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U.S. 231 south
U.S. 231 travels through the unincorporated community of Fountain in northeastern Bay County. This reassurance shield follows the intersection with SR 20. Photo taken 12/08/07.
Approaching the congested intersection with U.S. 98 (15th Street) and Harrison Avenue (SR 391 north) on U.S. 231 south. U.S. 231 turns south onto Harrison Avenue toward Downtown Panama City while its roadway extends west directly to U.S. 98 for Panama City Beach. Photo taken 07/31/06.
SR 391 ties into Harrison Avenue from Airport Road to the northwest. SR 391 was designated to connect central Panama City with former Bay County Panama City International Airport. The state road extends 2.27 miles northwest via Airport Road to SR 390 at CR 391. Photo taken 07/31/06.
U.S. 231 (Harrison Avenue) turns south and quickly enters the intersection with U.S. 98 (15th Street). U.S. 98 encircles central Panama City along an undivided arterial west to the Hathaway Bridge and east to the neighboring cities of Cedar Grove, Springfield and Callaway. Roadwork here starting in 2023 will construct flyovers and elevate U.S. 98 above Harrison Avenue. Photo taken 07/31/06.
Advancing south from U.S. 98 (15th Street) along U.S. 231 (Harrison Avenue). Harrison Avenue represents the dividing line between east/west street name prefixes in Panama City. Photo taken 07/31/06.
Southbound Harrison Avenue at 12th Street. Bay High School occupies the northeast corner of the intersection Photo taken 07/31/06.
One block further south on U.S. 231 is the intersection with CR 28 (11th Street). County Road 28 travels west to St. Andrews in Panama City and east to U.S. 98 (Tyndall Parkway) at Callaway. Photo taken 07/31/06.
Comprising a residential through route in Panama City, Cedar Grove, Springfield and Callaway, Bay County Road 28 is fairly well marked along 11th Street. Photo taken 07/31/06.
The final confirming marker for U.S. 231 stands beyond Bay County Road 28 (11th Street). Photo taken 07/31/06.
A set of traffic lights operate at the U.S. 231 (Harrison Avenue) intersection with 7th Street. Photo taken 07/31/06.
An older style shield assembly for U.S. 98 Business appeared on the final block of U.S. 231 (Harrison Avenue) south in Panama City. Photo taken 07/31/06.
U.S. 231 concludes a lengthy route that started in northwestern Indiana at U.S. 98 Business (Sixth Street) in Downtown Panama City. Photo taken 07/31/06.

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07/31/06, 12/08/07 by AARoads

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