the first guide sign for SR 141 south and SR 261 (Foulk Road) north appears. This sign directs motorists bound for SR 141 south to remain on U.S. 202 versus turning west onto Powder Mill Road nearby. Powder Mill Road west from U.S. 202 was a part of SR 141 until 2007. Photo taken 12/29/08.
Powder Mill Road (former SR 141) links U.S. 202 south with SR 141 at Childrens Drive to the west. SR 141 overtakes Powder Mill Road west from there en route to the Tyler McConnell Bridge and Greenville as part of its loop southwest to Elsmere and Newport.
Murphy Road ties into the former north end of SR 141 from SR 261 and Wilson Road to the east. Photo taken 06/23/12.
The fourth lane added to U.S. 202 south ahead of Murphy Road departs for SR 141 (Route 141 Spur) south and SR 261 (Foulk Road) north. SR 261 forms a 6.88-mile long route with Pennsylvania 261 northeast to Brandywine Hundred and U.S. 322 in Bethel Township. Photo taken 06/23/12.
The single ramp from U.S. 202 south to SR 141 serves interests to SR 261 (Foulk Road) north, Rockland Road, West Park Road and Augustine Cutoff through the Blue Ball park areas. SR 141 loops south from Weldin Road to U.S. 202 before turning back north to Childrens Drive near the Alfred DuPont Hospital for Children. Augustine Cutoff joins the Blue Ball area with Lovering Avenue in north Wilmington. Photo taken 06/23/12.
An Interstate 95 trailblazer stands along side U.S. 202 (Concord Pike) south beyond Independence Mall shopping center. Photo taken 12/29/08.
Ramps from SR 141 north and SR 261 south tie into a signalized intersection with U.S. 202 on the underpass linking the two state routes. Photo taken 06/23/12.
U.S. 202 advances southward over East Park Drive toward the merge with Interstate 95 south as two lanes join Concord Pike from SR 141 at West Park Drive. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Two lanes carry motorists from Concord Pike southbound onto Interstate 95 southbound as part of the continuation of U.S. 202 through Wilmington. Concord Pike otherwise lowers to a loop ramp for I-95 north ahead of the transition onto Concord Avenue (SR 202) south into the city. Photo taken 12/20/16.
A traffic light operates along U.S. 202 south at the northbound SR 202 turn to Augustine Cut-off west. There are no turns permitted in the southbound direction here. Photo taken 06/23/12.
All of the new signs installed at the completion of the Blue Ball Project omitted U.S. 202 shields from the Interstate 95 southbound overheads. Additionally the overheads for the continuation of Concord Pike ignored the SR 202 designation. The only signs for both U.S. 202 south and the beginning of SR 202 are these shields posted ahead of the directional cloverleaf interchange with I-95. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Interstate 95 & U.S. 202 overlap for 6.4 miles through Wilmington to SR 141 at the south end of the Newport Freeway. I-95 ventures west from there along the tolled John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway to Newark and Baltimore, Maryland. Photo taken 12/20/16.
U.S. 202 south transitions to SR 202 as Concord Pike reaches the loop ramp for Interstate 95 north to Chester, Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. SR 202 extends Concord Avenue 1.01 miles south to U.S. 13 Business (Market Street). Photo taken 12/20/16.

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