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Northern Greenville County Map - Updated October 1, 2013.

Once a longer route between Caesars Head and Laurens, U.S. 276 consists of a 34-mile route between Mauldin and the North Carolina state line. Gerry Highway carries the highway along a winding route from Caesars Mountain State Park south and east to Cleveland. Mountainous terrain gives way to rolling hills as U.S. 276 turns more southward to Marietta and eventually the town of Travelers Rest.

Travelers Rest sees U.S. 276 follow Main Street through the town center to a wye interchange with U.S. 25. U.S. 25 & 276 intertwine briefly and exit the town for separate paths to Greenville. U.S. 276 stays east of U.S. 25 along Poinsett Highway by Furman University to become a busy commercial arterial southward to Brutontown and Viola Street in north Greenville.

Bypassing downtown along East Stone Avenue, U.S. 276 meets Interstate 385 at its first interchange, becoming Laurens Road southeast by Arcadia Hills and Nicholtown. Laurens Road represents a heavily-developed retail corridor southeast from S.C. 291 (Pleasantburg Drive) to Interstate 85. The road stays busy south from there into the city of Mauldin as U.S. 276 joins Main Street to its 1950s-freeway alignment southeast toward Simpsonville.

U.S. 276 ends at the interchange complex with Interstate 385, the Southern Connector (I-185) and Standing Springs Road. The designation continued from Mauldin along present day S.C. 417 and S.C. 14 to Simpsonville, Fountain Inn and Laurens originally and later the I-385 freeway to I-26 outside Clinton.

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