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U.S. 231 stretches north from the southeast corner of the state at Houston County to Tennessee north of Hazel Green. The US highway comprises part of a regional corridor connecting Montgomery with the Florida Panhandle and Panama City via Dothan, Ozark and Troy. North from Wetumpka, U.S. 231 follows a rural route to Sylacauga, where it combines with U.S. 280 northwest to Harpersville. U.S. 280 leads west to the Birmingham area while U.S. 231 stays to the east through Pell City and Ashville.

Turning west through Oneonta and north from Cleveland, U.S. 231 remains with just two lanes to the south side of Arab. Crossing into Marshall County, U.S. 231 expands to four lanes as a commercial arterial through Arab, and otherwise progresses north to Laceys Spring and the Huntsville metropolitan area. Memorial Parkway leads U.S. 231 north through Huntsville as an upgraded freeway west of Downtown. U.S. 431 combines with the highway from Governors Drive north to Fayetteville, Tennessee.

U.S. 231 Alabama Guides

U.S. 231 bypasses Dothan along the western half of Ross Clark Circle (SR 210). U.S. 431 uses the eastern half, while U.S. 84 overlays both on the northern arc. All three US highways were relocated from in-city routes onto the arterial beltway per AASHTO on October 4, 1996. The former routes were redesignated as Business US Highways during the same action.

U.S. 231 North
U.S. 231 north combines with U.S. 80 east & SR 21 north along Eastern Boulevard to Interstate 85 in Montgomery. Photo taken 12/07/99.
U.S. 231 South
U.S. 231 and SR 21 follow Eastern Boulevard south from SR 152 (Northern Boulevard). The arterial crosses over Atlanta Highway (former U.S. 80) between a pair of split diamond interchanges. Photo taken 08/22/03.
A slip ramp connects U.S. 231 & SR 21 (Eastern Boulevard) south with the west side frontage road ahead of Atlanta Highway. U.S. 80 was relocated from Atlanta Highway east from Eastern Boulevard to Interstate 85 in 2011. Photo taken 08/22/03.
The Eastern Boulevard frontage road partitions with an on-ramp to U.S. 231 & SR 21 south before angling southwest to both a U-turn ramp for the east side frontage road by Eastdale Mall and Atlanta Highway. This sign bridge was removed. Photo taken 08/22/03.
U.S. 231 & SR 21 formerly overlapped with U.S. 80 south from Atlanta Highway to Interstate 85. The ensuing stretch travels at-grade along a commercial strip. Photo taken 08/22/03.
A second slip ramp connects U.S. 231 & SR 21 southbound with the Eastern Boulevard frontage road beyond Atlanta Highway. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Confirming shields for U.S. 80, U.S. 231 and SR 21 posted between the exchange with Interstate 85 and Carmichael Road. An array of retail and big box stores lines both sides of Eastern Boulevard to the split of U.S. 80/231. Photo taken 04/01/95.
U.S. 231 Business U.S. 231 - Dothan
Business routes for both U.S. 231 and 431 combine through Dothan along Oates Street. Advancing south from Downtown, the bannered routes connect with U.S. 231 and the south end of U.S. 431 at Ross Clark Circle. Photo taken 11/25/01.
U.S. 231 turns south from Ross Clark Circle at Oates Street (U.S. 231 Business/431 Business) in Dothan. U.S. 431 begins here and follows the east side of Ross Clark Circle around the city. Photo taken 11/25/01.

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